Do you want to build muscles? Are you looking for the best and reasonable gym to get your biceps developed but running with a lack of time? Here we bring you the Best Bodybuilding apps Android/ iPhone 2021, which will help you in building muscles and will provide you diet chart along with workout plans.

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 Best bodybuilding apps Android/ iPhone 2021


1. Home Workout Android / iphone

Best bodybuilding apps Android 2021

It is the best bodybuilding app, Android 2021, and it aims at-home workout, and it will make you fit without using any types of equipment. This application will give you daily workout routines for all main muscle groups. With this application, in few minutes, you can develop your muscles and keep your body fit at home without even going to the gym. With this application, you will feel no need for a gym and no coach, and you can perform all exercise with your body weight. This application has a workout schedule for chest, legs, abs, arms, butt, and a full-body workout. All the exercises are designed and depicted by experts in this app, and none of them need any equipment. It will take only a few minutes in a day, and it will effectively tone your muscle and help you get six-pack abs at home.

2. Fitness Buddy iPhone

Best bodybuilding apps iPhone 2021

This app is another best bodybuilding app, iPhone 2021, and it will make you feel like you Are Your Gym, and it gives you access to different exercises. In this app, workouts target specific muscle groups. Here, you can add various exercises to your bicep routine and boot this app up and get instant access to new ideas.

3. Bodyweight: Your Own Gym iPhone

Best bodybuilding apps iPhone 2021

For the physique possessive people, who are always on the move, this app will provide them a bunch of bodyweight-only exercises that they can perform anywhere. The focus on this one is getting a workout in at any time and any place. The application also includes more than 200 easy-to-follow video demonstrations, which will make mimicking exercises a breeze.

4. Fitness and Bodybuilding Android

Best bodybuilding apps Android 2021

App by VGFIT LLC will track your workout, and will log your fitness and will also provide you exercise and bodybuilding guide videos. This app also includes text instruction along with pictures. This application also possesses interactive graphs for your workout progress by performance, weight and repetitions.

5. Female Fitness Android

Best bodybuilding apps Android 2021

This is app to keep women fit and also helps them in losing weight at home. This app will helps women in burning belly fat, and will help them to tone butt, for slim legs, trim waistline and help them to get in shape. This application provide them best workout without use of any equipments.

6. BodySpace- Social Fitness app Android

Best bodybuilding apps Android 2021

This is app by and it is revolutionary social fitness platform. In this application, you can choose from dozens of bodySpace programmes which are designed and depicted by PhD’s, professional trainers and athletes. This application will track details of all your workouts and will provide you exercise tips, videos and many more!

7. JEFIT Workout Tracker, Gym Log App, Weight Lifting Android

Best bodybuilding apps Android 2021

JEFIT is also one of the most popular workout apps on Android. This app boasts a massive collection of exercises and scheduled routines for a variety of fitness levels and also allows users to create and share their custom workouts as well. One of the best features is its mini-social network, which lets you connect with friends who are also on the same platform and compare your progress. Here is this application. There are more than 1,000 exercises to choose from. And in this app, all available entire exercise databases are free.

8. Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer Android

Best bodybuilding apps Android 2021

Fitness22 launched this app, and it has a large family of strength training and cardio apps. Here you can go for any of them. This app has a little bit of everything which you may need to build your muscles. Here available are a variety of exercise and routine tutorials, videos, and everything like that. In addition, the app will also track your fitness. This app boasts more than 3,000 exercises, routines, and variations, routines for beginners, intermediates, and experts, and much more. This app is a heavy app that tries to take care of all of your fitness needs. Those who want something simple shouldn’t use this app. You get here all stuff for free.

9. Your Own Gym: Android

 Best bodybuilding apps Android 2021

This app is dedicated to helping bodybuilders get fit when in the absence of a gym or workout equipment. This app gives users various individual exercises and sequences that aim to use their body weight for resistance, with detailed written descriptions and videos explaining the correct form of each move. This app is perfect for bodybuilding at home.

10. Gain weight in 1 Day Android

Best bodybuilding apps Android 2021

Dieting is just as important for bodybuilding as lifting weights, which makes the GainGuy application an essential app for those looking to bulk up. This Android app makes it easy for you to track your caloric intake and will also feature meal plans which can be manually entered or automatically generated depending on your specific aim. This application also features meal reminders to ensure that you are always on top of your eating routine. In this app, food data is backed by both the USDA and UCCS, and it provides automatic great meal schedules for beginners.


So these are Best Bodybuilding apps Android/ iPhone 2021 which will help you in building muscles. Hope you find this article important. Please do like and share and also comment your opinion that which app you like the most.
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