25 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft 2023

Minecraft is an extremely popular sandbox game that has been around since 2011. And since its inception, it’s become a creative way for players to explore their imaginations and build structures of their own design.

But what can you create in Minecraft today? With the game’s constant updates and expansions, there are now more possibilities than ever when it comes to your builds. Here are 25 cool things you can build in Minecraft 2023 and beyond!


Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

There are many different types of castles that can be built in Minecraft. The most common type is the stone castle, which is made out of cobblestone or stone bricks. There are also sandstone castles, which are made out of sandstone blocks. There are even castles made out of wood, which are called “wooden castles”.

The most important part of any castle is the walls. The walls need to be high enough so that enemies cannot climb over them, and they need to be thick enough so that they cannot be destroyed by enemy attacks. The next most important part of a castle is the gate. The gate needs to be strong enough so that it cannot be broken through by enemy attackers.

Once the walls and gate are built, the next thing to do is to build towers. Towers can be used for defense against enemy attacks, or they can be used as lookout points. If you want to build a really big castle, you can even build a moat around it!

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Extended Nether Portal

Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

An extended Nether Portal is a great way to travel long distances in Minecraft. You can build one by simply adding more obsidian blocks to the frame of a regular Nether Portal. The more obsidian you add, the longer the portal will be. You can also add an extension to a Nether Portal by using a piston.

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Rainbow Beacons

Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

One of the most fun things you can build in Minecraft is a giant rainbow beacon! This project is a bit more advanced than some of the others on this list, but it’s well worth the effort.

To build a rainbow beacon, you’ll need:

-A clear view of the sky
-A stack of obsidian blocks (at least 21)
-A stack of glass blocks (at least 21)
-A stack of wool blocks (any color)
-A block of redstone dust
-A block of iron ingot
-A block of gold ingot
-A block of emerald

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a good spot to build your beacon. You’ll need a clear view of the sky, so make sure there aren’t any trees or buildings in the way. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, start by building a pillar out of obsidian blocks. The pillar should be at least 21 blocks tall.

Next, build another pillar next to the first one out of glass blocks. This pillar should also be at least 21 blocks tall. Finally, surround both pillars with wool blocks. Make sure to use different colors for each side so that your beacon will be as colorful as possible!

Now it’s time to activate your beacon. To do this, place a block of redstone dust on top of one of the obsidian pillars and then place an iron or gold ingot

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Bee Farm

Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

If you’re a fan of bees, then creating a bee farm is a must! Not only are they essential for pollinating crops, but they also produce honey – which can be used as a crafting ingredient or eaten straight from the comb. Building a bee farm is relatively simple and doesn’t require many materials. Start by finding a suitable location for your farm. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, build some enclosures using wooden planks and fences. Then, place some beehives inside the enclosures and wait for the bees to arrive! You can speed up the process by using a campfire to smoke them out of their hive. Once the bees have moved in, it’s time to start collecting honey! Use glass bottles to collect honey from the beehives, and then store it in a chest until you’re ready to use it.

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Entire City

Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

Assuming you want to build an entire city in Minecraft:

First, you’ll need to find a good location for your city. It should be close to water, have a good climate, and be large enough to accommodate all the buildings and people you plan on including. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to start building!

Begin by constructing some basic houses and shops out of wood or stone. Make sure they’re sturdy and comfortable, because your citizens will be spending a lot of time inside them! Once you’ve got the basics down, start adding in more elaborate structures like castles, mansions, temples, and so on. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try making a wall around your city to keep out unwanted visitors.

Last but not least, don’t forget to populate your city with people! You can do this by either finding other players who want to live in your city, or by spawning NPC villagers using commands. Either way, make sure everyone has a place to sleep and something to do so they don’t get bored.

That’s just a quick overview of how to go about building an entire city in Minecraft. With a little creativity and effort, you can create a thriving metropolis that’s the envy of all your friends!

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Underwater Base

Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players can create an underwater base using blocks of obsidian and glass. This type of base is ideal for players who want to explore the ocean depths or live in a water-based environment.

To build an underwater base, players will need to first find a suitable location. Once they have found a spot, they will need to create a frame out of obsidian blocks. Once the frame is complete, they can then fill in the gaps with glass blocks.

Players can decorate their underwater base however they like, but it is important to keep in mind that this type of environment can be dangerous. It is recommended that players place torches around their base to help ward off hostile mobs such as squid and guardians.

Automatic Allay Farms

If you’ve ever wanted to have your very own farm in Minecraft, but didn’t want to have to deal with all the work that goes into it, then an automatic allay farm is the perfect solution! With this type of farm, you can simply set it up and forget about it, as it will take care of everything for you.

There are many different ways that you can build an automatic allay farm, but one of the most popular and easy-to-build methods is using a piston. Pistons are powerful blocks that can push or pull other blocks, making them perfect for moving items around in your farm. Here’s how you can build a simple automatic allay farm using a piston:

1. First, find a suitable location for your farm. It should be close to water so that the allays have easy access to it. You will also need some flat land to build on.

2. Once you have found a suitable location, start by building a 9×9 square of obsidian blocks. This will be the foundation of your farm.

3. Next, place a block of dirt in the center of the obsidian square. This will be where your allay will spawn.

4. Now, surround the dirt block with 16 blocks of Netherrack . These blocks will act as fuel for the fire that will cook the allays.

5. Next, place a block of stone above the Netherrack . This

Jungle Village

If you’re looking for a fun and unique Minecraft village to build, look no further than the jungle village! This type of village is perfect for those who want to explore the lush jungle biome while also having access to all the amenities of a traditional village. Here are some tips on how to build your very own jungle village in Minecraft:

1. Start by finding a suitable location for your village. The jungle biome is a great place to build this type of village as it is filled with trees, plants, and other foliage. Make sure to choose a spot that has enough space for all the buildings you want to include.

2. Once you have found a suitable location, start by building the basic structures of your village. A good starting point would be to build houses for each of the villagers. You can use logs or planks to create the walls of the houses and make sure to add roofs made out of thatch or leaves.

3. After you have built the houses, it’s time to add some more structures such as a market, a central meeting hall, and other buildings that you think your villagers might need. Again, use logs or planks for the walls and thatch or leaves for the roofs.

4. Be sure to decorate your jungle village with plenty of greenery! Jungle villages are known for their abundance of plants and trees, so go ahead and add as many as you like. You can even plant crops in small plots

Easy Bridge with Roof

If you’re looking for an easy bridge to build in Minecraft, look no further than the bridge with a roof! This simple yet effective design is perfect for spanning small gaps and can be built using materials you likely already have on hand. Plus, the added roof will protect you from any hostile mobs that may be lurking about. Here’s how to build it:

1. Begin by placing two blocks of obsidian or other sturdy material at either end of the gap you wish to bridge.

2. Next, place blocks of stone or other materials in between the obsidian blocks, spanning the gap. Make sure these blocks are securely placed so they don’t fall out when someone crosses the bridge.

3. Finally, add a block on top of each column of blocks spanning the gap. This will form the roof of your bridge, keeping you safe from overhead dangers.

Safest Base

When it comes to building in Minecraft, safety is always the number one priority. After all, there are plenty of hazards out there that can take you by surprise. That’s why it’s important to build yourself a safe base to call home.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect location for your base. First, you’ll want to find a spot that’s far away from any hostile mobs. Second, you’ll want to make sure your base is well-hidden so that unwanted visitors can’t find it. And finally, you’ll want to choose a spot with easy access to resources so that you can easily gather the materials you need to build and maintain your base.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to start building! There are a few must-have features for any safe base, such as walls and doors to keep out intruders, and a secure storage area for your valuables. You should also include some way to defend yourself in case of an attack, such as traps or defensive towers. With these features in place, you’ll be well on your way to building the safest base possible!

Furniture in Minecraft

Furniture is one of the most important aspects of any Minecrafter’s home. Not only does it add to the aesthetic of your home, but it can also be functional as well! Here are some ideas for furniture you can build in Minecraft:

-Tables: Tables are essential for any mealtime or meeting area in your home. You can build them out of wood, stone, or even obsidian!

-Chairs: Chairs go hand-in-hand with tables, and there are many different designs you can create. From simple wooden chairs to more elaborate throne-like seats, make sure you have enough chairs for everyone in your home.

-Beds: Beds are necessary for a good night’s sleep (or at least a long rest). You can craft them out of any type of wood, and add fluffy pillows for extra comfort. Don’t forget to make a bedside table too!

-Shelves: Shelves are great for storage and decoration. Fill them with books, pots, pans, or whatever else you need to keep organized. You can build shelves into walls or as standalone pieces of furniture.

With a little creativity, you can furnish your Minecraft home with all the essentials (and more)!

Water Elevators

Water elevators are one of the most basic, but also most useful, builds in Minecraft. They are essentially vertical water streams that can transport players and items up or down.

Building a water elevator is simple. First, find a suitable location. A water elevator needs at least two blocks of vertical space above and below the desired starting point. Then, build a column of water source blocks from the bottom to the top. Make sure that each block is placed against a block of solid land – this will prevent the water from flowing out.

Once the column is complete, add a sign on the side or top of the column. The sign should have an arrow pointing in the direction you want the elevator to go (up or down). Finally, add a block of obsidian or another non-water material at the top or bottom of the column (depending on which direction you want your elevator to go). This will act as a valve to control the flow of water and will keep your elevator from going too fast.

That’s all there is to it! Water elevators are simple but incredibly useful builds that every Minecraft player should know how to make.

Island Base

Building an island base in Minecraft can be a really fun and rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Choose your location carefully. You want to make sure you have enough space to build all the things you want, but you also don’t want to be too far away from other players or resources.

2. Start by building a small shelter. This will be your home while you’re working on your island base, so make it comfortable!

3. Once you have a shelter, start exploring the area around you and gathering resources. You’ll need a lot of different materials to build all the cool things on your list, so it’s important to stock up.

4. Now it’s time to start building! There are endless possibilities for what you can create, so let your imagination run wild. Just make sure to keep your shelter close by in case of hostile mobs or bad weather.

5. Keep adding new buildings and features to your island base until you’re happy with it. Then invite friends over and show off your amazing creation!

Base in End Dimension

One of the coolest things you can build in Minecraft is a base in the End dimension. The End is a dark and dangerous place, full of deadly creatures and treacherous terrain. But with a little planning and some creative building, you can create a safe haven in this dangerous place.

Here are some tips for building a base in the End:

1. Choose your location carefully. The End is a huge place, and it’s easy to get lost or run into danger if you’re not careful. Pick a spot that’s close to the exit portal, so you can make a quick escape if necessary. And try to find an area that’s fairly flat and free of hazards like lava pits or cliffs.

2. Build up, not out. It’s tempting to build a sprawling base with lots of different rooms and corridors. But in the End, it’s safer to build upwards rather than outwards. That way, you can easily defend your position against hostile mobs that spawn from below.

3. fortify your walls. The walls of your base should be at least two blocks thick, preferably made of stone or another sturdy material like obsidian. And don’t forget to add some windows! Glass panes will let light in but keephostile mobs out.

4. Use traps wisely. In the End, traps can be your best friend (or your worst enemy). Place them strategically around your base to keep hostile mobs at bay. Just be

Pixel Art

1. Pixel Art

Pixel art is a type of digital artwork where images are created and edited on a pixel-by-pixel basis. It can be used to create patterns, illustrations, logos, and even photos. Pixel art is often associated with retro video games and 8-bit graphics.

To create pixel art in Minecraft, all you need is a basic understanding of the game’s blocks and how they can be placed next to each other to create a desired effect. You can start by creating simple patterns and designs, then move on to more complex images once you get the hang of it.

There are many websites and tutorials available online that can teach you the basics of pixel art. Once you’ve mastered the basics, there’s no limit to what you can create!

New Biomes

In Minecraft, there are a variety of biomes that you can explore. From the coldest snowy tundras to the hottest deserts, there is always something new to discover.

One biome that is particularly cool to explore is the Nether. This dark and dangerous place is full of lava and hostile mobs, but it also has some unique resources that you can find nowhere else. If you’re feeling brave, venture into the Nether and see what treasures you can find!


There are so many things that you can build in Minecraft, and one of the most popular things to build is your own planet. With a little bit of creativity, you can create a planet that is truly unique and cool. Here are some tips on how to build a cool planet in Minecraft:

1. Make sure to use a variety of block types and colors when building your planet. This will help to make it look more interesting and realistic.
2. Add some trees, flowers, and other vegetation to your planet. This will give it a more natural look and feel.
3. don’t forget to add some oceans or lakes! These bodies of water will really make your planet come to life.
4. Finally, be sure to add some landmarks or features that are specific to your planet. This could be anything from mountains and volcanoes to ruins and castles.

Parkour Course

Assuming you have a basic understanding of parkour, here are some ideas for designing a parkour course in Minecraft:

1. Plan out your course. It is helpful to sketch out a rough plan of your course before starting to build it. This will give you an idea of the overall layout and help you determine where each obstacle will go.

2. Start with the basics. The first few obstacles should be relatively easy so that players can get used to the controls and learn how to navigate the course. As they progress, you can add more challenging elements.

3. Incorporate a variety of obstacles. A good parkour course will have a mix of different types of obstacles, such as jumps, climbs, and balances. This will keep players engaged and challenged throughout the entire course.

4. Make use of the environment. When designing your course, keep in mind all the different features of the Minecraft world that you can utilize. From waterfalls to lava pits, there are tons of possibilities for creative and unique obstacles.

5. Test it out! Once you’ve built your course, be sure to try it out yourself before opening it up to others. This will help you identify any potential problems or areas that need improvement

Mining Area

In Minecraft, players can explore a virtually infinite world made up of blocks. One of the most popular things to do in Minecraft is to mine for resources. Players can use these resources to build all sorts of different structures.

Mining is a great way to get resources like coal, iron, and diamond. These materials are used to craft items like tools, armor, and weapons. Players can also use mined resources to build structures like houses and castles.

Mining can be dangerous, so it’s important to be prepared before you venture into a mining area. Make sure you have plenty of food and water, and bring some friends along to help you out. With a little preparation, mining can be a fun and rewarding experience!


Assuming you want a pirate ship:

Building a pirate ship in Minecraft can be a fun and rewarding experience. There are a few things you’ll need to take into account when building your ship, such as the size of the vessel and the type of materials you’ll use. You can find many tutorials online that will help you through the process of building a pirate ship in Minecraft.

Custom Trees

In Minecraft, you can create custom trees by growing them from saplings. You can find saplings by destroying leaves on trees, or by finding them in chests.

To grow a custom tree, you will need to find a suitable location. The ground should be level and clear of any other blocks. Once you have found a spot, place the sapling on the ground and wait for it to grow.

Custom trees can be a great addition to your Minecraft world. They can provide you with wood for building, as well as produce fruit that can be used for food or brewing potions.

XP Farms

Assuming you’re playing on a Minecraft server with the World Guard plugin installed, you can easily create an XP farm. First, find a flat area of land and build a wall around it. Then, create some kind of platform in the center of the area and place a spawner on it. The type of spawner doesn’t matter, but mobs that drop experience points are best. Now all you need to do is wait for the mobs to spawn and kill them! You can even afk (away from keyboard) near the spawner and let the mobs do all the work for you. Just be sure to come back and collect your loot every now and then.

Japanese Anime Base

1. Japanese Anime Base

In Minecraft, there are many things you can build to make your game more interesting. If you are a fan of Japanese anime, then you may want to consider building a base inspired by this genre.

There are many different ways you can go about building a Japanese anime base in Minecraft. You could start with a small cottage or house and add in some traditional Japanese elements like tatami mats and shoji screens. Alternatively, you could build a more modern home with sleek lines and high-tech gadgets. No matter what style you choose, be sure to add plenty of color and personality to your base!

Here are some ideas for things you can include in your Japanese anime base:

-A large koi pond with waterfalls and colorful fish
-A tea ceremony room with a tranquil garden
-Anime posters and other artwork decorating the walls
-A spacious living room with comfortable furniture for relaxing
-A home theater system for watching your favorite shows
-A game room with arcade machines or a VR setup
-A rooftop garden with an incredible view of the surrounding area

Wildlife Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a place to build your dream home in Minecraft, why not try a wildlife sanctuary? You can create your own little oasis in the middle of the wilderness, complete with all the animals you love. Just make sure to keep them well-fed and watered, and you’ll have a happy little ecosystem in no time.

A Minecraft Server

Assuming you’ve already set up a Minecraft server, there are a few things you can do to make it more interesting for yourself and your friends. Here are a few ideas:

-Create a custom map: This is a great way to add your own personal touch to the game. You can use online tools or programs like MCEdit to create custom maps for your server.

-Add mods: Mods are external files that change the way Minecraft works. There are thousands of different mods available, so you’re sure to find ones that fit your interests. Be sure to read through the instructions carefully before installing any mods, as some require additional software or configuration changes.

-Create custom plugins: Plugins are pieces of code that extend the functionality of the server software. If you know some basic coding, you can create your own plugins to add whatever features you want.