Hey guys are you confused about how to clear search history on Instagram then you came at right place here i will solve your query completely let’s check out how to clear search history Instagram whenever you search anything on Instagram it’s saved on recent history tab of Instagram and whenever you go again and start to searching,suggestions is showing below the search bar
it’s all of your search names,tags,hash tags,places e.t.c so
guys if you want to delete them permanently let’s follow these steps and delete this history completely the process is same on android and iPhone device so whatever device you are using it’s doesn’t matter just follow the steps and delete your history now and increase your privacy let’s check out how to do it

How to clear search history Instagram

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone
  • Go to your profile
  • Now click on the three dot button uper right side

  • Now you see all menu option
  • Now go down here you see clear search history button

  • Hit on it
  • Now it’s ask you, you really want to delete this

  • Hit the button
  • Congo you successfully delete Your Instagram search history
So guys this is the process of how to delete search history on Instagram just follow the steps and you can easily delete and clear the instagram history. privacy is one of the important part in our life sometimes we don’t want to share our important history or other social media accounts just keep it and delete it nobody see this everyday we search many of things on instagram like people’s,places,stars,pages e.t.c and whenever we search something new old one is showing below the search bar and it’s little annoying and we want to clear it as Fast as possible so guys here is the process and clear your instagram history now after clearing your Instagram history don’t forget to share with your relatives and friends so if they need any help then this might help them and they also delete suggested history instagram from their account so guys this process is all about how to clear search history on Instagram all the best and simplest way to do it i added in this post if you like this post and  process then don’t forget to left your valuable views on this post view comments and any suggestions and doubts let me know view comments
Thank you