When someone hears about the word chainsaw, it may remind them of several horror movies. Yes, those movies where you see a masked psycho running after people carrying a running saw. But hey calm down, we aren’t going to talk about those movies but the workings of that chainsaw and it’s uses.

Surrounded by a sharp chain rotating with an unpleasant motor sound, it looks really scary and big but can easily slice through heavy metals and woods. It’s an imperative tool for someone who is in plumbing or carpentry business. Obviously no one wants a manual saw to cut down a large piece of metal or a wood. An automatic chainsaw does that work with ease and within a few minutes with less fatigue. And it’s really satisfying to save time and energy simultaneously. Chainsaws come with various power source capabilities like battery, gasoline and corded-electric. It really depends on the user and their workload to choose the type. Here we are with some of the best chainsaws listed below. 

1. Sharpex 18-inch Tree Limb Master Electric Handheld  

Best Chainsaw India 2020
Sharpex is one of the most powerful chainsaws available on the web for sale. As-built with light and strong fiber material, it weighs less than other available chainsaws falling under the same price range. Weighing at 5.5 KG makes it more robust and preferable for the user. It also comes with a handguard that keeps users’ hands safe from flying debris. Powered with 2200 WATT, it’s a very powerful corded-electric chainsaw that can slice through hard metals, concrete, and woods. Easy maintenance and less ambiguity make it reliable for users in the long run.

2. Makita UC4041A Electric Chainsaw

 Best Chainsaw India 2020

Makita is one of the few brands which offers powerful performance at a reasonable price. Tension adjustment made easier through reducing tools complexity which makes it user friendly for beginners. With a metal spike bumper, it provides grip to the user to have more control over the chainsaw. With a transparent window that acts as a meter, helps users to figure out the oil level. It also comes with a ‘Kickback brake’ which minimizes safety hazards for users and also helps reducing recoil. With 1800 WATT and weighing around 4.7 KG, it provides a smooth and powerful performance.

3. BLUEBIRD STIHL Powerful MS 382 Chainsaw Machine

 Best Chainsaw India 2020

With the ElastoStart feature, BlueBird Stihl is the most preferred chainsaw available in the market. This feature gives this giant machine a smooth startup by absorbing startup recoil and vibration. This machine even becomes more precise and unambiguous with the help of a controlled-delivery oil pump system as it allows users to select just the right amount of oil for the job at hand. With minimum tool ambiguity, this machine becomes very handy to use for any users.

4. XTRA POWER 22-inch Sumo Petrol Chainsaw

Best Chainsaw India 2020

The name XTRA POWER literally justifies its name by holding around 3.3 Horse Power and powered up to 2.4 KW. It is a 22-inch beast that can slice through heavy and thick objects with ease. A lightweight powerful chainsaw with fuel capacity around 550ml, it is one of the most preferred machines for plumbing work.

5. Turner Tools TT 2258

 Best Chainsaw India 2020

It’s really tiring to chop off thick woods and solid metals for users who are into plumbing or construction projects as it takes a lot of time and energy to achieve a specific goal. Machines must have a proper design and grip to reduce workload which can ultimately improve the quality of work. Turner has Ergonomic design which balances the weight evenly and reduces fatigue. Powered with 1700 WATT, it is a lightweight powerful machine great for chopping logs.


 Best Chainsaw India 2020

Dewalt is one of the most unique machines out there. Conventional machines have carbon brushes that require maintenance and enough care. Getting rid of carbon brushes made Dewalt more reliable and durable in comparison to many other conventional chainsaws out there. With a brushless motor and flexible voltage range, it performs as good as any corded-electric chainsaws. Due to over-mold architecture, it’s very handy to use and this architecture also increases durability. With the automatic oiling system functionality, it ensures the chain is properly oiled which reduces maintenance and lasts long.

7. Aimex Heavy Duty

Best Chainsaw India 2020

A 58 cc gasoline-powered chainsaw with 2800 rpm performs as good as many corded-electric chainsaws. Powered around 2.6 KW, it slices through thick and hard objects smoothly. With a comfortable design and ergonomic architecture, it’s the handiest and userfriendly chainsaw in its price range. Weight balance is an important factor that many chainsaws lack. With Aimex Heavy Duty, you won’t find that problem. Handle lock support and rubberized grip with reasonable pricing makes it one of the most desirable chainsaws in the market. 

8. iBELL EC16-18 Electric Chainsaw

 Best Chainsaw India 2020

It’s a powerful machine powered with 1800 WATT reach its rpm count up to 1200 units. Having a chain break alert makes it safer for the user while trimming heavy and thick objects. An electric chainsaw can spare your time from running after fuel and also won’t disrupt your work until there is electric power. Though it does have a limitation of ‘expansion’, as it’s corded and can reach up to a limited distance. With ergonomic design, it gives a comfortable experience while working.

9. Inditrust Heavy Fuel Chainsaw

Best Chainsaw India 2020

A non-electric chainsaw that can reach rpm count up to 2800 units. By weighing up to 8 kg with a displacement capacity up to 58cc, this machine is a heavy beast. This comes with a portable design with an added manual guide and a tools kit. The design and architecture of this chainsaw make it weigh evenly and reduce its vibration. The fuel capacity and architecture gives this machine a mileage range between 1/2 to 1 hour per litre. This machine is great for chopping wood.


 Best Chainsaw India 2020

Built with Aluminum Alloy and Plastic, this machine can never disappoint you with the way it’s built. With a 58cc displacement capacity and 2400WATT, this is another beast in this list. With 550ML fuel capacity and 260ML oil capacity and reasonable price, this machine gives the buyer a really good deal. It also has a double springs design, which minimizes the jerk. It is a must for any serious gardener, farmers, groundsman, and plumber. An adjustable oil pump and an adjustable oil output make it highly portable for users. It’s a highly efficient machine used for sawing firewood, for and for cutting down small trees.

11. Hitachi (Hikoki) CS40EA Petrol Chainsaw

 Best Chainsaw India 2020

It’s a hybrid machine with a new PureFire engine mixed with Japanese, American, and Europian technology. With minimum recoil and vibration, this machine is as smooth as many high-end chainsaws available in the market. It might not be reasonable with its 380ML fuel capacity and 240ML oil capacity but with ergonomic design, weighing less, and smooth and effortless working, it can be a really good buy.

12. SHoRI GOLF ULTRA Professional Chainsaw 58 CC

 Best Chainsaw India 2020

Shori has one of the best engines in the market when it comes to chainsaws. With a highly efficient automatic carburetor, it performs quite good. It comes with an engine that has displacement capacity around 58cc. With motor speed from 1200rpm reaching up to 14000rpm, it’s a master in all fields. From small trees to large concrete, it can do the sawing work for you. It also comes with an air filter that can help reducing gasoline pollutants while working.

13. KisanKraft KK-CSP-7524 Chainsaw

 Best Chainsaw India 2020

It’s a powerful chainsaw that comes with fuel capacity up to 690ml. Has enough power with 3600WATT (4.8hp) to slice up hardwoods and thick concrete. Weighing around 6.9kg it’s a comparatively heavy machine than many conventional chainsaws. It’s has a 74cc engine that comparatively absorbs oil faster but won’t disappoint its user on its performance and power. Never fails to deliver. It shouldn’t be used for sawing thin and light material as it’s meant for large and solid objects.

14. Dewalt DCM565N 18V 300mm XR Li-ion Brushless Motor

 Best Chainsaw India 2020

It’s a battery-powered chainsaw with Li-ion battery. With 3.6kg, it’s ideal for one-handed cuts.
It’s also a brushless motor which increases its life span and durability. With less complexity in settings and minimum chain break time (1 second), it can be good for first-time users. With the battery-powered feature as well as being a lightweight machine, it holds the highest position when it comes to portability. Most importantly, it comes with  2 Years of warranty, which is a really good deal considering its price range.

15. Stihl Cast Iron Chain Saw MS-250

Best Chainsaw India 2020

It’s a lightweight machine with a 46cc engine weighs around 4.5kg. It has a good grip system and built with an ergonomic design. The design and the weight balance helps users to have more control over it. First-time users will enjoy sawing with this machine. With a large 46cc engine and 3.1hp, it runs like a trimming beast. These types are mostly preferred by serious gardeners and plumbers. It’s very handy to use and it’s designed also increases its durability.

Summing Up
Chainsaws are used mostly for plumbing and other construction projects. As it’s impossible for a human being to shape and cut solid materials and objects, chainsaw makes it possible. It saves time and energy and as you do not have to manually slice through objects. The engine does that for you.