Instagram promotion has recently become a challenge. Likes hiding, drop in engagement rate and reach are now those struggles you can hardly overcome on your own. So if you’re looking for solutions that will help you grow your Instagram followers organically and enhance your Instagram performance, search no further – free Combin apps are the right choice.

With Combin Growth, you can easily find your target audience, competitors’ audience and relevant influencers to interact with them within the tool or Instagram later. And Combin Scheduler will assist you in Instagram content marketing development.

Yet, let’s talk about each tool in detail.

Search, interact and grow your Instagram audience with Combin Growth

Combin Growth is a smart marketing desktop tool that lets you find and interact with your relevant Instagram audience within the app.

But how does it work?

Search and interact with your target audience

Combin Growth has an upper-level search feature with several sortings and filters. The tool lets you search for the required audience by posts or users.

When searching by posts, you need to type any relevant hashtags in the Hashtag field. After, Combin Growth will show your potential customers’ posts. All you need to do next is to draw these users’ attention – like, comment, or follow them.

If you want to find your competitors or potential clients in a particular city, you can use a map or the Place filed to search for them. You can manually sort out the search results by adding filters such as likes and comments count, users’ gender, language, activity, followers and followings count.

After you set all the required filters, you can interact with the users’ posts you found. Like, comment, or follow them without a risk to exceed the Instagram hourly and daily limits. To prevent an account ban, Combin Growth stops all the activity once you reach the limits.

Search by users in Combin Growth works the same, but as a result, you get likers, commenters, followers, and followings of a specific Instagrammer. All you need to find them is to type an Instagram username and set the required searching parameters.

A hack: you should pick likers or commenters since these users normally are more active on Instagram and supposed to give a higher engagement rate.

If you want to search by bio, you need to enter a keyword that is relevant for Instagrammers you’re trying to find. Let’s imagine you own a software development company. In this case, you may type “softwaredeveloper” or “techblogger”.

This is one more actionable idea of how to find potential competitors or influencers on Instagram.

Analyse your performance

You can’t grow properly without analysing how you perform. Fortunately, with Combin Growth, you can analyse your actions, engagement and tailor your strategy with ease.

The upper tab demonstrates the changes in the followers, likes, and comments count – your engagement. The tab below displays your activity taken within Combin Growth, not Instagram or any other third-party tool.

Hovering your cursor through the activity tab will showcase how much commenting, liking, or following you’ve performed in a certain period of time and how it influenced your engagement.

Plan and auto-publish Instagram posts and stories with Combin Scheduler

If the tool above is about interaction, search, and analysis, Combin Scheduler will help you plan your Instagram content efficiently.

To make sure you publish different, appealing, and exciting content, you need to look at your content marketing campaign as a whole. Therefore, you need to plan your content hours, days, weeks, and even months ahead. You can easily do so with Combin Scheduler.

To schedule your posts or stories within the tool, all you need to do is pick a file on your PC or Mac, set the required date and time, choose a location, and write an engaging text.

To enhance your content reach on Instagram or to draw other people’s attention, you can tag Instagrammers within the app and add related hashtags.

Instagram is a visual social network, so your grid aesthetics is vital for pulling in new followers.

Combin Scheduler’s in-app calendar helps you to style your Instagram grid layout. It allows you to preview how the Instagram account will look like with the posts you’ve planned. You can later edit it and tailor the grid whatever you feel like.

Weekly calendar preview displays the posts you’ve planned with thumbnails, captions, and the publishing time for you to observe the entire content. If you want to modify your campaign and reschedule some posts, use the drag-and-drop weekly calendar.

Combin Scheduler lets you edit Instagram images according to the aspect ration supported by Instagram using the crop and zoom features. You can easily alter the images sizes to square, vertical, portrait and landscape right within the app.

Link in bio

When planning your next Instagram post or story, you can add a link to appear in bio when the content is live. So if you want to share a certain trackable link to your online store or blog, you can add it within Combin Scheduler, and the link will appear in Instagram bio automatically.

This feature is very helpful if you haven’t 10,000 followers yet to use the Instagram swipe-up function in stories. When planning your story in Combin Scheduler, simply insert the required link even if your followers’ count is not equal to 10,000. The link will appear in your page bio anyway.

Repost on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t support the repost function yet, so users often utilise various tools to share other Instagrammers’ content. Combin Scheduler has this function, and it means you only need to add a link to the post you want to go live on your page. The image, caption and hashtags will be uploaded automatically. However, you can edit or delete them with ease.

You can also move the repost badge, hide it or change its colour.

The bottom line

Instagram is definitely a number game. And the higher your numbers are, the more benefits you get from Instagram marketing. You can surely fight with stubborn Instagram algorithms on your own and try to outsmart them. Still, with these free Combin solutions, you will spend less time and efforts on growth hacking, Instagram content creation and will finally take your Instagram marketing to the next level.