17 Best Bluetooth Apps For Android 2023

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Have you ever been involved in a situation where you need to send an important message or some important files to someone, but It is not happening because of some internet or network issue. Or have you ever been involved in a situation when you forgot to switch off your smart TV or any other smart device at home, and now you are outside the home? You want a remote that can switch off the devices even when you are far away from them. 

In all these situations, we can solve our problems with advanced technologies, and you can solve all these problems with the Bluetooth technologies now. 

So, in today’s article, I, Shyami-the tech friend, will tell you the 17 best Bluetooth apps 2023 for your android.

These apps are designed for different purposes, but all are dedicated to Bluetooth technologies. You must read the whole article to find the perfect app for your requirement. 

Let’s read the whole article now…

best bluetooth app for android

Bluetooth Audio Device 

best bluetooth app for android

Tomas Hadraba creates the app. The app is exactly what you need. If you want to play music by connecting Bluetooth hearing aids or Bluetooth speakers, the widget does it without wasting a lot of time.

The app is versatile, too, as it can set the device-specific settings like turning off Bluetooth after disconnecting, getting a call, etc. It even resumes your music or opens an app when the device connects.

My favorite thing is that The widget works without showing any pop-up ads, and the gadget is ads-free. Also, It is the best widget for connecting your Bluetooth audio device easily. Here are some unique features of the app, making it worth downloading.  

  • The app gives you access to Spotify without going to the settings menu. 
  • The Bluetooth connection icon shows you how strong the signals of Bluetooth are. 
  • The app shows you the signal strength and the present battery level of your phone if you have android 8.1 or above. 
  • The app also supports the reading of the battery level of many intelligent devices, including Apple airpods, apple airpods pro, Samsung galaxy Buds pro, Samsung galaxy buds live, and Samsung galaxy Buds plus. If you are connecting your earbuds to this app, It will show you the present battery level of each earbud. 
  • You can adjust the widget size by going into the app’s settings or directly on the screen size 1X1, 1X2, etc. 
  • The app lets you save the different levels of each earbud or Bluetooth device after connecting. You get the app’s protected sound level when connecting it to your Bluetooth device.
  • You can customize the widget according to your wish and change the colors, images, transparency, size, etc. 
  • Star ratings- 4.1
  • Downloads- 1M+

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Bluetooth chat

best bluetooth app for android

Glodanif develops the app. The app is designed to send you short messages and images using Bluetooth technology. If you worry about internet or wifi connection everywhere or in your building; You can use the app to chat with your friend; if they are in Bluetooth range.

There are so many cases or situations where we need to chat, but we lose the network in our phones, or we do not have internet recharge in our phone, or There is no facility of wifi. This situation can occur when you are in your college or hostel, and there is no facility of wifi; you are going on trips among forests or the mountains, etc.

You want to chat with your friend next to you, but there is no internet or a little network.

The app also lets you share your file without any internet connection. You can also easily share your .apk file with the help of this app. You can also localize your Bluetooth chat to your language or desired language. 

The app is also straightforward to set up and does not have any ads or purchases to operate it. The app is also open-sourced. And this is the icing on the cake. Since most users may be using this only within the Bluetooth range, you do not need to reconnect the Bluetooth whenever you go out of range. 

The app is not only a great Bluetooth chatting app, but it also can transfer large files or pictures. At the time, it has only 1to1, P2P ability, but we can hope that the size will be more significant with the future update. 

  • Star ratings- 4.1
  • Downloads- 500K+

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BLE Scanner

best bluetooth app for android

Bluepixel Technologies develop the app. The app is among the best apps designed for scanning with the Bluetooth utility. BLE scanner has utility for Bluetooth low energy, iBeacon, and Eddystone devices.

The app was initially developed to help the Bluetooth community and developers that want to build Bluetooth devices and applications. But that does not mean that it allows only the developers only. It is getting used by people to find their lost fitness trackers and other intelligent Bluetooth devices.

You must read some unique features to learn more about the app.

  • A quick scan of nearby devices- The app makes an easy and short scan of nearby Bluetooth energy, iBeacon, and Eddystone devices. 
  • Customize everything- With the app’s help, you can customize almost everything like your peripheral or advertiser mode, etc. You can also customize services and characteristics. 
  • Advertise your phone- The app allows you to advertise your phone as Eddystone UID, URI, and TLM. With the help of this app, you can even promote your phone as a health device that is Heart rate, Glucose, Temperature and blood pressure, etc. 
  • Find your lost BLR device- Do not worry if you miss your Bluetooth device, as the app can find your failed Bluetooth device in proximity using Radar view and different device colors. RSSI pool helps you to find out how far your device is. The device is nearer if the number is lower and far if the number is a little more enormous.
  • Filter device easily- You can filter your devices by the name, Mac Address, RSSI, and Service UUID.
  • Ratings- 4.4
  • Downloads- 1M+

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Equalizer for Bluetooth

best bluetooth app for android

AudiosMaxs develop the app. If you face bad audio quality on your android device, this app is for you! The app is designed to improve the audio sound of your android to make it optimal and maximum. The app has a very easy-to-use interface to be used by anyone.

It has an equalizer and bass booster that can convert sound into loud resonant. It can work with Bluetooth, wired headphones, and most streaming apps and local music players recommended for tws earbuds. 

The app lets you control everything in one central place, like controlling audio preference. Also, you can access settings and features quickly. You can also find lots of options for choosing your Headphones model. The DSFX effect gives you a 2X audio sound enhancement experience etc. 

Here are some app features worth considering before making the right decision.

  • Headphone model choice- You are free to use the app with any model of your headphone.
  • Volume and bass booster- The app not only boosts the importance of your device but also enhances the audio quality. 
  • Show Popup window- This app is good for getting notified about our Information Bluetooth devices name and battery level indicator. 
  • Star ratings- 4.4
  • Downloads- 1M+

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APK Share Bluetooth

best bluetooth app for android

Lucy Developer develops the app. The app is designed for sending apk: files or any play store link quickly through Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Email and NFC, etc. The app keeps a record of the file. You can check the last installed, the size of applications, etc.

You can uninstall it easily with one click. Managing the system app is accessible here. The app is unique because it has the option of backing up APK. Files to your SD card with ease. 

Here are some unique features of this app.

  • Multiple APK share- You can transfer APK. Files are multiples over Bluetooth, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. 
  • Multiple apps uninstall and backup- The app can easily uninstall multiple apps in one click. It also saves various apk in one click. 
  • A user-friendly interface-  The app has a good and user-friendly interface with simple animations. 
  • Star Rating- 4.0
  • Downloads- 10M+

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Bluetooth Finder

best bluetooth app for android

Zoltan Pallagi develops the app. If you want an app that can tell you about the Bluetooth devices around you and want to know about the connected devices, The app is your solution. With the latest update, The app added options to change the protocol for finding the device.

It also displays voice recognition and noise reduction information for your headset service. Now, you have the opportunity to customize the image for the unknown device type. With the latest update, you will get a MAC vendor database. 

Some of the unique features of this app are here.

  • Find all Bluetooth devices- You can now find any connected, paired, and unknown Bluetooth device by the app.
  • Shows the battery level- This app lets you know the battery level of your connected Bluetooth device, but the feature works for android nine and + versions.
  • Customize your device- You can now customize and rename. You can also change your device type. The app is ordered by RSSI, Address, name, vendor, time, etc. 
  • Star Ratings- 4.0
  • Downloads- 1M+

install – Android 

Serverless Bluetooth

best bluetooth app for android

AppGround IO creates the app. You do not need to use any additional software to use this Bluetooth serverless app; you only need a Bluetooth support device. You can use your android device as a remote keyboard and mouse for your smartphone. Tablet etc.

The app works smoothly for Android and Android TV, Apple iOS, iPad OS, Windows 8.1 and higher, Chromebook Chrome OS, etc. 

Here are some excellent features of the app listed. 

  • Serverless Bluetooth connection- The app provides a low latency Bluetooth connection without additional software.
  • Change your smartphone into a smart remote- With the help of this app, you can turn your smartphone into a touchpad with scrolling support. 
  • Use any keyboard app- The app lets you use any keyboard app to type text on remote devices, and it supports over 33 keyboard language layouts.
  • Multimedia Mode- It has a multimedia mode for controlling media players and the control playback, volume, and navigation. 
  • You can turn your smartphone into an Air mouse. 
  • Star ratings- 4.0
  • Downloads- 1M+

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 Bluetooth File transfer

best bluetooth app for android

This app is the best Bluetooth app, Android 2022, and it was created by Medieval Software. This app is an innovative utility app for Android gadgets, and this app provides you high-speed file transfer by using Bluetooth.

This app allows you to send and receive contacts, individual files, and entire group files archived in zipping, RAR, and GZip. Additionally, this app also allows users to view the integrity of files before they are not packed, and users are allowed to sort them according to various criteria. Users are also entitled to select folders at the same time.

This app uses an Android phone as FTP or OPP server, and you are allowed to personalize the preparation of folders and files. This app also allows you to delete, move, copy, or paste files on your mobile device and any compatible device.

This app also allows users to sort files by various parameters, and with this app, you can also create folders.

This app will automatically turn off the Bluetooth when you turn off this app. This app supports multiple languages. This app also allows users to transfer files, and with this app, anybody can connect even to older models of phones which come with Bluetooth.

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Bluetooth smart scanner

best bluetooth app for android

This app is one of the best Bluetooth apps iPhone 2022, and this app is the fastest to find the entire Bluetooth low energy device around you. This app will also tell you information about which Bluetooth standard energy device advertise, including the device name, signal strength, and many more.

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 Bluetooth streamer Pro

best bluetooth app for android

This app will allows you to stream music to your Bluetooth car stereo, headset and hearing aid.

With this app, you can listen on all devices Bluetooth. This app allows you to listen music in good quality and allows you to manage Bluetooth audio device in one touch.

install – Android 

Bluetooth App Sender

best bluetooth app for android

Microsoft presents you with another best Bluetooth app, Android 2022, and it is convenient and best and the easiest way to transfer installed apps via Bluetooth connection. This app has a beautiful interface and has a simple list of programs and procedures to share.

This app allows users to update the list of programs, and you are allowed to display them on the screen in either an alternative way or a conventional way. In an alternative route, there is a list of system value programs, and this method provides you a list of all installed apps on the device.

This app also allows you to share an app located in the mobile’s memory with a service that supports file transfer like Dropbox, Facebook etc.

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Bluetooth Auto connect

best bluetooth app for android

This is a great Bluetooth app by Uniq Tech Inc, and this app will auto-connect to your Bluetooth device.

This app is the perfect solution to all your Bluetooth connection problems, and this app will automatically try to connect to your Bluetooth device when you turn on your Bluetooth.

All you need is first to connect and pair with Bluetooth device manually, and after this, you only need to turn on and off the Bluetooth. This app will automatically connect.

This app has a feature to connect automatically to all devices, and this app will prioritize your device and select profiles for each. This app will turn off Bluetooth after inactivity and has many more features.

install – Android

 Bluetooth Remote PC

best bluetooth app for android

This is an excellent app by Rocky, and this app allows you to control your PC over Bluetooth remotely.

This app will enable you to access your computer with the help of Android. This app also provides you acce3ss to services like keyboard, mouse, multimedia, a power system command, presentation, terminal, and even display the desktop.

With the help of this application, you can easily manage your desktop and all the programs in your home and work computer directly from your device screen.

This app allows you to manage both the desktop and individual applications like media players like a window media center, window media player, iTunes, VLC, media player classic, VLC media player, Zune, Hulu, Netflix, XBMC, etc. and also control PowerPoint presentations.

This app allows you to remotely shut down your PC and enable you to restart your PC.

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 Bluetooth Files transfer by Modern Performance Develop

best bluetooth app for android

This app allows you to share data and media files with friends and family. This app is innovative utility app for Android gadget and this app provides you high speed file transfer by the use of Bluetooth. This app will automatically turn off the Bluetooth when you turn off this app.

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 Bluetooth Audio Widget Battery Free

best bluetooth app for android

This is another app by magdelphi and with this app, you can listen on all devices Bluetooth. This app will also show you Bluetooth device battery level. This app allows you to listen music in good quality and allows you to manage Bluetooth audio device in one touch.

install – Android 

 AutoBluetooth by Massimiliano Fanciulli

best bluetooth app for android

This application helps you to have Bluetooth enabled automatically whenever you need it.

This application turns on Bluetooth on and off without any of the user interaction only based on one of the rules which users sets; rules can be Timer in which users specify a time interval and specify day to turn on Bluetooth.

install – Android 

 A2DP Connect2 by JimRoal

best bluetooth app for android

It is a pretty convenient and small widget that allows you to connect to Bluetooth A2DP without any unnecessary wandering and problems on the setup menu.

This app will enable you to place the icon of the widget on the main screen and allows you to select the types of Bluetooth device which you like to connect.

install – Android 

Friends, these were the best 17 Bluetooth apps for android 2023. I hope you have come to know some apps that can be beneficial for you. Then, do not wait for more; make a wise decision and download the app fulfilling your requirements.

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