11 Best Dating Simulator Games (Android/iOS) 2024

Dating simulator games have become increasingly popular amongst gamers who want to indulge in the virtual experience of dating.

With the advancement of technology, developers have been able to create simulations that create realistic scenarios and stories for players to explore. This article reviews some of the best dating simulator apps available on Android and iOS platforms in 2024

Find out which ones they are and get ready to start virtually exploring love!

Dream Zone: love stories

Best Dating Simulator Games

Create your own destiny in Dream Zone, a dating simulator with interactive stories designed especially for guys. Craft a character and embark on a journey of romance, drama, or passion:

it’s all up to you! Exciting chapters await wherein you can live out your fantasies and be as passionate as you like. Plenty of characters are available to meet and fall in love with

it’s almost like being in your very own reality show!

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Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim

Best Dating Simulator Games

You know those stories where, for no apparent reason, the most popular girl on campus invites you to join the music club with five hot anime girls who all want to be your girlfriend?

The dream was nice. In Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim, you have to earn your way around the dating games, make a choice, and solve the puzzle of anime dating games.

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Dream Girlfriend

Best Dating Simulator Games

Anime fans all over the world are enjoying Dream Girlfriend, the hit Japanese dress-up simulator!

Chat, interact, and watch her move with detailed emotion with Live2D technology! Customize your girl just like your favorite characters!

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College Love Game

Best Dating Simulator Games

Charming college girls are eagerly expecting their ideal valentine, who will come to assist them. Will you be the one they have been looking for? Challenge yourself in the world of romantic adventure and romance games at college dating sim.

Make sure to apply your own unique tactics to win each girl’s heart! With a blend of wits and willpower coupled with your talent in love skills and romance games, no lady can deny your charms.

Play the college dating simulator and improve your romantic skills!

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Dirty Fantasy dating simulator

Best Dating Simulator Games

Here in Dirty Fantasy you’ll find an interactive game & dating simulator for guys with awesome girls, gorgeous plots, and breathtaking twists.

You can become a real macho for all the girls you’ve dreamed of in Dirty Fantasy – a big love (or not?) dating simulator.

In this dating simulator, you will delight in every second spent with the girls from your steamy dreams. Become a very special person for the girls of Dirty Fantasy.

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Love Esquire – RPG/Dating Sim

Best Dating Simulator Games

With a touch of old-school RPG combat, Love Esquire is a romantic-comedy visual novel/dating sim. A squire on a quest to find man’s greatest pleasure is not a famous knight, but rather a good-for-nothing squire. Getting the girl, though, won’t be easy since most of them are way out of your league!

Raise those stats, battle monsters, and unleash your full potential!

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After School Girlfriend: Sexy

Best Dating Simulator Games

At Souin High, it’s a new year and you’re hiding at the back of class… Until the most unlikely student president candidate asks for your help!

Get ready for another After School Girlfriend adventure!

This is your first year at Souin High, and you’re passing the time by hiding at the back of class.

When you’re asked to improve a simple poster, your plans for a quiet high school life are shattered when you’re appointed campaign manager for the most unlikely student council president…

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Loverz: Girlfriend simulator

Best Dating Simulator Games

There are plenty of dates waiting for you, so fall in love and flirt with your date

Explore a whole new world of narrative dating with interesting, exciting and thrilling characters to browse through. Make your perfect relationships & fall in love. Choose, chat, flirt or swipe!

💜Your true love awaits you💜

💚 You can swipe and match with dozens of characters. Each one has a different background, story, and adventure.

Introducing Loverz, the simulation game with the best collection of love, romance, fantasy, drama and more.

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The Score: episodes for boys

Best Dating Simulator Games

It’s only you who make choices and create love stories in the dating game The Score, a love & life simulator for guys.

You can be anyone you want in your dating story: superhero, millionaire, singer, famous blogger, super agent, world champion. All you have to do is pick a story, upgrade your character, and start dating!

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My Foxy Girlfriend: Dating Sim

Best Dating Simulator Games

It is your responsibility to protect these mythical beings from losing their habitat when a giant corporation rolls into town to destroy the forest on Hazushima Island.

The shy but curious Fuku is more attuned to the forest’s feelings than anyone else. Although she makes friends easily, it’s difficult for her to create deep connections. Can you help her or are you the deep connection she desires?

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Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game

Best Dating Simulator Games

Is it possible for the characters to interact with you, to laugh and cry with you, and to become your friends? – or even fall in love with you?

In Obey Me!, the characters become a part of your everyday life.

The charming characters regularly send you text messages and phone calls.

The way you interact with characters will affect your relationship with them.

There is no gender selection for the main character, so anyone can play.

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Dream Daddy

Best Dating Simulator Games

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator puts you in the shoes of a single Dad and his daughter, who have recently moved to Maple Bay. This little coastal town is full of eligible, dateable single Dads. Will you take on Teacher Dad? Or will you go for Goth Dad or Bad Dad? With unique minigames and sidequests, along with multiple paths and endings, this highly anticipated game promises hours of fun!

Try out the opening and go on three dates with any of the dads for free! Buy additional dates or unlimited messages to unlock the full game.

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Sugary – Date Sim

Best Dating Simulator Games

You search for various girls near you through an app on your phone -arty hipsters, alpha females, playgirls, bossy ladies, motherly women, sporty women, etc… Each one is charming, and clearly into you. Using your outstanding flirting skills, you will be able to win their hearts.

It will be a constant process of making choices, and the right options will lead to romance.

When you find out that your blonde secretary has a crush on you, what should you do?

When your first love runs to you at midnight, beaten by her husband, what will you do?

Can you be the hero of a cute college girl or the dark secret of a bossy celebrity?

The right thing to say or do is always crucial because if the girls like you, you’ll get a bonus. Each girl has a different personality, so choose wisely.

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The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

Best Dating Simulator Games

We are pleased to welcome you to The Arcana. You are about to enter the interactive world of Vesuvia, a captivating visual novel full of mystery, love, and romance.

Within seconds, you’ll enter your own immersive, inclusive, otome-inspired love story.

Choose your preferred pronouns, make your own choices, and romance to your heart’s desire in this captivating romance story you won’t be able to put down.

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Immortal Heart : Sexy Anime Ot

Best Dating Simulator Games

A town buzzes with news of a young woman’s abduction. Having lost your younger brother two years earlier, you begin searching for leads. You find yourself at the doorstep of a man named Vis, who has been said to have information on anything that you could ever wish for. Vis agrees to tell you about your missing brother, but he only agrees to share the information for a price… that you cannot afford. Vis offers you an offer: “Take this luggage and get on the train I tell you to.”

The next day, you board an overnight train where you meet two men who introduce themselves as Luchino and Alto. They tell you that they are investigating a secret organization and warn you to be careful because its members are on board. You are approached by hooded men as you rest in your compartment that night. In order to get your attention, they threaten you at gunpoint and ask, “Where is the wine!” Two men from earlier, Alto and Luchino, appear and it soon becomes clear that they are also in search of the wine.

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