hey guy’s looking for best call and rext blocker apps Android 2021 than you came at right place.
Here is the top 10 best most downloaded app by user’s.
best blocking experience you will get with these apps.
Everyday we got many calls from known and unknown numbers.
Known is ok but unknown is too annoying and it’s get us disturb and if he/she continue disturbing you by calling.
Than here is the complete treatment for those let’s block them completely by these top rated weapons.
Scan everyone find who disturb you than tap it and block it.
So guy’s let’s start blocking.
Here is the weapons list.
Let’s dive into spammers area and beat them completely.
Here we go.
best call and text blocker apps android

1.Calls blacklist

One of the best call blocker app Android And text blocker app Android.
ranking number one on this post.
More than 10 millions downloads on Google play store.
Let’s block everything which annoying you.
You can easily block unknown numbers, unwanted calls,text messeges and much more.
Just one tap blocking system make this app awesome simple and sweet.
You can also sydule your blocking system and much more.
Wide range of variety functions available here.
Let’s download and discover all.
It’s time to block annoying things.

2.Call blocker

Another great call blocker app Android.
Block all the unwanted calls by just one click.
Just tap it and block it.
See your block listed numbers directly and access easily.
Block from call logs,contacts,input numbers easy and fastest way to block.
Different different block modes also available here for you so you can block according to your choices.
One of the best app with simplicity of blocking everyone.
Directly see your block numbers on deshboared and block or unblock directly.
Let’s start blocking now.

3.Call blocker

It’s also a awesome one app in blocking someone directly from smartphone.
Don’t get confused between same name it’s totally different app from above one.
Select number from call logs,contacts,random numbers, and much more.
Awesome app with easy to use interface.
Manage your block contacts and whitelist contacts easily.
Let’s download and block everyone who disturb you.
Let’s set block.

4.Safest call blocker

When in terms of blocking security first.
It’s completly secure app  with advanced blocking options.
Just pick the number and block it in instent.
Most simplified and secure call blocker app Android.
Let’s go to play store and download now.
More than 1 millions downloads.
Block all the annoying people’s now.
It’s your weapon let’s block.

5.Should I answer

Another high-fi call blocking app for Android.
Block anyone by just one click.
You can also find out who is calling you by it’s awesome caller id feature.
Find out and block it.
You can also rate it numbers and review it.
You can also filter all the contact by negative review and rating so they automatically blocked when you receive call from them.
Just simple and easy to use.
Let’s download and start blocking.

6.Call control

Control your smartphone completely with it.
It’s a all in one spam,block controller for your smartphone.
More than 5 millions downloads on google play store.
Awesome in class functionality.
Block directly unknown numbers and messeges with just one click.
It’s too easy to block and stay away from spammers.
Control all the spamming activities by your just one finger.
One of the best  message blocker and call blocker Android app with reverse phone look up functionality.
let’s set download.

7.Calls id and call blocker

another epic best call blocking app Android.
Just search easily live time caller id who call you reverse phone look up and much more.
Awesome do not disturb mode which you totally love it.
Block spammers in seconds.
More than one millions downloads on Google play store.
It’s your time to block all the annoying peoples who disturb you.
Let’s block them completely and enjoy your life tension free.
Let’s download it block it.

8.Caller id and call record

Another ultimate app on this list.
Block numbers directly record your calls for proof of spam and fire a dispute agaNIST spammer.
Best way to keep away from annoying spammers.
Inbuilt reverse phone look up service so you can easily get details and block. if you find something annoying just block it.
No more annoying things on your smartphone.
Simplest and fastest way to block spammers.

9.Blacklist plus

Another simple and effective call blocker app Android for you.
Let’s block it with simplicity.
Too easy to handle all the spammers lived in this world.
Complete package for your blocking needs.
Let’s download and join 1 millions family with it.
Blacklist and whitelist contacts at same time.
Just tap it block it.
Pick any number from call logs,contacts or dial any number and block it.
Let’s visit play store download it block it.


i think you already know about this app.
It’s a one of the most famous reverse phone look up app available on the Google play store.
More than 100 millions downloads on play store.
you can easily manage and block spammers with just one click.
directly see who disturb you and directly block him/her.
Fastest and safest app in the play store for blocking needs.
Let’s play blocking blocking.
So guy’s now you are all set to beat the spammers from spamming.
No more annoying calls and messeges.
Let’s live tension free life and enjoy every moment of life.
thanks me later when you completly satisfied with apps listed here.
So guy’s these are top 10 best call and text blocker apps 2021 which help you to block every annoying person who lived on this and out of this planet.
Let’s pick any of your favorite Android app and download it and block it.
It’s too simple to block spammers.
Let’s go and block it.
So guy’s this post for those who affected from spamming people’s now here is your medicine take one app at breakfast and another one at dinner.
Just joking.
Don’t forget to leave your valuable coment here.
Thank you