Not so long back, when we thought of third-party apps and modified games, we would think of Cydia and jailbreaking. Until recently, that was the only way we could get that sort of content and the only way that we could modify our devices how we wanted them. These days, jailbreaking isn’t an option for many people.

cydia alternatives

Although we do have a number of jailbreak utilities, they are somewhat limited – some of them can only be used on certain devices, and most are semi-untethered, meaning they have to be reactivated every tie the device is rebooted. The lack of jailbreaks is no longer an issue for many because, in recent years, a number of Cydia alternatives have been released.

What is a Cydia Alternative?

Cydia alternatives are third-party app installers, app stores if you like, but with a significant difference to the official app store. For a start, everything in these alternatives is completely free, and that includes paid official apps. And, second, there are plenty of modified apps, games, Cydia tweaks, and more, none of which will be found in the iOS app store.

The benefits to using these alternatives are:

  • They are easy to install and use
  • Compatible with almost every iOS device
  • They work on a range of firmware versions from iOS 7 to iOS 13
  • They do not interfere with or modify the iOS system in any way
  • They are legal to use because they don’t modify your system
  • Easy to delete if no longer needed
  • All are fully supported by the developers and regularly updates
  • All are secured with SSL encryption and regular bug fixes/security updates
  • All contain thousands of apps, games, and tweaks.

The Real Alternative to Cydia:

There is only one real Cydia alternative, and that is Sileo. This is a package management system built into the latest jailbreaks but, like Cydia, it can only be used with a jailbreak, not as a standalone app.

Top 5 Cydia Alternatives:

With so many alternatives on offer now, how do you decide which one to use? To help you out, we did a little research, and we found that these are the best alternatives:



best cydia alternatives 2019

One of the top-rated Cydia alternatives is TweakBox, used by millions of people every day. It offers the largest and widest range of content in any of the alternatives, including modified apps like Instagram++ and Snapchat++ and tweaked games like Pokémon Go and Lat Day on Earth. TweakBox is dead simple to download and works on all iOS devices from iOS 7 right up to iOS 13.


best cydia alternative 2019

One of the more recent releases, Emus4U is a top choice for jailbreakers because it contains some of the best Cydia tweaks, in particular, offering support for a range of games emulators. As well as the many thousands of apps and games, Emus4U also offers screen recorders, ring tones, themes, and movie and music streaming apps. Another easy one to download, it has been fully updated to support iOS 13 and offers a few in-app customizations.


best cydia alternatives 2019

AppValley is a great source of apps, games, and tweaks, including premium app store apps for free. As well as plenty of official iOS apps, there is a decent selection of modified apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram++, tweaked games like Minecraft PE and GTA and lots of tweaking including emulators, screen recorders and streaming apps to name but a few. Easy to download and use, AppValley works on all iOS versions up to and including iOS 13.

4.Panda Helper:

best cydia alternatives 2019

A relatively new addition to the Cydia alternatives, Panda Helper, is available in two versions – a free one and a paid one. With the free version, you get thousands of apps and games to choose from, including tweaked apps like WhatsApp, Spotify and Snapchat, along with lots of tweaks. The paid version offers extra content, is much faster and more stable, and is also ad-free. Both versions are easy to install and work on all firmware, including iOS 13 and users are able to make game or app requests.


best cydia alternatives 2019

Perhaps one of the best-known names, TutuApp was the tweak of choice for jailbreakers to get their modified apps an games. Now available without needing a jailbreak, TutuApp still offers a huge range of apps, games, and tweaks for users to choose from. It is stable and reliable, available in multiple download languages and works on all devices on all the latest iOS versions. Like Panda Helper, it is available in both free and paid versions and can be installed directly on your device or via your computer.

How to Use Cydia Alternatives:

Downloading these alternatives is easy enough, and all can be installed directly on your iPhone or iPad. But what about using them? Well, that is easy enough to do as well, and the steps are the same for every alternative:

  1. Install your choice of Cydia alternative onto your device
  2. Find the installer icon on your home page and tap to open it
  3. You will likely be stopped by an Untrusted Developer error – see below for steps to fix
  4. When you open the installer, choose and app category and tap it
  5. Find the app or game you want to install – use the search bar or browse
  6. Tap it, tap on the Install option and wait for the installation to finish
  7. Your app or game is ready to use.

Fixing Untrusted Developer Error:

When you see the Untrusted Developer error, it is because it is an unofficial app and the developer is unknown to Apple. Fixing it is really very easy:

  1. Note the app developer name from the error message – it will be different for each installer
  2. Open Settings > General > Profiles
  3. Tap the developer name in the list and tap on the Trust button
  4. Close Settings and try the installer again – you should no go straight into the app.

These are the very best of the Cydia alternatives on offer today. All of them offer a good range of tweaks, apps, and games, enough to give all users something of what they miss from Cydia.