11 Best Decoy Apps For (Android/iphone) 2024

In today’s fast-paced technological world, it is becoming increasingly important to protect your privacy and security. With the rise of mobile devices, there is a need for decoy apps that create virtual aliases and false identities online.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top picks of decoy apps available on Android and iOS in 2024

Get ready to protect yourself online!

Calculator – photo vault

 Best Decoy App

Hide photos, hide pictures, and hide videos with the best calculator photo vault.

Using Calculator Photo Vault, your phone will be able to hide photos, videos, and other files without anyone knowing. The gallery lock installed in your phone looks like a beautiful calculator, and it is very easy to use. As soon as you enter a Numeric PIN on the calculator panel of this app, your files will be secretly stored in a vault and can only be accessed.

These are the top features:

  • Using the AES encryption algorithm, encrypt the content you don’t want to share with others, and the file format is unlimited, as well as taking pictures and recording videos.
  • You can browse private websites and download photos from the web safely and lock them instantly inside a photo vault, leaving no tracks behind.
  • Close the app with a shake: Shake the phone to quickly close the app.
  • When someone tries to break into your privacy by entering the wrong password, Intruder Selfie is automatically taken.

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Private Photo Vault

 Best Decoy App

The #1 iOS photo safe app is now available on Android. Private Photo Vault is the #1 iOS photo safe app.

How does Private Photo Vault differ from other photo vaults?

When someone requests to use your phone, you may feel awkwardly obligated to let them. Private Photo Vault was designed as a secure solution; this is your own private image gallery that can be accessed only by you. You can lock pictures in regular albums and password protected albums, offering double layers of security. With Private Photo Vault, you have your very own personal image storehouse.

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Vaulty : Hide Pictures Videos

 Best Decoy App

Vaulty is the original and most popular photo vault app on Android, trusted by millions of people.

“Vaulty could be a lifesaver for people with private videos or pictures on their phones.” – BlueStacks

“Vaulty asks for the least in exchange for the most.” – Naked Security


  • Vaulty allows you to hide pictures and videos
  • Open Vaulty, tap the lock icon at the top, and follow the instructions.
  • Select an album, then tap it.
  • Select files by tapping thumbnails, then tap the lock to hide them.

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Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe

 Best Decoy App

Join over 50 million people who have entrusted more than a billion pictures to Keepsafe: the most popular Android Photo Vault & Album Locker app.

In addition to PIN protection, fingerprint authentication, and military-grade encryption, Keepsafe secures personal photos and videos. Keepsafe protects your privacy, secures your photos, and saves you space on your phone. With Keepsafe, you can save space, protect your privacy, and protect your photos.

You can do the following with Keepsafe:

  • 🌟 Keep special memories alive
  • 🖼 Organize family photos
  • 💳 Be sure to keep copies of your driver’s license, ID card, and credit card safe
  • 📎 Documents that are important should be organized
  • 🔒 Protect your photo gallery with a PIN

Tap photos or videos in your phone’s photo gallery to import them into Keepsafe Photo Vault. Once imported, you can easily delete those photos from your phone’s public photo gallery while still viewing them in Keepsafe Photo Vault.

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Clock Vault-Hide Photos,Videos

 Best Decoy App

Using Clock Vault (Secret Photo locker & Video Locker) you can hide photos and videos in a private gallery to lock files that you don’t want others to see.

Keeping your photos and videos safe behind secret time passwords is the best way to protect your privacy!

The gallery allows you to view, import, move, and export pictures easily.

Features to look for:

  • In the Picture viewer within the clock app, you can crop and rotate photos as well as hide them from your gallery.
  • Hide Video: You can hide video in many formats. You can also play video using another video player app without unlocking it.
  • Within your vault hidden albums, you can set your desired album cover. In addition, you can set an album cover via the picture view screen.
  • You can lock apps like Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other app you choose from this photo vault app lock.

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Dialer Lock-AppHider

 Best Decoy App

Hidden applications with Dialer Lock have the following advantages:

Display only the standard calculator’s icon in the notice bar

Calculator+ (not app hider) is the name of the application in the phone system settings

In the recent apps list, the app name is Dialer Lock (not app hider)

If you want to hide any app, Dialer Lock can help. Additionally, Dialer Lock offers a hidden picture function. You can import your pictures into the gallery, so other people cannot see them. You can browse protected pictures in the hider’s gallery. You can open hidden apps through Dialer Lock or through the interface of your phone.

Characteristics of the app:

Hiding all installed applications (no ROOT obtaining)

  •  Password protection (when creating a password for the first time)
  • Supports hiding any mobile applications (Easy way to hide apps).
  • You can use the Hidden app in the Dialer Lock, as well as the main phone interface.
  • Open the app just like a normal calculator, if you don’t know the password, you won’t be able to use the dialer lock.
  • The ability to hide notifications, provide notifications in three modes: all / just number / no notification
  •  Hide recent apps
  • Gallery Module for hiding photos/pictures (Protect your secret photos/pictures from others)
  • To take private photos, add a shortcut to the hider’s built-in camera.
  •  Hide and play videos

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Photo Vault PRIVARY Ultra Safe

 Best Decoy App

It has already been trusted by over 5 million people worldwide, and over 650 million files have already been locked with Privary.

Experience the difference.

  • Privé is more comfortable than your default gallery and uses the same encryption as governments.
  • Protect any video or document with Privary, a Real Secure Photo Vault that hides all personal documents with full-protection!
  • You are protected by private information.
  • When you import files to Privary, they are fully hidden and securely locked with your private password, pin, or fingerprint. Nobody but you can access your hidden files.
  • Your privacy is protected by Multi-Level Security.

There are many apps that can hide photos, but they are weak and easy to hack. Privary stands out and uses true encryption with AES CTR to ensure your privacy is protected to the fullest extent possible.

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Sgallery – hide photos & video

 Best Decoy App

With Gallery, you can easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos, and any other files you don’t want others to see.

The Sgallery app hides its icon and protects your privacy. You can import your private images and videos and nobody will know about them.

Additionally, Sgallery provides you with an amazing media browsing experience thanks to its beautiful design.

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Hide Photos Vault : Calculator

 Best Decoy App

When you look at Photos Vault Calculator, it looks like a simple calculator, but it’s actually a gallery lock that allows you to hide photos and videos behind a fully functional calculator. By using the calculator photo vault, you can hide photos and videos.

These are the top features:

  • Hide Photos & Videos protection: Selected photos, videos & files will be hidden and can only be accessed with the correct password.
  • Secret Locker: You can only access private photo & video vaults by entering the correct password into our Smart Calculator or by using your fingerprint (for supported devices).
  • Incognito Browser: Safely browse private websites, download photos, videos, and audios from the web and lock instantly inside a secret photo & video hider without leaving a trail.
  • Smart Calculator supports Fake Password to show fake content in extreme cases

It is necessary for you to open a secret locker in front of other people.

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LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

 Best Decoy App

Do you want your most important photos, videos, and documents to remain invisible to everyone but you?

🔒 LockMyPix ensures your privacy!

Your #1 choice for real privacy! Hide photos and documents with LockMyPix in your private photo vault and video vault.

Secure your personal photos, videos, and documents with military-grade AES encryption.

🏆 AndroidPIT – “Best solution”

Your secrets won’t be revealed 😎

Your public gallery remains accessible to friends and family, but your secrets are safe and protected in your private LockMyPix Photo and File Lock.

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PhotoGuard Photo Lock Vault

 Best Decoy App

Using our private photo lock, you can keep your personal photos and videos safe.

  • With a great UI/UX design, we put security and privacy first.
  • Using Military Grade Encryption AES-256 bits, PhotoGuard Photo Locker secures your secret photos and videos.
  • The architecture of PhotoGuard was developed by experts in data security to ensure that even if your device is lost or stolen, no one will be able to access your private photo locker without knowing your pass phrase.

There will be no uploading of your hidden photos and videos to any server as they are locked and encrypted on your device only.

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