How To Delete Draft Reel Instagram [Solved] 2023

Hello ReELers!

Welcome to TechiGem. So, you were ready to make a new reel for uploading on Instagram. But Wait, Whatt…

You end up with a video, not per your expectations!

You are free not to upload the video on the reel, but this video is saved in draft now. There are so many previous videos in your draft that are messy for you as it is difficult for you to find a good video among them to upload on reels.

You want to delete that draft video on Instagram, But you do not know how to do that. Then,

You are on the right site for the solution to your problem.

Shyami-The pro reeler is here to guide you to solve the problem.

This article will tell you how to delete a draft reel on Instagram in 2022 with a step-by-step guide.

Hence, Let’s Start…

Step 1:- First, log in to your account on Instagram.

Step 2:- Now go to the profile option in the downright corner.

How To Delete Draft Reel Instagram

Step 3:- Now go to the Reels option given below. Tap the reel button.

How To Delete Draft Reel Instagram

Step 4:- You will see your draft videos here.

How To Delete Draft Reel Instagram

Step 5- Select the video you want to delete. You will go on a new page.

How To Delete Draft Reel Instagram

Step 6:- Tap on Select and then Select the video.

How To Delete Draft Reel Instagram

Step 7:- You will see the Discard option below the page. Select the Discard option.

How To Delete Draft Reel Instagram

Step 8:- A Pop up will be shown. Select the Discard option.

How To Delete Draft Reel Instagram

Step 9:- Now your Video has been deleted from the draft.

Finally, you have learnt all the steps for deleting your draft reels on Instagram. Read some Frequently Asked Questions given below. You can also ask any doubt related to tech in the comment section below. I will take your queries in the following article. Till then I am going to write a new article.

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Bye-bye and happy reels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we recover deleted drafts on Instagram?

Although you can recover your deleted matter within 30 days on Instagram, Deleted drafts or Deleted draft reels can not be retrieved if discarded once.

Where can I find my drafts on Instagram?

Here are some simple steps to follow for finding your drafts on Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram App.
  • Go to the three lines button on the top right corner.
  • Now select Archives from the given option. Now select your draft.

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Can we save our reels as drafts on Instagram?

Yes, You Can. You have two options after making a reel, the first one is to upload your reel directly, and the other one is to save your video as a draft.

Can we download our Instagram reels for editing on another app?

Yes, You Can. Go to the Settings and then tap Request your archives, scrolling down.