There would have been a moment in your life where I thought of being the driver of class and carrying your friends and family along with you to different locations and enjoy the entire journey. Well, on the off chance that you also dreamt about the same in any phase of life, then you have reached the right place. In this article, we will talk about the bus simulator game. This is the type of game where you will get the opportunity to drive a bus and have control over your bus. Not only that, but you will also be able to choose your passengers and drop them together side locations. By doing so, you will also get to visit some beautiful and amazing tourist locations all around the world. To drive a bus and control it, is a tough job. The driver of the bus also needs to take care of all his passengers and make sure that they reach their specific location in a specified time slot so that your work is not hampered. But, what will you do when you come across any natural calamities like heavy rainfall, loud thunderstorm, or snowfall? This is where the challenge is all about. These games are very interesting Game interesting as the developer of these Bus simulator games keeps on trying unique features in the game software to keep their players glued to the game for a long time without getting bored. Are you ready to know more about the games?

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 Best Bus Simulator Games Android/ iPhone


1. Bus Simulator by Ovidiu Pop Android/ iPhone

 Best Bus Simulator Games Android/ iPhone

The player will have to make the best decision to cover the distance and carry the passengers and goods in the best possible manner. There are 25 buses which you can drive and reach realistic locations like Los Angeles, Berlin, Alaska, Rome, Paris, and many other such beautiful cities. If you are new to this game and want to play it in a carefree manner, then you can select the free mode of the game where you have the authority to select the weather conditions as per your choice.

2. Bus Simulator Indonesia by Maleo Android

Are you in search of the most interesting bus simulator game in your Android play store? If you then you will come across the Bus Simulator Indonesia by Maleo game as it has been considered to be one of the most downloaded games in this genre. The reason behind this is the graphics of the game are rich in detail. Not only just that but also the entire concept of the game is such that you can easily relate it with the real-life situations that a bus driver might come across while taking up his drivers and dropping them in their desired location.

3. Coaches Bus simulator by Ovidiu Pop Android

Best Bus Simulator Games Android

On the off chance if you did not follow the rules and regulations of the virtual traffic rule in the game, then you might face the penalty of getting your scores deducted. This makes your task of driving much more difficult and completing the entire level. To get through all the hurdles and reach the next level, it is highly imperative to understand the game fully and focus on your final destination. You would get to enjoy different locations all around the globe have the developers have created the world map by which you can choose the desired location you like to travel and pick your passengers.

4. IDBS Bus simulator Android

Best Bus Simulator Games Android

You would have full control of your bus and can take your bus through any routes which way you like the most. Before you choose the route to reach your desired location, you need to make sure that you said that the best option for you and don’t end up going to the road which has a lot of hurdles and challenges to face. The journey of your passengers will depend entirely on your knowledge of the bus driver and his ability to deal with the natural occurring hindrances throughout the road.

5. School Bus Simulator Games 3D iPhone

 Best Bus Simulator Games iPhone

In the School Bus Simulator Games 3D, the storyline of the game is that you will be the bus driver after school and you will be responsible to carry small kids from the school to home and their home to school. Now, you can imagine how difficult it would be for a player to make sure that the kids are safe at the back of your bus while you are having your full concentration over the road ahead of you. They are happily reaching home without any injury that is going to be your utmost priority. There are about 100 unique levels for the players to drive through. Moreover, there are 140 vehicles in the School Bus Simulator Games 3D. Some of them are school buses, police cars, SUVs, sports cars, and so on.

6. Bus Derby iPhone

Best Bus Simulator Games iPhone

Whenever you are getting out on the road with your bus, you will have a different experience all the time. On the off chance that you had an excellent performance in the game, you can easily save that part of the game to replay it again in the future as see what and how you have accomplished the level. The options of buses that the player would be getting include the mad school as well as the monster buses. The creator of the game makes sure that they keep on entertaining the players by bringing in modifications to the game software.

7. Mountain Bus Driving 19 iPhone

Best Bus Simulator Games iPhone

Get yourself ready for the next level experience of playing the bus simulator game. This is the best and the ultimate bus simulator game in the entire games market. The creator of the game is known for being specific about the details of the game and the features that are available for the players. The interior of the bus tends to represent real-world objects. You would get a feel of having the control of a real bus. The Mountain Bus Driving 19 is packed with exclusive features and high quality of display as well as audio effects.

8. Ultimate Bus Driver Simulator iPhone

 Best Bus Simulator Games iPhone

On the off chance that you are playing such a simulation game for the first time, the ultimate Bus Driver Simulator will make you a fan of the bus simulator games. In addition to this fact, the game also designed in such a way that it can easily be played by all the types of people whether they are kids or adults. There are several options for buses to pick from, but having said that it will also be very interesting to see how comfortable are you with each one of them. You can always test drive the bus before buying it. The developers have created almost 80 levels for the players and they are still working on the new unique levels to bring them forward to the users.

9. A crazy School-bus Driver Racing Game iPhone

Best Bus Simulator Games iPhone

This game has been specifically designed for all Apple users. It is compatible with all the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch which have iOS 5 and above. The controls and the features of the game are so smooth that you can easily relate to the different features of the game in a few sessions. In addition to this, the A crazy School-bus Driver Racing Game is very interactive for the kids from the age of 4 years and above. There are a lot of modes which you can buy while playing the game such as Camo Bus, Kids mode, Groovy Bus, as well as monster Bus.

10. BUS SIMULATOR  Android

 Best Bus Simulator Games Android

You will come across several signals, obstacles vehicles, and adamant drivers. They will create challenges to see you as a driver of the bus. The player will get the advantages of controlling the bus in three different ways. You can choose to handle the steering wheel on your screen or you can move your bus by pressing the left and right buttons. You can also choose to maneuver your bus inquiry tilting the screen of your phone. With all these user-friendly controls and features, the game has become highly popular among various kinds of players all around the world.

11. Heavy Bus Simulator by Dynamic Games Android

Best Bus Simulator Games Android

If you do not like the color of your bus, you can always paint and change the color of your bus anytime, even if you want during the game. While riding your bus, you will have to follow the traffic rules. The visual display of the game is so rich that you will get to see the dust running behind your bus. This will give you the real pleasure of driving a bus.

12. Bus Simulator Ultimate by Zuuks Games Android/ iPhone

 Best Bus Simulator Games Android/iPhone

It is the time for you to get into the word of bus transportation. The city needs a driver who can efficiently manage to run the bus on the busiest streets. The entire network of bus transportation relies on the hands of efficient drivers. You are the one who needs to take the entire responsibility. The details of the background in the game are taken from the cities and towns of Indonesia so that the player gets the opportunity to visit different locations of Bus Simulator Ultimate.

13. Mobile Bus Simulator by LOCOS Android

 Best Bus Simulator Games Android

This is very amazing game to start a day full of adventure and thrill. It is very exciting to see how different vehicles come in front of your way to provide challenges while you are driving a bus full of passengers. You have to make sure that you don’t end up hitting any vehicle on the road. By being a part of this amazing bus simulator game, you will get the opportunity to meet a lot of different types of people living around your neighborhood and across the country. In addition to that, you will also get a chance to sit in the bus driver’s seat.

14. Bus game free- top simulator game by baklabs Android

 Best Bus Simulator Games Android

Once you begin to indulge in this bus simulator game, you will not be able to stop yourself from playing this game. It is truly known for its powerful graphic display and the realistic sound effects. This is a highly popular game in this genre. As the player of this game, you will be the driver of the bus. To get along with the game in a much better way, the players can select the practice driving mode and get the chance to practice and learn more about the rules of the game.

15. Public Transport Simulator by SkisoSoft Android/ iPhone

Best Bus Simulator Games Android/ iPhone

Are you ready to get the best realistic experience of driving a bus? Some people in the world have always dreamt of being the driver of a huge bus. If you also so have a similar dream of getting into the seat of the bus driver, this is a wonderful chance for you to get all your dreams to come true. The game is full of very interesting features such as the artificial intelligence feature which enables the vehicles running on the virtual streets to move as if they are running in a true environment.


If you enjoy driving a lot and want to get the full benefits of the virtual world, then you need to play this game and get the experience of the lifetime. There are several games out there in the market, but none of them as interesting has the bus simulator game. When you start to look for the best bus simulator game, you will come across several such games on the Android, as well as Apple, play store. By playing this game, you can also learn a lot about the life of bus drivers and the challenges that they face in their daily life.