15 Best Christian apps (Android/iPhone) 2022

There’s an app for everything in this period of life. We spend most of our time browsing through these apps for fun, to pass the time. And some spend a part of their time strengthening their bond with Him, the Creator. And it brings peace of mind to those who find themselves in His presence. But sometimes, the situation around us makes it difficult to spend time worshiping; something or the other comes up, or we’ve drifted away from Him. But it only takes a strong will to pick up where you left, to get back on track and progress in becoming closer to Him. To assist you in this path, we bring to you the 15 best apps.

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 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022


Memorizing the scripture helps you during times of temptation and trial. It’s not just for Sunday school lessons. This app enables you to remember the scripture through a dedicated plan. Scripture Typer removes words from the verse you are trying to learn so that you can fill the blanks from memory. It repeats the process until you can type the whole poem from memory. It also has a feature that brings up verses from your previous lessons so that you retain the poetry in your long-term memory. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store as well as the App Store.


 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

Sermon Audio is an application that lets you listen to sermons from around the globe. All you need to do is search by name, topic, or passage and listen to sermons from any part of the world. It makes it easier to download the sermons. If your church has the Sermon Audio app, you can connect with them through the app and stay posted with your pastor’s latest messages. Be up-to-date and apply them to your life. 


 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

The Study Bible is one of the best Bible apps on the Appstore. It allows you to read the Bible and if you want, listen to the audio of the passage you are reading. The key feature of this app is that it provides you with notes from the MacArthur Study Bible. The notes are easier to pull out whenever you need to reference them. You can also help others when they struggle with something. Hence, it is very handy to have it with you at all times. 


 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

This app is excellent for exploring Christian podcasts. The app curates podcasts that are to your liking so that you don’t have to waste your time looking for something you want to listen to. The app curates sermons for you to listen to. Its definitely a good app to have on your phone, especially when you are traveling. Plugin your earphones and listen to the word of God. Embrace it and live it. 



 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

If you are someone who enjoys reading magazines, scrolling through youtube, google news, or MSN, you’ll find iDisciple really nice. It has tons of features packed into one application. You can read a particular passage of the BIble by searching the topic, listen to sermons, watch a Christian video, arrange a Bible reading plan, read articles on the word of God, and many more features. It even synchronizes with your internet account so that you can pick up where you left in any device that you want. It’s very efficient and easy to navigate. 


Christian apps (Android/iPhone)


Bible Lens allows you to connect your pictures with the Bible. You pick a picture from your gallery, the app scans it and provides a list of 6-8 verses that suit the picture. You can choose any verse from the list and add background patterns to the photo. The verse will blend into your picture and give a serene look. The app then saves the picture to your gallery and you can share it with your friends and family if you wish. It’s a fun app and you can spend your free time creating such pictures instead of wasting it away.



This application is refreshing. Every day it gives you a passage from the Bible to read. It acts as a reminder of the word of God. It will remind you to trust in Him and His plans. The app even allows you to record your thoughts related to the passage. You can look back and see for yourself how the verses inspired you or helped you get through times of trials and temptations. It’ll help you remember that His Word never fails. 



 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

This app sends you notifications to remind you to pray and even join their prayer meets in the morning, midday, evening, or late evenings. You can see the number of people praying at the same time and feel the power of the Christian community. The app also offers you prayer prompts when you find it difficult to think about what to pray. All in all, it is a very useful and efficient application that should definitely be on your phone.



 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

Abide- Christian Meditation app is, as the name suggests, a meditation app. Christians who find look for calmness of the mind and body when listening to passages from the Bible can use this application. It helps you meditate and reach a level of serenity all the while offering topics such as blessings, guidance, spiritual growth. It motivates you to move towards Him.



 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

Grace to you sermons is an app that gives you access to Pastor John MacArthur’s massive archive of sermons. If you want to listen to any sermon from any particular part of the New Testament, you can easily access it by typing in the topic of your interest. This application is very efficient and useful.


 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

PrayerMate helps you keep track of your prayer list. You can create a list of everything you want to pray about; thank the Lord, praise Him, ask Him, pray for those around you. Many-a-times, we forget to pray for those whom we had promised to pray for. So, while you are praying you can refer to the app and not forget any prayer request. The application also sends you pop-ups so as to remind you to pray. Its a very useful app to have on your phone, especially when you are very busy with worldly work. 


 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

YouVersion Bible is one of the best and most popular Bible apps out there. You can customize the font, change the theme color, turn on or off Jesus’s words in red, able or disable footnotes, turn on or off cross-references (these are extremely details and offer great insight) and underline verses as you listen to the audio. This is one of the most efficient all-in-one applications. 


 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

First 5 is an app that lets you set your first priority of the day to be worshiping God. You can spend the first five minutes of your day reading the Bible, listening to His Word, and reflecting on yourself in order to become a good Christian. The application reminds you of your duty. Get this application if you find it difficult to set your priorities right. 



When it comes to spirituality, our mind raises questions such as the purpose of life, why God is the answer or why it is important to grow spiritually, etc.. The application, Got Questions? will help you find answers to the hardest of the questions. This app is especially suitable for those who are new to the community or having trouble accepting the truth about God. 


 Christian apps Android / iPhone 2022

Our Daily Bread. I am sure you find this very familiar. We’ve all received tiny booklets from Our Daily Bread to give us a passage from the Bible every day so that we can reflect upon it and work on ourselves. The application does the exact same. Except, it’s on your phone and can be picked up any time you want. It is available in many languages. Download this on your phone to have everyday lessons on how to lead a spiritual life that please Him. 


Being a good Christian doesn’t only mean to read the Bible, but also to reflect on what you’ve read, learn from it and apply it in your way of living. Our busy lives can interfere with our duty to glorify God. However, the key is to include this duty into our schedules as the most important of them all. Embrace the religion as you juggle through the challenges of life. It’ll make the worldly things much more easier to handle and get through. The above-listed apps can help you on this journey of life.