In this modern Internet era, there are many forms of communication with which people can share their thoughts, expressions and knowledge. One of them is blogging, and it allows thousands of people to communicate with the whole world with the help of words, images, and videos. Also, blogging is not at all difficult to start, and with many efficient blogging apps for iPhone and Android, blogging is no longer limited to desktops only. Whether you want to know how to start a blog for money or just for fun, you may face certain dilemmas. This article will definitely help you sort out some of the best blogging apps that can help you sort out most of the problems of the blogging routine.

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best blogging apps android/iphone 2019



best wordpress app android/iphone 2019
The WordPress platform is undoubtedly the most popular blogging app on the Internet. It allows you to perform many essential tasks such as creating, editing and publishing blog posts, regulating comments, checking on analytics data and publish photos or videos taken with the camera on your mobile phone.


best successfull blogging app 2019
This platform can help you create a blog within five minutes, with its ready-to-use templates and drag and drop design, you can make a place where you accumulate all your social media followers and all your blogging experience. Moreover, this platform also allows you to monetize your content in several ways, including selling access to high valuable articles or to a certain part of your blog.


best successfull blogging app android/iphone 2019
This is another highly popular platform that many bloggers use. Everyone thinking of becoming a blogger should try the Blogger app. Anyhow, the functionality of this app is still quite limited compared to the platforms mentioned above. Even though Google itself is behind the Blogger app, the app is still deficient in some features that Ning or WordPress offers to its users.


best blogging app android/iphone 2019
Tumblr is definitely not a macro-blogging platform, but more of a social media of blogs. Every single user has a profile and it acts as a blog in itself. One can create multiple posts on it, including texts, images and videos. Also, in the same way other social media have a “follow system”, you can follow other blog accounts and their latest photos will be shown in your feed. This way, a blogger can discover and exchange new content very easily.

5.Writer  android

best blogging apps android/iphone 2019
Writer is a highly effective word processor that solves many writing problems by creating a distraction-free writing environment within your smartphone or tablet so that you can focus on creating your own content with peace of mind. Apps and other notifications are huge productivity killers, but luckily, Writer solves many of these problems for you.

6.Google Docs

best blogging apps android/iphone 2019
Google Docs is a very effective and efficient app for bloggers, allowing them to store all kinds of documents. Apart from just storing them, the app will sync the documents across multiple devices that are linked to your Google account. For example, if you have a blog that’s halfway done on your laptop, you can easily continue to work on it using only your smartphone.

7.BlogTouch Pro

best blogging apps android/iphone 2019
Google provides not only Google Docs and Blogger services, but also a BlogTouch Pro. Apart from them, this app is not free; it will cost you $4.99. However, it allows you to operate with blog posts and comments on advanced level. Once paid for the access to the app, you will be able to manage your blog with ease as long as you want.


best blogging apps android/iphone 2019
This app has been very popular in the last couple of years when it comes to blogging. It offers many great options for users to create a very good blog. It is very simple, yet highly effective. It allows you to format text, create links, add photos and design layouts in whatever way you’d like them to be.

best blogging app 2019
Blogo is a blog editor app that allows bloggers to create, edit and manage their blogs. It has a simple and easy to use UI and a host of useful features. It also has offline mode that allows bloggers to continue to work on an article even when there is no internet connection on the smartphone.


best blogging apps android/iphone 2019
Hootsuite allows users to post their latest blogs to all of their favorite social media networks with just a single app. You can schedule messages beforehand and specify the date and time when some messages should be sent to your social networks.


Whatever platform you decide to use, do not forget that the main aspect that makes a difference between blogging and writing a diary is your audience. The best option would be to repost your blog posts in all the social media so you can attract more people to your texts. The rest depends only on your ability to write good piece of work. But this skill comes only with experience. So choose whatever looks better to you and start your blogging without any hesitation. After all, if your blog is worth attention, it will get it.