Having difficulty in keeping a track of your weight and worried about your calorie intake? Now is the time to lessen your worries as these apps mentioned here will help you and warn you regarding every food item. These are the best food calorie tracker/counter app Android/iOS 2019. You can have a look at these 10 apps which will help you to keep a check on your diet.

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best calorie tracker apps

1.Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal android

best calorie tracker apps

The best food calorie tracker/counter app Android 2019. It has over 4 million barcode scanners to let you know about the properties of food and over 6million food database. You just have to sign up and be linked with this fantastic app. As the name suggests this app mainly deals in calorie counting which means that how much calorie is there in a particular food item. You can reach your desired goal with this app. It is a very useful Android friendly app.

2.MyPlate Calorie Tracker android / iphone

best calorie tracker apps
With a million hit on this app, it is the best food calorie counter/tracker app Android 2019. There are proper food plans for you in 3 levels like the easy, moderate and challenging. It also keeps a track of water intake. You can personalize your charts. The macro-ingredients provide us with good details of the carbs, proteins, vitamins, etc. A graphical representation of your everyday intake is maintained by this app. It is really easy to download and understand this app. Compatible with Android devices.

3.Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter android / iphone

best calorie tracker apps

This app features an expert dietician’s word. Apart from this app is goal oriented. It not only manages weight loss but also muscle development and weight gaining and maintaining weight. Best food calorie tracker/counter app Android 2019. This app is like a virtual gymnasium for you on your palm. It also has a 3D exercise trainer for you. Download this calorie, carb and fat counter app now and enjoy life.

4.Lose It! – Calorie Counter android / iphone

best calorie tracker apps

It is the best food calorie counter app Android/iOS 2019. Just click a photo of what you are eating and know how many calories you are eating. You can also track water, health, body measurements. This app is really a good app and has got millions of downloads by the users. It is like carrying your personal nutritionist with you in your pockets. Just simply enjoy your meals and be fit. Android and iOS users can download this app from play store and app stores.

5.Calories in food android / iphone

best calorie tracker apps

Millions of download are there on this app and are considered to be the best food calorie tracker counter app Android 2019. You can know the energy of each food item that you consume. It gives good data with proper calorie intake with each food we eat. Simple app and a good app. Android users can download it free from play store.

6.Calorie Counter – EasyFit free android 

best calorie tracker apps
One of the best food calorie tracker app Android 2019. This app is a very safe app which requires no login or creates an account option. You can personalize your food and meals and store it in this app. It even has small games to make you aware of the junk, calorie, and gainers. It not only has a calorie tracker but also lives exercise tracker. Whether its weight gaining, bodybuilding or losing weight, this app guides you well through it. Android users are lucky to have this amazing app for free.

7.Weight Loss, Calorie Counter, Diet Plan & Recipes android

best calorie tracker apps

This particular app is solely based on weight loss with a proper diet plan. We all like to stay fit and healthy by eating healthy. This app provides you with proper recipes for the weight loss dishes or drinks. A proper diet planning is done in this app. you can have the best results in your body by using this wonderful app. Help from the experts in yoga sessions or exercises is provided too. This app is the best food calorie tracker app Android 2019.

8.Lifesum – Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary android / iphone

best calorie tracker apps

The diet plan will be provided to you from this app. It is the best food calorie counter tracker app Android 2019. Eat healthy food with the help of this app and know the kind of macro ingredients are present in the food that you are eating. A meal planner and health tracker are too there in this amazing app. You can maintain a food diary in this app. if you want to be slim then have this app in your mobile to keep a track of what you are doing. It fits the best with Android devices.

9.MyFitnessPal iphone

best calorie tracker apps
My fitness pal app gives you the best exercises and workout instructions. You can choose your goal. It has the weight loss strategies, weight gain and weight maintaining strategies for you so that you may shape well. Keep a track of what you are eating. It has a lot of information regarding food and its nutrition value. Best food calorie tracker app iOS 2019.

10.Argus: calorie counter & steps android / iphone

best calorie tracker apps

Be a fitter person with this app as this app is the best food calorie tracker app 2019. This app has an amazing feature of the sleep tracker and a barcode scanner. You will love this app once you download it. It even has a pedometer calculator. You will have personalized weight loss plans. You can even watch workout videos for a better lifestyle and healthy habits. Argus provides you to stay fit and eat healthy with a bit of workout. iOS users are lucky enough to have this app for free.


These were the best food calorie tracker/counter apps Android/iphone 2019. They will help you to live a healthy lifestyle by eating and drinking good nutritious food items and not some junk. Junk is good on this lips but bad to the body. You can easily download these apps as they are free. If you found the information good then please do share and comment.

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