As the springs age and weaken, vehicle ride height will decrease. Often while working on our automotive suspension systems, it becomes necessary to remove coil springs from the equation.  Worn shock absorbers will generally bounce more than two to three times when performing a shock bounce test. A test drive is often necessary when trying to determine the cause of a noise or vibration. Special tools may be required to remove and install a torsion bar. When working with aluminum knuckles, use extra caution so you do not damage the softer aluminum. This is the case any time you need to work on components that are loaded by the coil, such as a Macpherson strut, or control arm. These coils hold up hundreds of pounds of weight at each corner of the car, and as such are usually under a sizable load, even with the car’s weight off of its wheels.

This article imparts you relevant information if you want to buy a strut compressor. The listed items narrow your search.


1.Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

Branick is a big name in automotive world since its inception in 1917. They are known as the prolific innovator; their invention of tire spreader is still loved worldwide. Till date they have issued over 100 patent for various design. This has evolved them to become an industry leader.

Branick 7600 strut spring compressor is just one among their legacy. If you have an automotive shop that is regularly installing shocks and struts, there is no better choice than the Branick 7600. It features a long-lasting, all-steel construction that can stand up to high-volume use without failing.  Whether long, short, narrow, or angled, the 7600 will get it done.

2.OEMTOOLS 27036 MacPherson 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

Designed to compress most MacPherson strut spring sizes. Broad spring contact and built in detent pins help to lock the spring into place for safer spring compression Hooks are forged and the center screw is hardened for long life. OEM automotive specialty tools are designed to perform day after day in any environment. Finally, it backed by a lifetime warranty. Additionally, this compressor is designed to be used in strut springs only. This compressor is great on vehicles and above all simple to use. You only need to follow the necessary precautions. Finally, it comes with a plastic case that keeps them in good condition when not in use. Lubricate the threads of this tool with anti-seize compound to prolong the life of the center screw.     

3.OEM TOOLS 25550 MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor

Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

I am sure by now you have made up your mind to go for one of the tools from this product. Its versatility ensures its capable of compressing most of the MacPherson tools. It takes only a short time for the compressor to press the springs for you to replace the cartridge or repair the strut assembly. A pair of these OEM Tools 25550 belongs in every home mechanic’s bag of tricks. They have durable, heat-treated forcing screws and reliable safety latches that will keep the user safe as they exert pressure onto heavy-duty struts.

4.ABN MacPherson Strut Spring Compressors

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

This product is designed with a unique technology to enable it to withstand extreme pressure. Of course, it is easy to use and a perfect tool for any professional mechanic. It offers a convenient storage capacity and protects components pretty well. Another thing, this compressor to is compatible with a wide range of models.

The rod connecting the hooks on each compressor are ACME threaded, which is a robust square type thread that is intended for high load and long lifespan. A hex head on one end provides space to get your ratchet or wrench in place to tighten them down. Each kit comes with a pair of compressors as well as a molded plastic red case with snap-tight latches. The overall quality of these compressors is good and the price is very reasonable, which is why we give them a strong recommendation.

5.OTC Clamshell Strut Spring Compressor

Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

OTC makes servicing MacPherson struts convenient. These OTC compressors fit a wide range of applications and require no special adapter shoes. The locking pins hold the compressor jaws in place and can be used with an impact wrench. This suspension specialty tools is worth buying

6.Power built 648627 Strut Spring Compressor Kit

Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

The versatile compressor is an ideal choice for many mechanics as it works pretty well with various vehicles. It ensures that you get the maximum results. It is designed to enable you safe, installation and easy removal of coil springs from Macpherson struts. Of course, it comes with laminated photos and sheets to assist you in its operation. For peace of mind while shopping, this product has a manufacturer lifetime warranty. The item measures 10.2 by 12.8 by 2.8 inches with a weight of 8.25 pound. Lastly, this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This compressor has been designed with a unique technology making it the best alternative for many customers. It is one of the best-rated strut spring compressors in the market. This strut compressor is built with top grade materials making it durable and reliable for an extended period.

7. 8 MILE LAKE Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

The big size makes them ideal for use in large trucks and buses. It has broad spring contact and built-in detent pins that help to lock the spring into place for safer. You will have less issue apart from the bottom hook that can be a bit shallow when you need to get the safety bar over the spring. Spring Compressor also comes with a storage case for safekeeping after use. Finally, you will only have to conduct repairs by replacing the strut cartridge or just repairing the strut assembly.

8. ATD Tools 7585 Master Macpherson Strut Tool

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

It may not be that flashy or a match to every vehicle, but if you need a lightweight option for lightweight springs then certainly this is your ultimate pick. This forged constructed spring compressor is designed for longevity. For lightweight vehicle this babe is a charm on bent, it gives a good grip & instant removal.

9.Selectec Macpherson Coil Spring Compressor Strut 14″ Remover 

Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020


This is very beneficial as it helps to repair struts, shocks absorb and lastly spring absorb in your car. Moreover, it has been designed with modern technology and most heavy duty material making it the safest and convenient strut spring compressor. It also works pretty well with a maximum jaw opening of 14 inches. The strong and secure hooks of this wonderful product prevent slippage. Nevertheless, this is an essential remover installer tool that you can never miss having.

10.Shankly Coil Spring Compressor Tool (2 Pieces – Universal), 

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

Scooping the 10th position is a durable & safe product by Shankly. If you are looking for a simple compressor too to get your coil out this is the best option. The sole benefit of this compressor too is the double claw of the hook which ensures firm grip & easy lock. It works best on a max width of 9.5”. In the same way, this item is equipped with lower security jaws and adjustable safety bars to help reduce site perils. To avoid slipping of this product, you are recommended to grease threads well and apply even pressure. It weighs 6.55 pounds and measures 12 by three by 3 inches.

11.AMPRO T70570 Coil Spring Compressor

Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

This is a unique product that is convenient for light truck and passenger cars. Additionally, AMPRO Coil Spring Compressor measures approximately 11 by 4 by 3 inches. And yes, this best spring compressor comes with a user manual to guide you through safe use. To conclude, AMPRO Coil Spring Compressor is ideal for use with a ½ inch drive ratchet or 15/16inch wrench. Of course, as with the Shankly, this is a good choice for undamaged springs but can be a little more a pain if you’re looking to replace or remove a coil.

12.CARTMAN 11.5in Strut Spring Compressor Tool 

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

Products like a charm, feel very safe whenever you use the CARTMAN Strut Spring Compressor. Designed with top grade materials. Of course, this strut spring compressor is built with modern technology making it convenient for many customers. The item features a unique design that enables it to compress plenty of Macpherson strut spring. The hooks are forged & center screw is hardened for long life.

13. Hiltex 50604 10″ Coil Spring Compressors

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

The main aim of this coil spring compressor is to maintain and preserve spring curvature. Most importantly, this is a different compressor that fits most strut sizes on domestic and import vehicles. This versatile tool fit a variety of options. The simple and easy to use the design of the compressor makes it the best choice of tool for mechanics. This is a must-have product for many mechanics. Sure, it delivers the best services compared to another model.

14. Xtreme power US 10″ Coil Spring Compressor

Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

 Xtreme power US Auto Coil Spring Compressor features heat-treated steel. This is a versatile compressor that you never want to miss. In fact, the compressor is portable and compact in design. This product comes in a set of 2 spring compressors for effective operation. Equally, this is a wonderful product with chrome plated compressor jaws. Again, the simple design of this product enables safe and quick removal or installation of springs. This is a quality assured product that you should invest in. Finally, Xtreme power US Auto Coil Spring Compressor features precision machined bolts.

15.Best Equip 3 Ton Capacity Auto Strut Coil

 Best Coil Spring Compressor 2020

This essential tool is like the all the above compressors. The only catch is it has a load capacity of 3T. It quickly removes the toughest strut spring easily. The Cylinder Piston Stroke measures: 12.6″; & the Piston Diameter: 1.1”. The minimum Support Bar Shaft Open: 2.6″x 2″; & the Max. Support Bar Shaft Open: 2.4″x 11.8″. The foot pedal is operated with hydraulic jack can be used both manually or air for speed & convenience solid steel construction.

The main idea here is to draw the coils of the spring together tightly so that the preload from the suspension system is deferred to the compressor. Removing & replacing coils & struts springs is a time-consuming task that takes a lot of effort, as well as a considerable amount strength. It’s advisable for you to pick the right tool according to your vehicle. And do not forget to lubricate your compressor threads for efficiency & longevity.

The above best spring compressors featured in the review are extremely versatile and efficient. In fact, these are extra fabulous picks that you cannot ignore. So, hurry and grab one.