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Now a days Being healthy and fit has become the primary concern of an individual. Because if you are healthy and fit than you are eligible for each and every single thing happening in th world and if you are not than you are useless.
As we all know that from past few years our phones have grown up to smart phones and they are even smarter in keeping us healthy and fit as there are many workout and fitness applications available on the play store that can help us leading a healthy life.
These applications receives data from phone sensors and keeps us informed about how much we have to gain or how much to loose and even tell us about how to maintain a healthy and wealthy life.

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top 10 best workout apps android/iphone 2018



best workout apps android 2018

Google fit is an android based workout app that is on the top of the list of top ten workout apps in 2021. Created by google this app is the best workout tracking application amongst all its contenders that is the only reason of its sitting on the first position of this list.
Google fit uses sensors to record and update the activities performed by the users for the total calculations.The app has the capability to calculate the speed, route and elevations as well. Besides this the app also has the features to set some of the weekely and monthly goals that users wants to achieve.

2.NIKE TRAINING CLUB  andorid  /  iphone

best workout apps android/iphone 2018

With the brand name Of Nike this app has already gained a lot of popularity among fitness freaks and is amongst one of the best workout apps available on google play store in 2021. Nike training club has more than 150 different types of workouts for different types of needs like if someone wants to focus on strength by building muscles than there is a particular category for that field with three levels of difficulty. The workout exercises in this app are designed in such a way that you can focus on each of your body parts which are from abs to biceps, triceps, shoulders etc. Besides workout the app also keeps record of general activities like running, walking and playing any kind of sports.

3.HOME WORKOUT- NO Equipment  android  iphone

best workout apps android/iphone 2018

Home workout is one of the best and the simplest in the list of top 10 best workout apps on android and ios. This is a very straightforward app which requires neither a gym membership nor any kind of gym equipments.
With and array of warm up exercises and routine workouts the app has animated videos which acts as a personal trainer for your daily workout and exercises. With a chart to keep progress record one can keep a track of his/her daily efforts.

4.FITNESS BUDDY  android iphone

best workout apps android/iphone 2018

Fitness buddy sits on the fourth position of this latest list of best workout apps of android/ios and is avilable on apple app store.
This fitness app is hihghly recommneded for beginers, so if you are beginer in the workout field and wants to gain some muscle and tone your body then Fitness Buddy is the best bet for you. The app has 1500+ exercies for all categories and comes with 1000+ video tutorials and approximately 5000 photos and animations that will help you guide throughout the workout. So download this app today and become a part of it.

5.CARROT FIT– 7 Minute Workout And Weight Tracker  iphone

best workout apps iphone 2018

If you are looking for an app on your iphone/ipad that will not only help you keeping yourself healthy and fit but can also measure your body weight than you need not to roam here and there as you are at your destination.Carrot fit is the most reliable and multi feature equipped weight tracking app for your iphone/ipad and you can download it easily from app store.

6.SWORKIT WORKOUT  android  /  iphone

best workout apps iphone/android 2018

Being one of the best app in this category and available free on google play store this app is a complete alternative of a gym. So if there are some days you are not able to make up to the gym because of some reasons than this app can become the best downloaded app on your mobile phone. This app not only have array of workout exercises but also provides you training video to make your workout easy.

7.Workout Trainer  android / iphone

best workout apps android/iphone 2018

Created by Skimble this app is also a tough contendor in the list of top 10 best workout apps in 2021 on android/ios and is available on both Android and ios. This is the best customizable app available in the market as in this app you can customize your own routines to get the best from this app.
With time based step by step audio and video instructions it can make your workout sessions as easy as spreading warm butter over a bread.

8.JEFIT  android iphone

best workout apps android/iphone 2018

JEFIT is a mobile app of the website “www.jefit.com” which is one of the best online websites for workout exercises. The reason behind millions of download of this app is its website itself which has many followers and are now switching to mobile app for easy and mobile use. Equipped with thousand of routines and exercises it can be your best bet in the market.

9.Freeletics Bodyweigt  android iphone

best workout apps android/iphone 2018

Somewhere close to the end of this list is the app which can not be kept away for long and the reason behind this is that the app has the best workout routines that covers all types of workout categories in it.
All the exercises in this app are designed in such a way that every single exercise will use your bodyweight as your equipment which makes this app unique from its contenders.

10.Fitbod Weight Lifting Trainer

best wokout apps iphone 2018

Last but not the least is an app for your ios device which after downloading it from appstore will become not less than a companion for your workout sessions. The app has a whole bunch of exercises and training videos that won’t ever make you feel that you are not in the actual gym.


so guy’s these are the best workout apps android/iphone 2021. all the best and top rated gim/workout apps for you start fitting yourself directly at home. you don’t need to go gim but if you go is better.but same activities you can do naturally and by help of these apps. lets start your workout and make your body fit and active.lets download and start your workout now. don’t forget to share and comment below