[2023] The Best Free Software to Backup iPhone

Why do you need free software to backup iPhone?

Why do you need free software to backup iPhone? Here are some common scenarios where you may need a free software to backup iPhone to PC.

• You want to switch to a new iPhone and transfer all data from the old one to the new one.

• Your iPhone is running out of storage space, and you want to backup your photos, videos, and other files to your computer to free up some space.

• You accidentally deleted important data on your iPhone and want to recover it from a backup file.

• Your iPhone is showing signs of malfunction, and you want to backup your data before taking it in for repair.

• You want to protect your data in case your iPhone gets lost or stolen.

In all these situations, having a reliable backup of your iPhone data can be very helpful.

You are recommended the best free software – FoneTool to backup your iPhone. FoneTool is a popular and professional iOS backup tool, enabling you to backup iPhone easily and quickly.

About the company and product

AOMEI – Your ultimate data management helper

As part of its commitment to “Always keep global data safer,” AOMEI is committed to providing cutting-edge data backup software and services to safeguard all types of data, reduce human labor, and avoidable expenses. AOMEI has placed a strong emphasis on its core R&D capabilities since its inception in 2010, amassing a number of cutting-edge patent innovations that have improved the quality of its products.

We assist individuals and organizations in avoiding system crashes, file loss, disk damage, and ransomware attacks by providing the industry’s safest and most comprehensive data backup product portfolio for PC backup, iPhone backup, and enterprise data backup while upholding the highest industry standards.

Why FoneTool outweighs iCloud and iTunes

Here are a few advantages of FoneTool compared to iCloud and iTunes when it comes to backing up an iPhone.

More comprehensive backup options: FoneTool offers a wider range of backup options than iCloud or iTunes. For example, you can use FoneTool to selectively backup certain types of data, such as contacts, messages, photos, and more.

Faster backup and restore times: FoneTool generally has faster backup and restore times than iCloud and iTunes, which can be especially helpful if you have a large amount of data to back up.

✔ No storage limitations: With FoneTool, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space like you do with iCloud. Since FoneTool stores the backup files on your computer, you can use as much storage as you need.

Better privacy and security: FoneTool is designed with privacy and security in mind. Unlike iCloud, your backup data is stored locally on your own computer and not on remote servers.

Easy access to backup data: With FoneTool, you can easily browse and access your backup data right from your computer, without having to go through iCloud or iTunes. This can make it easier to find and restore specific files or data points when you need them.

Overall, FoneTool provides a more flexible, secure, and convenient way to back up your iPhone data compared to iCloud and iTunes.

What can FoneTool do for you?

In this part, you will have an overview of how to utilize FoneTool to selectively or fully backup iPhone files to computer. Download FoneTool to your computer, and you can backup iPhone selectively or fully by following the steps below.

Backup iPhone to PC selectively

The Selective Backup function in FoneTool helps you backup selective files, like photos, videos, contacts, music, and messages to backup from your iPhone to Windows PC.

In three steps, you can finish the selective backup task and keep your iPhone files safe on PC: Connect iPhone to computer and run FoneTool > Choose Selective Backup from Phone Backup page > Choose wanted files from iPhone to backup.

Click On Backup

Backup everything from iPhone to PC

When you need to switch to a new iPhone or factory reset the old one for troubleshooting, FoneTool offers a Full Backup option that lets you backup everything from iPhone to PC. Unlike iCloud or iTunes, the backup task with FoneTool can be completed with a single click.

To backup everything from iPhone to PC, choose Full Backup from FoneTool > Encrypt your backup (Optional) > Confirm to start backup.


One-click restore FoneTool backup

How can you restore backup that saved in FoneTool? The steps to restore a backup may be easier than you think. Just head to the Backup History page, locate the backup, click the three-dot icon, and you can not only restore backup, but also browse and delete the backup from here.

Restore To Device


That’s all for the best free software to backup iPhone. FoneTool is also a powerful transfer software to enable you to transfer data from one iPhone to iPhone after setup, from iPhone to PC, and vice versa. Just download it, and find more useful functions on your own.