the honeycomb We consider the availability by consumers very seriously.Summer and here and it’s time to buy the best air cooler at our home.

Unlike ACs, air coolers give you hydrated cool air which does not dry your skin at all.

Not only this much, but air coolers are eco-friendly and also does not use any harmful gases like CFC for its working.Water used in the air coolers which ultimately gets evaporated and does not harm any living creature on the earth.Also, no huge electricity bill is invited which would rather give a nightmare.

1. Bajaj

Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Bajaj Platini p 97 torque 36 liters personal air color for small-medium size room cooler is comfortable.It is white in color with super air cooler with higher air delivery to cool any space in your house and enhances the overall cooling experience.These coolers are suitable for different climates and geographical location.


  • Big water tank, with effective cooling.
  • Bajaj air coolers come with castor wheels providing ease for the movement anywhere.
  • Its capacity is 36litres, ideal for room size upto150sq ft.
  • There side honeycomb cooling pads that are removable for enhance performance.
  • If using the first time there can be pungent small it comes because cleaning honeycomb pads from the disinfectant chemical is used.
  • It works from cross-ventilation in your area otherwise, it won’t work effectively.


 Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Symphony hicool modern personal room air cooler 31 liters available with remote honeycomb pad, multi-stage air purification, and low power consumption in white color are available.Symphony gives you stylish personal air cooler along with intelligent features. This small cooler is mostly recommendable for bedrooms at the airflow can be easily set at bed level.


  • Its capacity is large 31litres with an empty water tank alarm.
  • A powerful pump is an exclusive dura pump of hi cool ensure the congevity of the pump, it prefers to give.
  • Power consumption is 185 watts, operating voltage 230V/50H2.
  • This cooler works on investor power also.


Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Orient electric Arista CT 2602HR with 26 liters personal air cooler with remote and giving.The cooler color is white with remote operated.As you all don’t have words of the unexpected power cuts, as this cooler runs from investor power also.

This honeycomb media pad helps I’m 25% more cooling than the water consumption is 45%.It can be kept in the bedroom, study room, kids’ room, dining area, small office, small shops.

There is a 3speed motor with high medium and low with fully collapsible. The vertical louver has motorized movement as from that the horizontal movement has manual movement.


 Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Maharaja white lines glacio 55 DLX Co 133 55L air cooler.Available in white and grey color.It has a capacity of 55litres, ideal room size is 700sq ft it is workable.It is a 4way air deflection and three-speed levels are given.

There is low noise operation with an antibacterial tank and it can be only used by remote control.Shockproof body with free mobility Easter wheels is there.Package includes are the main unit, remote, user manual, and warranty card.


Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Asons as 75 is a highly efficient room cooler with 3inches thick.Honeycomb cooling pads on three sides are available.It has a capacity of 75 liters tank; the robust shockproof body is available.

It also has an inverter operative with power-saving technology.Caster wheels are given for easy movement anywhere.Automatic four-way swing oscillation.


 Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Kenstar slim line 30litre air cooler is available with white color is there this color gives peace to the mind and the cooling to the body so that the day spends well. Cooling capacity is 55sq m this cooler is slim in the body so that it can be fit anywhere in the room.


  • It gives a tank capacity of 30litres it is the best choice for home and office anywhere.
  • 4way air deflection, as well as the number of speed, is 3and the cooling area is 20square meter.
  • It comes in the nominal prize, also consumes less power, cools room uniform, faster and easy to purchase.


Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Cello swift 50litre window air cooler with white in color.It is cello range of air cooler is optimized to provide all-round cooling without breaking a sweat.It is designed with a powerful mega size cooler that provides a powerful air throw.In summer it gives a winter like atmosphere.


  • It has a capacity of 50litre and the ideal size of the room is up-to 700sq ft.
  • It is a big mega size cooler with wood wool cooling pads, water inlet from front side also it’s free trolley can be used as a center table.
  • It allows for cross-ventilation in your room, for more effective cooling.


 Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

  • Havells Brina window air cooler of 50litre.
  • It is white grey color are available.The unparalleled performance resulting from cutting edge technology havells India limited.
  • The compact design, easy portability, cleaner technologies, and air purification system adds to their fitness and makes air cooler must.
  • It is completely collapsible lovers to prevent dust insects entering the air cooler are beneficial for all.
  • And also available of dust filter net to separate dust from the air ensuring dust-free air gets washed easily due to wet honeycomb pads by cleaning pads air become cool and clear.
  • Dust filter net also there so that to prevent the insect from entering into the cooler.Uprating voltage is 220-240and the power used is 230.


Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Usha stellar 20sp1 personal cooler 20l room color with multicolor is available. There are 20 liters capacity product that serves the purpose to cool you and also your significant others sensesafter a long day. The distance of airflow is 16feet. There are top-loading ice-compartment are available.

It always allows cross-ventilation in your area room, to keep the cooling proper. They come with a warranty of 1 year. These air coolers are very durable and have high energy efficiency. They are easily portable. You can adjust the speed to high, medium, and low according to your requirement.

10. VEGO

 Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Vego frost personal air cooler with white color, are available. It has a capacity of 42litre air cooler frost from the house of vego with water indicator given there.


  • The power consumption is also not more and it gives cooling 175w consumption is there only.
  • It is mainly for the personal room, small shops, small rooms, etc.


 Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Vistara nexa tower air cooler with 25litre tower air cooler with ice chamber, with white in color are there.Vistara air coolers work on evaporate air technology with a natural way of cooling.A pump circulates water from the tank on a cooling pad making it wet.

The blower and most are sized and it is designed to deliver the proper airflow.The material used is plastic.It is flat and in height that covers less space area with awesome cooling in the room.

12. Atul

 Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Atul is a general 15 honeycomb pads 180-watt air cooler with 140litres and white in color.

For mid-sized shops and rooms, this model can be considered the most suitable option.

The exhaust fan is fitted in it and it easily cools up to 600sq ft area.The electricity consumption is also not much and the water tank is inbuilt in it with 140litre capacity.This cooler is available with both types of cooling media wood wool pads and honeycomb pads.


 Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Russell Hobbs 30 LTR personal air cooler is comfort 30with the humidity control, touch panel, remote, white color is available.

It also has 4cooling speed with 500w power the water usage is up-to 11hours continues can be done.It is for the personal room only and it is designed for efficient cooling with lower power consumption than a fan.


Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

Vornado is with 184whole room tower air circulator 41. Vornado signature has v flow technology that provides complete circulation of all the air in a room has awesomecooling capacity.

It has powerful motor products high volume of air movement up-to 500w ft per min and pushes air up to 100feet is the product was made 50 amazing that it can be put anywhere at any time, it is light in weight.

The unique crosscut outlet creates a wide span of constant, airflow, eliminating the need for a wobbly oscillating base are present.


Best Cooler Under 10000 2020

The portable cooler is WK 55n remote controller with white and brown color combine it comes. It is fully functional to remove CCD panel compact design and stylish looks are made. This cooler is for halls and medium-size bedrooms as the airflow can be easily set at bed level.It also comes with a timer set of sleep function.


  • The highest efficiency cooling pads are 120egree left to right auto swing products is available.
  • It comes with a sleep timer remote with an LCD panel.