The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

Are you looking for some great movies to watch without breaking the bank? Look no further than Amazon Freevee! With a wide selection of free movies, there’s something for everyone. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming comedies and everything in between, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best movies that are currently available on Amazon Freevee. So grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and let’s dive into our top picks!


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Jumanji” is a classic adventure film that follows the story of two kids who discover a mysterious board game. But this isn’t just any ordinary game – it has magical powers that bring the jungle to life and release dangerous creatures into the real world. The only way to stop the chaos is to finish the game, but with each roll of the dice comes new challenges and obstacles.

Starring Robin Williams as an eccentric guide through this wild journey, “Jumanji” will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. With its impressive special effects and thrilling action scenes, it’s no wonder why this movie has become a beloved family favorite over time.

But what truly sets “Jumanji” apart is its heartwarming message about friendship and perseverance in times of adversity. Despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges at every turn, our main characters learn to rely on each other for support and ultimately emerge victorious.

Overall, “Jumanji” is not only an exciting adventure movie but also an uplifting tale about teamwork and bravery in even the most impossible circumstances.

The Purge

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“The Purge” is a thriller movie that takes place in the not-so-distant future where the United States government has implemented an annual event called “The Purge.” During this 12-hour period, all crimes are legal, including murder. The story follows one family as they try to survive the night.

The concept of “The Purge” is both intriguing and terrifying. It raises questions about morality and human nature – would people really act on their darkest impulses if given the opportunity? The movie explores these themes with intensity and suspense.

What makes “The Purge” so effective is its ability to create tension and fear through its storytelling. As the night wears on, the stakes get higher for our protagonists, making us invested in their survival. The film also includes thought-provoking commentary on class divides and social inequality.

Overall, “The Purge” is a must-watch for fans of horror and thriller movies alike. Its unique premise and execution make it stand out from other films in its genre.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” is a delightful animated movie that tells the story of Flint Lockwood, an aspiring inventor who creates a machine that turns water into food. However, things get out of control when the machine starts producing food storms that threaten to destroy the town.

The movie features stunning visuals and a fun storyline with plenty of humor for both kids and adults to enjoy. The characters are well-developed, and their relationships provide heartwarming moments throughout.

What sets “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” apart from other animated movies is its creativity. From giant meatballs to ice cream snowstorms, the film’s imaginative concept keeps audiences engaged and entertained.

Overall, “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” is a must-see for any animation lover or anyone looking for a good laugh. Its unique premise and lovable characters make it one of the best movies available on Amazon Freevee.

The Hunt

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“The Hunt” is a controversial movie that sparked outrage even before its release. The film follows a group of people who are hunted for sport by wealthy elites, and it’s not afraid to push boundaries with its political satire and over-the-top violence.

One thing that stands out about “The Hunt” is the cast. With actors like Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, and Emma Roberts leading the way, you can expect some truly outstanding performances. And while the premise may seem silly at first glance, the movie manages to keep you on edge throughout thanks to its intense action sequences and shocking twists.

Of course, “The Hunt” isn’t for everyone. Some viewers may find it too violent or politically charged for their taste. But if you’re looking for something bold and daring that will keep you guessing until the very end, then this movie is definitely worth checking out on Amazon Freevee!


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Tombstone” is a classic western movie that tells the story of Wyatt Earp and his brothers as they try to bring justice to the town of Tombstone, Arizona. The film is filled with action-packed scenes and memorable characters.

One of the standout performances in “Tombstone” comes from Val Kilmer, who plays Doc Holliday. Kilmer’s portrayal of the legendary gunslinger earned him critical acclaim and has become one of his most iconic roles.

The chemistry between Kurt Russell’s Wyatt Earp and Sam Elliott’s Virgil Earp is also a highlight of the movie. Their brotherly bond adds depth to their characters and makes their quest for vengeance all the more compelling.

The gunfights in “Tombstone” are expertly choreographed and keep audiences on the edge of their seats. From shootouts at high noon to ambushes in dark alleyways, each battle feels unique and intense.

Overall, “Tombstone” is an excellent choice for fans of westerns or anyone looking for a thrilling movie experience. Its strong performances, exciting action sequences, and engaging storyline make it one of Amazon Freevee’s must-watch films.


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Zombieland” is a horror-comedy movie that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over. The film follows the journey of four survivors, Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock as they make their way across America to reach what they believe is safety.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of “Zombieland” is its unique blend of humor and horror. While there are plenty of gory zombie kills to satisfy those looking for scares, the film also delivers on laugh-out-loud moments with its witty dialogue and hilarious characters.

Speaking of characters, one cannot talk about “Zombieland” without mentioning its standout performances. Each member of the main cast brings something special to their role, from Woody Harrelson’s badass Tallahassee to Jesse Eisenberg’s neurotic Columbus.

But perhaps what sets “Zombieland” apart from other zombie movies is its heart. Beneath all the blood and gore lies a story about family and finding connection in an otherwise bleak world.

Overall, “Zombieland” stands out as one of the best movies available on Amazon Freevee for good reason – it’s a thrilling and hilarious ride from start to finish.


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Freaky” is a 2020 horror-comedy movie that tells the story of a teenage girl who switches bodies with a notorious serial killer. This film stars Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton in the lead roles, both giving impressive performances.

The concept of body-swapping between two completely different characters makes for an entertaining watch. The switch between the shy high-schooler and the cold-blooded murderer creates comedic moments throughout the film.

What sets “Freaky” apart from other horror comedies is its perfect blend of humor and gore. It knows when to be funny and when to turn up the violence, making it an enjoyable experience for fans of either genre.

If you’re looking for something fun but still thrilling to add to your list, “Freaky” should definitely be on it. With its unique premise, fantastic cast, and well-executed balance between comedy and horror elements – this movie will surely leave you entertained until the very end!

The Invisible Man

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“The Invisible Man” is a modern reimagining of the classic horror story. Elisabeth Moss plays Cecilia, a woman who escapes from an abusive relationship only to be tormented by her ex-boyfriend’s invisible presence. The film explores themes of gaslighting and trauma in a way that feels fresh and relevant.

The tension builds slowly throughout the movie as Cecilia tries to convince those around her that she’s being stalked by someone who can’t be seen. It’s a masterful portrayal of paranoia and isolation, with Moss delivering yet another standout performance.

Director Leigh Whannell does an excellent job of keeping the audience on edge while also delving into deeper themes about power dynamics in relationships. And while there are certainly some jump scares, “The Invisible Man” relies more on psychological horror than gore or violence.

Overall, “The Invisible Man” is definitely worth watching for anyone who enjoys thought-provoking thrillers with strong performances and direction.


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Lincoln” is a historical drama film directed by Steven Spielberg that follows the story of President Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to pass the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in America. The movie stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln and received critical acclaim for its accurate portrayal of the events leading up to this monumental moment in American history.

One of the standout aspects of “Lincoln” is Day-Lewis’ outstanding performance. He completely disappears into his role, embodying Lincoln’s mannerisms and speech patterns with such authenticity that it’s easy to forget you’re watching an actor on screen. His powerful presence carries the weighty subject matter, making it impossible not to be drawn into every scene he appears in.

In addition, “Lincoln” offers incredible insight into politics during one of America’s most tumultuous periods. It shows how difficult it was for Lincoln to navigate through conflicting opinions and interests from both sides of Congress while also dealing with a nation deeply divided by war.

Overall, “Lincoln” is a must-watch movie for anyone interested in American history or political dramas. Its powerful performances and insightful storytelling make it one of the best movies available on Amazon Freevee today.


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Rollerball” is one of the best action movies available to watch on Amazon Freevee. The movie presents a dystopian future where corporations have replaced governments in controlling society. To keep people entertained and distracted, they created Rollerball – a violent sport that combines skating, motorcycles, and roller derby.

The protagonist Jonathan E (James Caan) is the greatest player of this game but he soon realizes that his stardom makes him a target for those in power who want him out of the game. As Jonathan fights back against those trying to control him, we see how easy it is for individuals to be manipulated by larger forces.

What sets “Rollerball” apart from other action movies is its thought-provoking plotline and stunning visuals. Director Norman Jewison creates an immersive world with incredible detail and attention to every aspect of production design. Furthermore, James Caan’s performance as Jonathan E elevates this movie beyond just another mindless action flick.

Overall, “Rollerball” remains relevant today as we continue to question our relationship with technology and corporate control over our lives.


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Idiocracy” is a hilarious and satirical movie that depicts a future world where intelligence has become obsolete. The story follows an average man who wakes up 500 years in the future to find himself as the smartest person on Earth, which isn’t saying much since everyone else has been dumbed down by centuries of lackluster education and entertainment.

One thing that makes “Idiocracy” so funny is how it pokes fun at our own society’s reliance on pop culture and consumerism. In this dystopian world, people drink energy drinks instead of water and watch TV shows like “Ow! My Balls!” instead of reading books or pursuing intellectual hobbies.

Despite its comedic tone, “Idiocracy” also serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of anti-intellectualism. It highlights how important critical thinking skills are for maintaining a functioning democracy and making informed decisions.

Overall, “Idiocracy” is definitely worth watching for anyone looking for a good laugh while also pondering some deeper societal issues.

This Is The End

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“This Is The End” is a comedy horror movie that has become a cult classic for its unique premise and hilarious cast. The film follows six friends, all playing exaggerated versions of themselves, as they attend a party at James Franco’s house when the apocalypse strikes.

The humor in this movie is irreverent and satirical, poking fun at celebrity culture and Hollywood itself. The chemistry between the actors feels natural and genuine, making their interactions all the more funny.

One standout performance comes from Danny McBride, who plays an obnoxious version of himself that provides some of the most memorable moments in the film. However, it’s not just about laughs; there are also some genuinely suspenseful scenes that add to the overall tension of surviving during an apocalypse.

Overall, “This Is The End” is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh with some added horror elements thrown in. It’s not afraid to push boundaries and take risks with its humor while still delivering on entertaining storytelling.

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is a classic comedy that follows the journey of two high school students as they travel through time to complete their history project. The film is filled with humor, heart, and a great soundtrack.

One of the standout aspects of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is its unique concept. The idea of using time travel to learn about historical figures may seem far-fetched, but the movie pulls it off in an entertaining way. It also makes for a fun way for viewers to learn about history themselves.

The chemistry between the two leads, played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, is another highlight of the film. Their friendship feels genuine on screen and adds to both the comedic moments and emotional beats throughout.

Along with its memorable characters, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” also features iconic scenes such as Beethoven playing keyboard at a mall or Genghis Khan wreaking havoc at Waterloo. These moments have become ingrained in pop culture references over the years.

Overall, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” remains a must-watch for anyone looking for a fun comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously while still delivering some heart-warming messages along the way.



“HighThe 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freeveelander” is a classic movie that has stood the test of time. It tells the story of an immortal Scottish swordsman, Connor MacLeod, who must face other immortals in order to become the last one standing and gain ultimate power.

What makes this movie so great is its epic action scenes and its unique take on immortality. The idea of living forever may seem appealing at first, but “Highlander” shows us the loneliness and pain that comes with it.

The chemistry between Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod and Sean Connery as his mentor Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez is another highlight of this film. Their banter and camaraderie add depth to their characters and make for some memorable moments.

Overall, “Highlander” is a must-watch for any fan of action movies or science fiction. Its combination of intense sword fights, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes make it a true gem in cinema history.


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

Released in 1989, “UHF” is a cult classic that has become a beloved favorite for many comedy fans. The film stars “Weird Al” Yankovic as George Newman, a down-on-his-luck guy who becomes the manager of U62, an struggling local TV station.

In typical Weird Al fashion, the movie is filled with absurd humor and hilarious parodies. From spoofs on popular movies like “Rambo” to ridiculous game shows like “Wheel of Fish,” there’s no shortage of laughs in this film.

But what really sets “UHF” apart from other comedies is its heart. Despite all the wacky antics and zany characters, there are moments of genuine emotion and sincerity throughout the story.

The supporting cast also shines in their roles, including Michael Richards as Stanley Spadowski, the lovable but dim-witted janitor turned TV star. And let’s not forget Fran Drescher as Pamela Finklestein or Victoria Jackson as Teri Campbell – both actresses bring their own unique brand of humor to the table.

If you’re looking for a feel-good comedy with plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments thrown in for good measure, then look no further than “UHF.”

The Devil Wears Prada

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“The Devil Wears Prada” is a classic fashion movie that never seems to get old. The film, based on the novel by Lauren Weisberger, follows Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) as she navigates the cutthroat world of high fashion while working as an assistant to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), the demanding editor-in-chief of Runway magazine.

One aspect that makes this movie so enjoyable is the dynamic between Andy and Miranda. While they may seem like polar opposites at first glance, their interactions reveal a complex relationship with nuances and power struggles.

The costumes in “The Devil Wears Prada” are also worth mentioning. From couture gowns to designer handbags, every outfit serves as a visual representation of character and status. Watching this movie can make anyone appreciate the artistry behind high-end fashion.

Overall, “The Devil Wears Prada” offers a glimpse into the glamorous yet ruthless world of fashion media while delivering strong performances from its talented cast. It’s no wonder why it’s considered one of the best movies available on Amazon Freevee.

The Croods

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“The Croods” is a 2013 animated adventure comedy film that follows the story of a prehistoric family who embarks on a journey to find a new home. The movie features an all-star cast with the likes of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds.

The film explores themes of survival, family values, and adaptation to change. The Crood family must learn to adapt to their changing environment while also learning to trust each other in order to survive.

One standout aspect of “The Croods” is its stunning animation. The vibrant colors and intricate details make for an immersive viewing experience that transports you back in time.

Overall, “The Croods” is a heartwarming tale about the strength of familial bonds and overcoming adversity. It’s a fun-filled adventure suitable for all ages that will leave you feeling uplifted and entertained.

The Shallows

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“The Shallows” is a thrilling survival movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot follows medical student Nancy Adams, who travels to a secluded beach in Mexico for a solo surfing trip. As she catches some waves, she comes face-to-face with a great white shark and gets stranded just 200 yards away from shore.

The movie’s tense atmosphere is amplified by Blake Lively’s fantastic performance as Nancy. Her character’s resourcefulness and resilience make her an incredibly compelling protagonist to root for throughout the film.

In addition to the great acting, “The Shallows” boasts stunning cinematography that captures both the beauty and danger of the ocean. The underwater shots are particularly breathtaking and add an extra layer of intensity to already harrowing scenes.

Overall, “The Shallows” is definitely worth watching if you’re looking for an exciting survival thriller that will leave you feeling breathless.


The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

“Booksmart” is a coming-of-age comedy film that follows the story of two overachieving high school seniors, Amy and Molly, who realize they missed out on all the fun during their four years in school. Determined to make up for lost time, they embark on an epic adventure to attend a wild party before graduation.

The film features outstanding performances from its lead actresses, Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein. Their chemistry is palpable and makes for some hilarious comedic moments throughout the movie.

What sets “Booksmart” apart from other teen comedies is its refreshing take on traditional high school tropes. The characters are genuine and relatable, making it easy for viewers to empathize with their struggles.

Furthermore, “Booksmart” tackles important themes such as friendship, self-discovery, and acceptance. It’s a reminder that life isn’t just about achieving success but also enjoying the journey along the way.

Overall,” Booksmart” is a must-watch movie that will leave you laughing out loud while also tugging at your heartstrings.

Ghost In The Shell

The 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee

And there you have it, the 20 best movies to watch on Amazon Freevee! From action-packed adventures like Jumanji and Tombstone to hilarious comedies such as This Is The End and Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure, there is something for everyone on this streaming platform. Don’t miss out on these must-see films that are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

And last but certainly not least, we have Ghost In The Shell. This sci-fi classic follows a cyborg policewoman who must track down a mysterious hacker known as “The Puppet Master.” With stunning visuals and thought-provoking themes about identity and technology, Ghost In The Shell is a true masterpiece of the genre.

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and start watching these amazing movies on Amazon Freevee today!