Hey guy’s need  BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2021
BP/ Sugar apps is made for you to enjoy and have fun with your friends. These apps are there for you to prank your friends and take the fun out of it. These apps are easy to use and download too. These apps allow you to check your fake blood pressure and sugar and give funny results to fool your friends around. These apps mentioned below are the best suited for Android and iOS users which can be downloaded onto their devices easily and for free.
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 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018


1.BP and Sugar Test Prank   android / iphone

 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018
This application is really easy to use. It provides you with a fake scanner on which you have to place your finger and a process of scanning with great visual effects will be done, but the result that will come will be a fake result which is only provided to you to have fun with your friends. The results that will be shown on your mobile will be any fake numbers. You can trick your friends with this BP and sugar test app. Download it for free from your Android devices now.

2.Finger Blood Pressure Prank  android / iphone

 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018

It is very easy to use this app and is safe to use too. You just have to select your gender and place your finger on the scanner and a fake analysis will be done on it. The result that will be calculated will be untrue and can be used as a prank to fool friends around with this fake report. Animation while scanning is too good and is fun to use. This app is available on Android.

3.Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank  android / iphone

 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018

You can prank your friends and family from this app. This app is made for you to enjoy and have fun as this app gives out unreal results of your blood sugar. It is really simple to use it. you just have to choose your gender and place your thumb or finger on the indicated scanner imprint. An analysis will take place giving out fake results to you. With that result, you can trick your family and friends and have a good laugh. This application is made for you android users for entertainment purpose. So go ahead and download these app android people.

4.Blood Sugar Tracker: Finger    iphone

 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018

This app gives out such realistic results like high, low and normal blood sugar. Just place your finger over the indicated area and analysis will take place. Within 10sec your blood sugar will be tracked by it and a vibration will take place. You can play this prank on your family and friends. Apart from this, you can also ask your family and friends to use it and download and have fun through this app. Download this app from play store provided to you by Android and have fun.

5.bp scanner prank app Android

best bp/sugar check apps android 2018

This app is very simple and easy to use. This app provides you with various animation and vibrating effects. The fingerprint blood pressure simulator has been made for total entertainment and fun. You can download this app and prank your friends with it. It has a fake finger scanner on through you will get your results. It will bring great joy and laughter to you when the fake test results will come. Android users can have this app for free from play store.

6.Doctor at home- BP & Sugar Test   iphone

 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018

We all need a healthy life and so here is a doctor available at home on your mobile. This simulator is very easy to operate. It allows us to check our blood pressure and sugar. It is a really funny app and it teaches you how to check blood pressure and sugar. This is a really interesting app with amazing animation and sounds. Available on iOS.

7.Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Wt   android

 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018

It has various slots in it like health tracker, weight loss, Diabetes and blood pressure tracker. This application is really useful and one should always keep this app on their devices. A healthy lifestyle is important and we should also keep a track of it. such apps are really useful for us keeping our data saved. Android users download it now and make the most use of it.

8.blood glucose tracker   android / iphone

bp/sugar check apps android/iphone 2018

Just follow the simple steps and know your BP. Put your finger on the circle where the fingerprint is indicated and a scanning will be done and you will get to know your BP then. It can be easily downloaded on your Android devices.

9.BloodPressureDB- BP Blood Pressure Tracker    android / iphone

 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018

In this app, you can store your report. It is compatible with Bluetooth devices. This app shows helpful charts and analysis for you to be more clear in your reports and have a good view. This report has data related to weight loss, blood sugar, body temperature. This app is a very good and a trending app with proper security. You just have to create an account on this so that a proper ID is maintained and you can save all of your data in it. iOS users should download this highly important app now.

10.BP Glucose  android / iphone

 BP/Sugar apps Android/iphone 2018

This app keeps a track of your weekly, monthly and daily glucose and bp. You can store the details in this app regarding your bp and sugar and then after that, you can even log in can share email it to your doctor. This app is really important for a person with BP problem and sugar problem and so they should have it in their mobile. iOS-friendly.


These are the best bp/sugar prank apps android/iphone 2021
These apps mentioned to you are made only for pranks and fun. These entertainment apps are so good that it brings enough fun into your lives. You can prank your friends and family with this app. So if you are getting bored then play this prank and have fun. It is very easy to use it and it does not even acquire much space on your devices. If you liked the information then please share and comment.