37+ Best Tasker Profiles 2023 (Automate Everything)

Hey, guy,s ‘s you love automated things 😍
Me too😎
So guy’s let’s automate every task of your android device with the tasker app.
 One of of the best app available on the Google play store with more than one millions downloads
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The numbers say everything
How many people loved this app.
It’s insanely awesome
Just create a task profile, and you all set
You can automate everything from creating a note to deleting a note.
So guy’s let’s start automation

Here are the best tasker profiles 2023

tasker profiles

Sleep Timer of the Device

tasker profiles

Many of us have this habit of falling asleep while lying on our bed and listening to nice music. These tasker profiles can help you solve this problem. You can now easily set up some time after which the music would stop.


  • Create a new task and then press “+”.
  • Then go to media section.
  • Then go to the Media controls and select cmd.
  • After this select stop option.
  • Then go to the tasker menu and then drag the task timer widget to your home screen.
  • Then link it to the task and then select the sleep timer job created in the first step.

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Keeping the screen on while reading e books

tasker profiles

Now that technology has advanced, we all love reading books on our phones. Having to tap your phone continuously while reading is really frustrating and takes all the interest away while reading your favorite book, but now tasker profile can help you solve this issue.


  • After going to profile navigate to the application.
  • Select your e book application.
  • After this add new tasks.
  • Then select the “+” option.
  • Then select display and then display time out.
  • Increase the time out of the display according to your wish.

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Keeping your phone in silent mode by turning it upside down

tasker profiles

Sometimes when we are in meetings or important situations our phone starts ringing. The tasker can help you put your phone in silent mode by turning it upside down.


  • Go to profile and the select state.
  • After going to the sensor, select orientation.
  • After this select face down.
  • After a new task select the “+” button.
  • Go to audio and select the silent option.
  • Then select vibrate- this will stop your phone from ringing.

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Turning the flashlight on by shaking your phone

tasker profiles

The tasker allows you to turn on the flashlight by just shaking your phone.


  • The first step for this is to download the Tesla Led flashlight.
  • Then go to profile and then select event.
  • Then press sensor and go to shake option.
  • Choose the next option according to your convenience.
  • Then add a new task and select “+” option.
  • Then go to display and tap on the system lock.

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Emergency texts

tasker profiles

while in meetings or your phone is short of battery, it becomes difficult to pick up calls. This option makes your work easy.


  • Create a profile.
  • Then go to state and then select the power option.
  • Select the battery level of your phone between 0-5%.
  • Then add a new task and select “+” option.
  • Then navigate to the phone and select on send SMS.
  • After this enter the phone number and type your message.

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Auto rotating of the applications on opening them

tasker profiles

Many applications work best when placed in the landscape mode. Tasker can allow you solve this problem.


  • Create a new profile and select an application.
  • Choose your favorite application and select the option that allows auto rotate to be turned on.
  • Then create a new task and select “+” option.
  • After this select the display.
  • Then select the auto rotate display option and make sure it is turned on.

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Reading of messages while driving

tasker profiles

while driving it becomes difficult and dangerous to check the messages. The tasker has a perfect solution for this.


  • Go to the event section then click on phone and then select the received SMS.
  • Go to the applications and then click on home or car option.
  • Add a new task and select “+” option.
  • Select the Misc button and then select say option.
  • After this enter SMS from %SMSRF: %SMSRB.

Finding the location of your car in the parking lot

tasker profiles

Tasker allows you to find your car in the parking lot.


  • Select your phone and hold it for a longer time.
  • Then go to media section.
  • Then press the new button in the upper right corner.
  • Select a name for your widget and then give a one-time option.
  • Select a new task and add the “+” option.
  • Then select the Misc option and then search for the GPS option and then turn it on.
  • Then go to applications and turn on map.
  • Then go to mode and select navigate and then provide the latitude and longitude.

Decrease the brightness of your phone in the morning

tasker profiles

When we wake up in the morning the last thing we want to see is the bright light of our phone.


  • Go to context and then go to time.
  • Set a time that is suitable for you.
  • Create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then go to the display and select the display brightness and set that at level 0.
  • Then press the green hit button.

Application lock

tasker profiles

It is very important to lock your applications for privacy reasons.

  • Go to the profile section and then press “+”.
  • Then go to the application options and select all the applications that you want to lock.
  • Select a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then navigate to the display and select the lock option.
  • Then set a password.

Turning on Wi-Fi: we all use Wi-Fi at home

tasker profiles

but when we leave the settings get changed. This can be automated now using tasker.

  • Go to the GPS option and turn it on.
  • Then find the place close to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Then go to profile and select Wi-Fi at home.
  • Then go to the location and switch on your net and your Wi-Fi off.
  • Then create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then turn the Wi-Fi on.
  • Then after this create new task and select the “+” option, but turn your Wi-Fi off.

Mute your phone in meetings

tasker profiles

: While you are in meetings you hate when your phone rings.

  • Go to the profile.
  • Then click on new and go to the state option.
  • Then in apps go to the calendar entry and then change the availability to no.
  • Then press on your primary calendar and click on the done option.
  • Then create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then in audio settings select the silent mode.
  • Then click done and return on the main page of the tasker.

Turn 3G data on and off

tasker profiles

: Now you do not need to go to the settings to turn the 3G data on and off.

  • Press on the empty part of your screen and a widget will appear.
  • Then search for the tasker.
  • Then go to profile and select 3G toggle task.
  • Then save your new widget with a green check mark.
  • Then change the widget icon the way you want.

Locking your phone by shaking

tasker profiles

: Now you can easily lock your phone by just shaking it.

  • Create a new profile.
  • Then go to events and select the hit sensor and then select shake.
  • Then enter your preference.
  • Then create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then click on the display and select system lock.

Enable GPS

tasker profiles

: Tasker can allow you enable GPS.

  • Go to the tasker profile and select event.
  • Then go to phone and click on the received SMS.
  • Select your number and then set the message as GPS on.
  • Then create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then go to Misc and click on the GPS.

Wipe Data tasker app

tasker profiles

: this method prevents someone else to have access to your data when you lose your phone.

  • Go to the profile and select events.
  • Then go to phone and choose the received option.
  • Then create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then select file and go to delete dictionary.

Forwarding and blocking calls at night

: Want to avoid calls at night? This can help you.

  • Go to profile and select events.
  • Navigate to time and then adjust the time between 00:00 to 7:00 hours.
  • Then create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then select phone options and go to calls divert and calls blocking.

Disabling screen lock when your camera is on

: You can now stop your phone from locking when the camera is on.

  • Go to the profile and click on applications.
  • Then go to camera.
  • Create a new task and select the “+” option.
  • Then go to the display option and set the screen timeout to a high rate.

Disabling Keyguard at home

: Setting a pattern when at home every time is very annoying.

  • Go to profile and name it as the screen unlock at home.
  • Then add any event.
  • Then add a state context for nearby Wi-Fi and then enter the SSID of your home and your office.
  • Then create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Then go to navigate and select the keyguard option and then turn it off.

Alert when someone tries to open your personal stuff:

  • Create a profile.
  • Go to the applications and select your apps.
  • Create a new task and then set action 1 to go to home screen.
  • Then go to alert and select beep.

Enabling keyguard when you leave for office or home:

  • Go to profile.
  • Then add a Wi-Fi connected state context item.
  • Then create a new task and then go to display and after that select keyguard and set it on.

Build your phone:

  • Go to profile.
  • Then select the new button and choose event.
  • Click on phone and create receive SMS.
  • Type one desired number in both sender and message section.
  • Then click done when the work is done.

Alert when the battery is charged:

  • Go to profile and select event.
  • Then click on power and hit on the battery full option.
  • Adjust the battery limit according to your priority.
  • Create a new task and select the “+” option.
  • Then select alert and notify option.
  • Then type disconnects your charger.

Switch between random wallpapers:

  • Go to profile section.
  • Create a new task and add “+” option.
  • Name it as wallpaper switcher.
  • Then add it to the task section.
  • Make a random image folder.
  • Go to the script action.
  • Then add the codes.
  • After this set the codes.

Turn on GPS or Wi-Fi for maps automatically:

  • Select new.
  • Then select applications and select maps.
  • Create a new task and add a suitable name.
  • Go to Misc and select GPS.
  • Then set the GPS on.

Save your battery easily

This profile can be used to save battery especially when you’re running out of battery.


  • Go to the profile and select the state.
  • Click on the Power button and then select the Battery Level.
  • Choose battery range, when the profile is enabled.
  • Now to create a new task and select one the + icon. Then select Net and turn your mobile data, auto-sync, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi off.

night mode

  • Go to Profiles and click on + sign.
  • Select the time limit you wish.
  • Add a new task and tap on the + icon.
  • Search Audio, go to silent mode and turn it on.
  • Go to the created task again, turn on net and then turn off Auto-sync and Wi-Fi.

 launch apps in serial  

  • Go to profiles and then click on the “application” option.
  • When it’s done select the first app you wish to open.
  • Create a new task and click on + icon.
  • Click on the App and Launch App.
  • Now choose the second app that you want to open.
  • Long press on the second app and select the option of Move to exit.

The next time you start, your apps will be opened serially for you.

Want to play music when headset isn’t plugged in?

  • Go to profile and select State.
  • Once that is done select “Hardware” and click on “headset plugged” followed by “Any.”
  • Create a new task and then + icon.
  • Click on app and then launch app.
  • Click on your music player app.

After this every time you plug in headphones, your playlist will play automatically.

Morning Weather

  • Hop in Profile and click on the task, change the HTTP.
  • Enter the address details followed by city and state and you can get the weather whenever you want.

Speak Up When Battery Is Low

  • Create a new profile, then choose Power →
  • Battery level. N
  • ow set your desired battery level, say from 9 to 10.
  • Create another profile, then choose State.
  • Now go to Hardware and click USB connected,
  • then select Any. Checkmark Invert.
  • Create a new task and click  icon.
  • Go to Media and select Music Play,
  • then Paste the storage path to the mp3 file.

Automatically Turn on GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi for MAPS App

  • Click on “New” from taskers main screen menu.
  • Click “Applications” and select Maps.
  • just create a new task and provide it a suitable name.
  • lets go to “Misc” and select GPS.
  • now turn GPS On.

 Bluetooth Auto-Answer

  • Go to Profile.
  • Click on “New state” with context as “Bluetooth connected.”
  • Set the name same as the Bluetooth name of your device.
  • Click on Done.
  • Select that profile and tap on Add Context and Incoming Call but leave the Caller Number blank because we want all calls to be answered.
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” icon.
  • Check if your phone is idle and then “Wait” for 5 seconds.
  • Now “take the call.”

Forward or Bock Certain Calls During Night Time

  • Go to Tasker profile and click on “Event.”
  • Now navigate to “Time” and adjust the time between 00:00 am to 07:00 am (or any other period of your preference).
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” icon.
  • Then go to “phone” and select call diverts or blocking call.
  • Now go back to having your happy nap without any disturbances.

Turn The Camera On With A Simple Gesture

  • Just hold your phone in landscape mode, like you do while taking pics and your phone camera will click the pic.
  • Go to Profile screen of Tasker and click on “new” and Press on “event.”
  • Press  on “Sensor” and select gesture and name it “Camera gesture.”
  • Hold your phone in your left hand & long press on the volume down button.
  • Now hold your phone like you’re taking a picture in landscape mode. This will be the gesture.
  • While being in that landscape mode, long press on the volume down button again. Your gesture is now recorded.
  • Change your camera preferences in the “preferences” button.
  • Once you are done setting the preferences, the press was done and add a task, naming it “Camera On.”
  • Click on the “+” icon.
  • Click on “App” and navigate to “Load App.” Select “camera” and hit “Done” button.
  • Click on “Done” again and then press “Apply.” Next is just to test your Camera gesture.

 Read Out The Whatsapp Notification

  • Create a profile and click on the + sign.
  • Go to an event and search for notification.
  • Select WhatsApp from the notification list.
  • Create another profile and click on “+” sign.
  • Go to state and click on “Display.”
  • Now go to “Display State” & turn it OFF.
  • Create a new task and click on “+” icon.
  • Click on Misc and select “Say.”
  • Now under the text field space, type “New WhatsApp %NTITLE.”

Launch Music Player When headphones are Plugged In

  • Press the + button and create a new profile.
  • Then click on the State option. And open Hardware.
  • In the next menu, click on Headset Plugged option. You will have to provide the task with a suitable name when asked.
  • Again click on the + option, and then choose App.
  • Now click on the Launch App option from the menu. Select the music apps that you want to start automatically.