We want each and every thing to be neat and clean which is indeed necessary, you must have always wondered about buying a car washer which can offer you wide range of usage capacity in a pocket friendly price.

This article is all about the best car washers available in the market. But before jumping into the list there are some of the features you should be sure about before buying a car washer

The specifications to keep in before buy car washers are; flow rate, pressure offered by the hose pipe, operating voltage and power consumption.

Here are some impressive choices amongst the best car washer machines.


1. ResQTech 1700-Watt 135 BAR High Pressure Washer

 Best Car Washer India 2020

The ResQTech car washer comes with everything in the box, like detergent spray nozzle, self priming pipe for the washing/cleaning experience unlike most of the washers currently available in India. It uses 10-amp plug, easily accessible everywhere most rival washers require 15 amp plug. It comes with 5 m high pressure hose pipe and 5 m power cable for maximum reach. It has a powerful 1700-watt motor which generates up to135 bar /380 lit/hr for maximum cleaning power. It is perfect for decks, cement walls; pavement, pools, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks, garbage cans, animal cages and more, and it can suck water out of a bucket for washing and cleaning, which can be very useful for people staying in apartments and for ones who do not have access to running water. It is a great product which comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty. 

2. Bosch Aquatak 125 1.5-Watt High Pressure Washer

Best Car Washer India 2020

The Bosch Aquatak offers folding, telescopic handle and new secondary lifting handle for greater convenience and it comes with larger wheels for easy moving and thus it is to store. It includes 3 in 1 nozzle with fan jet, roto, and pencil jet. It also offers better sound management for greater comfort and less potential for nuisance. Its operating voltage is 220-240V and also provides pressure of 125bar. It actively supplies with water and without water. Finally with all these facilities it comes with 6months manufacturer warranty which assures you about all type of damage coverage.

3. American Micronic car washer

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This imported car washer comes with high performance copper motor with metal gears & pump and Pressure of 120bar (1750 psi). 140 bar pressure hose which offers better performance then plastic pump of 135bar. It has consumes 1500W and the motor generates flow rate of about 390L/hr i.e. 6.5L/minute which clearly indicates high performance cleaning. It comes with a highly efficient spray gun with adjustable spray nozzle and a soap bottle. Finally, it comes with 1-year warranty that assure damage coverage if happens any. It is very easy to use, you just have to fill the bottle with hot or warm water 

4. STARQ Car Washer 

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This is actually a simple foam lance which is very handy and it is made up of high quality plastic. It comes with some highly efficient attachments and it allows the solution to mix well before use. You just have to have to adjust the spray of the nozzle to find the stream that works for you and spray away the jet stream of soapy water to get rid of dust, stains and impurities from the surface. The lance bottle attachment can be used to conduct regular or annual cleanings in and around your home to make your space squeaky clean. It is also helpful in cleaning automobiles, drive ways, windows, roofs etc.  It has a capacity of 1L in volume and you can mix your favorite car wash soap and warm water in the ratio 1:4. It is claimed to be highly efficient and handy.

5. Boston Fieldstar High Pressure Washer

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This machine is very easy to use and its water pipe can be easily connected with the water gun, ergonomic water gun design is comfy and convenient to grip. It comes packed with an AC to DC adapter, inlet hose pipe measuring 6feet with filter, a motor 12V, an outlet hose pipe of 18 feet with connector a heavy duty brass gun and a manual to help you out with attachments  and to educate you about the working structure of this machine. It is a great deal do check it out.

6. Makita HW101 Compact Pressure Washer

Best Car Washer India 2020

It tends to be a handy, entry level pressure washer which is ideal for domestic use on patios, bikes, decking, windows or even cleaning drains. It is an easy to use, lightweight high-pressure washer, with extreme power which is suitable for mid-range range of applications. Universal Motor: 1.3kW universal electric motor with wobble plate pump powerful enough to get enough the most stubborn dirt out of your stones. Low Noise: Noise minimized by sound absorption sponges inside the housing along with a vibration isolation structure incorporated in the design of the pump. It has a high-pressure hose measuring 3m which provides more convenience for a range of applications. It comes with TSS which switches the motor ON and OFF when the lance trigger is operated which increases the motor life. It is lightweight enough to be moved around with ease and used on any number of different jobs, such as cleaning driveways and vehicles of all type. It is supplied with trigger gun, vario spray lance, high-pressure hose, detergent bottle and water coupling kit all in a pocket friendly price which seems to be an amazing deal.

7. karcher k2.360 1400 watt high pressure home and car washer 

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This is compact easy to move washer which is indeed versatile in nature. It comes with a high performance pump that generates pressure of 120BAR using only 1400Watt power and has maximum flow rate of 360 L/Hr. It comes with a 6m long hose pipe for maximum coverage. It can also be used to wash garden furniture, bicycles and small areas around the house. It is impeccable and a mid range all rounder which is suitable and offers you damage coverage with 2 years manufacturer warranty.

8. Fieldstar Dual High Pressure Washer

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This washer is tough and impressive as it comes with strong high-voltage dual-power motor and dual- switch design, when the device shuts down then the sprayer will stops automatically. This device has energy efficient and its performance will improve more than 80%. compared to the knapsack sprayer and other products, its portable sprayers are more relaxed and easier to operate and have longer service life span, which shows portable sprayers can stand up to the test of time. It can be suitable for washing car, washing bathroom, cleaning window, washing floor, cleaning air conditioner and you can also water your flowers, this portable all rounder can take care of almost all your washables.

9. mecano 1500 W Universal Motor Home and Car Pressure Washer

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This car washer helps you to do a quick and efficient cleaning job. It is designed for a wide variety of cleaning jobs, you can also clean other surfaces like roofs and terraces. It comes with pretty sturdy wheels and easy-fold handle which make it a portable device. Moreover, it’s quick-connect fittings help you to save time while changing nozzles. It comes with integrated accessories holder, this pressure washer is a very handy device. It has a motor of 1400W, its maximum flow rate is 6.5 L/Min and its maximum pressure value is 120Bar well all these facilities and features it also has easy-fold handle and sturdy wheels for better portability. It can be your ultimate washing all rounder do check it out.

10. All Extreme EXW3112 Electric Power Heavy Duty Car Washer 

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This heavy duty washer is indeed very sturdy and an all rounder, it is equipped with a detergent tank and sprayer that can blast and wash away grime and dirt to restore the floor or wall surface. This can be use at home, driveway, car or cars, concrete, deck, window and trucks.  It uses high pressure washer hose that offer quieter operation and will save more water with less power. Enjoy perfect cleaning results while saving water as well as your electricity bills.  It comes with powerful motor that generates max 1450PSI water pressure at 300L/Hr water flow to remove dirt mold, moss and grim from the surface of car, motorcycle, patios, driveways, outdoor furniture, and more. The kit consist of 1 pressure washer, a sprayer with detergent dispenser, 1 adjustable wand, 1 pressure gun and 4 supporting accessories it all of these are covered by assurance of 1 year warranty.

11. Vantro High Pressure Washer 

 Best Car Washer India 2020

His washer is manufactured with copper induction motor, powerful PCB and durable ABS plastic. This washer allows you to use the pressure washer for a long time. Powerful 1800-Watt induction motor generates up to 135 bar, It is ideal for quickly and easily removing dirt , such as cleaning decks, terraces, driveways, siding, sheds, cars, trucks , boats, outdoor power equipment, solar panels and so on. It comes with advanced pressure operation feature. You don’t need to change nozzles when you want to change pressure mode, it can be changed directly by rotating the spray gun. It also features safety automatic total stop system (TSS), which automatically shuts off the pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life and with all these facilities it come with 2 years workable warranty.

12. Tech Trendz PROFFIX 12V AC/DC Car Washer

Best Car Washer India 2020

It very portable and can be easily used at home which cut down your vehicle service bill. It has a simple but efficiently designed. A bucket of water is enough to wash your car. It is versatile so that you can use it for watering your garden, cleaning your garden furniture, you car, you floors, decks, patio and even your roofs. It is a great and handy washer which is obviously impressive and all purpose in nature.

13. PROKLEAN Global 130 Bar Pressure Washer

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This car washer is heavy duty and can be stored in your garage with ease. Apart from washing your car it can be also used for watering your garden, cleaning your garden furniture, you car, you floors, decks, patio and even your roofs. It comes with an inlet hose pipe, an outlet hose pipe a spray gun with adjustable nozzle and uses 1500 of energy and releases water with a pressure at 130bar. It can be your cheap option and will serve very effectively for a longer period of time.

14. SOFLIN® Portable High Pressure 

 Best Car Washer India 2020

It is a multipurpose machine. Not only for cars but can also be used for garden watering, garage cleaning, floor cleaning and many more placed where high pressure water immersion required. Its bucket capacity is 16 liter, hence no need to refill water again and again. It saves your money and time hovering around to search for a better commercial car washer. It is very portable and easy to store so just sit assure with this amazing washer.

15. Homdum® 1500 Watt -Heavy duty 135 Bar 

 Best Car Washer India 2020

This impressive device comes with a high pressure water spray which is perfect for cleaning car bikes, air conditioners, pavement & decks, cement walls, pools, outdoor furniture, animal cages, dust, mud, and dirt. It is equipped with a powerful 1500-Watt unique pressure meter and long life induction motor and its metal pump has maximum 135 bar pressure which is the best in this price range category. It is easier to move and store with 5″ inch wheels for easy moving, and has better sound management for greater comfort and also comes along 1 pc water supply hose , 1 pc high pressure trigger gun, high pressure hose, 1 pc inlet connection, 1 pc outlet connection, 1 pc spray gun, 1 pc cleaning pin . It has a floe rate of 6.3L/minute with which you can wash your car in snap of your fingers. 


This whole article is dedicated to save your time and research for buying a good and well functioned car washer. This article can be your guide to help you buy the choicest car washer among the best.