Hey guy’s are you a radio freak ?
Me too !!!
here is the top 10 best radio apps android 2021 only for you.
Listening radio is fun awesome  AM/FM channels directly on your smartphone.
Listen whenever you want or wherever you are.
All the live commentaries worldwide, sports,news,news,music and much more is just one tap away from you.
All the best worldwide radio stations you will find it here.
Your pocket radio is ready to use.
Stream thousands of radio stations in just one click.
So guy’s are you ready too tune the radio.
Let’s adjust the frequency of radio  and start listening now.
Here is the list
best radio apps android

1.Radio online

One of the best all in one radio app Android available on the Google play store with more than 10 millions downloads.
Listen your favorite radio channels in seconds.
Available 24/7 listen whenever you want.
It’s data compression technology helps you to listen your favorite radio channels at 2g data speed.
All the Major radio channels you will find it here.
Just download it free from google play store and let’s play radio.

2.Tune in radio

Stream live sports like NFL,footwall,cricket, basketball and much more.
 live commentaries directly from your smartphone.
You can estimate it’s popularity in Google play store by 100 millions downloads.
It’s means you know this is the radio app which everyone looking for let’s download and listen whenever you want.
You can also see podcasts,live books,music,news and much more.
Let’s set turn on the radio.

3.Radio fm

It’s also a good am radio app Android.
You can easily scan and find all the fm radio channels and most active radio channels in seconds.
Just hit the play button and you all set.
More than 30 thousands plus streaming options.
Everything you need for radio streaming online is here.
Collection from all over the world.
Just scan and play direct full high speed streaming.
All FM,AM,live sports,news,music, and much more.
Your radio in your pocket.

4.Fm radio india

Need complete in depth list of indian radio station then my friend this app is for you.
Every single radio station of india you will find it here.
Save your favorite radio station and access directly from the favorite tab.
You can also listen live commentary of icc championship trophy and rj online.
All the best indian content you will find it here.
You can refer your friends and make this app ads free for free.
Lets go share and listen.

5.Simple radio

You will definitely love simplicity of this app.
Because this is most simplified and well managed Am,Fm radio app android.
Listen your favroite radio channels by just single tap.
All the best and top fm, channels you directly see on it’s dashboards.
Listen live sports commentaries,sports updates,news music and much more.
Complete package for radio lover’s.
Let’s download it from Google play store and listen your favroite radio channels now.
More than 10 millions peoples using this app for listening radio online directly from smartphone.

6.Xiia live

Another blockbuster radio app android for radio lover’s.
Let’s set play feel the power of radio with it.
It’s also contain all the top radio channels in air.
Listen whenever you want or where ever you are.
Best high speed and high quality streaming you will get with this app.
It’s available free on Google play store with more than 1 millions user’s downloads.
Let’s download and tune your radio now.


This website popular for online songs streaming but you will easily find large collection of best radio channels here.
Stream radio in full high definition quality with it.
Search according to your moods like pop,rock,bhakti,English,old gold and much more.
This app is just awesome must have app for radio lover’s.
Totally worth downloading.
50 million users not get wrong.
People loved it now your turn download and enjoy your favroite radio on your smartphone and left your live view comment.
Let’s set play.


It’s another popular app in songs streaming online but this app also a blockbuster app in radio streaming.
This app also contains large collection of best radio stations all over the world.
Stream like pro.
Well managed on categories just pick according to your moods or search Manually.
It’s completely full fill your expectations of radio app.
It’s a pro radio app for pro peoples.
Let’s download from Google play store and join 50 millions satisfied user’s family.

9.Accu radio

This is also a good one app for radio lover’s.
Enjoy your favroite radio channels directly by this app.
Discover worldwide radio channels by just one tap search options.
Discover live music also share directly with community.
Create groups and share your favroite radio channels with the.
Awesome radio for android.
Let’s download and play now.

10.Google play music

You already know about this app and using this app for listening songs and music.
Do you know this app also contain greatest radio channels and you can listen directly with it.
One of the best pre installed app from Google in your smartphone if not available on your smartphone download free from play store and listen your favroite radio channels now.
One of the best radio app android.
Let’s turn on the radio and enjoy.
So guy’s these are the best radio apps Android 2021.
which you can use to listen radio whenever you want.
Forget old bulky and useless retro radio which very hard to carry and noisy voice ruin your experience.
But radio is one of the most popular entertainment device in the 90s.
All the people’s use radio daily to listen everything happen in world.
Technology made radio to a next level it’s not just a radio but complete entertainment packages for you.
So guy’s let’s download these Android radio apps on your smartphone and play now.
Thank you