What is the difference ?
Who is better?
simple ftp means file transfer protocol but without encryption it’s means  your data is not secured
Sftp – secure file transfer protocol
name says all its better than ftp and secured
All the data transfer from this network is completely encrypted
So guy’s are you ready to transfer your data from ftp/sftp client
Let’s start transferring.
best free ftp/sftp software windows/mac


Hey guys if you need a simple and easy to use FTP/sftp client then this one is for you let’s download it from it’s official website
it’s available free there
install it on your pc and you all set
Enter your credentials and fill port or other necessary details and start transfering your data now
Both FTP and sftp transmission available
So let set transfer.


if you love Donald duck then you definitely love this cyberduck client also
It’s one of the best FTP and sftp client for Mac/windows so forget about machine compromises just download according to your machine and connect your pc and server together and start transmission everything you need for transmission is here
Let’s start transfering
FTP/SFTP both platforms.


It’s another great advanced featured ftp/sftp client . One of the best and high speed client but one bad news for Mac user’s it’s only available on the windows platform
soguy’s let’s start transfering data from pc to your server.
everything you need for transmission is here
If you want more advanced functionality then you can purchase it’s pro version where you can get advance features like syduling and compression and much more
But free version is enough but if you want to upgrade then go for it.


This is one of the best open source FTP client in the world. You can use it as both  client or server. One of the best client with advance functionality
Just download it from it’s official website and you all set it is available free on it’s official website
Both FTP and sftp transmission you can do it it
It’s available on both platforms Mac and windows
So let’s start transfering.

5.Ws_FTP professional 

It’s a paid FTP  tool don’t worry you can use it as trial mode and if you like this professional tool services then go for it
It’s worth buying
It’s easily handle large files data transfer with advanced functionality
It’s only available on windows platform
So sorry for Mac user’s
And windows user’s go and enjoy the trial.

6.Free FTP coffee up

It’s a free FTP/sftp client software .
You can run it on any version of Windows but it’s not available on the Mac OS
Fast and efficient file transmission
Easy to use and simple user interface
Free FTP client with advanced functionality
Go for it
Just download it from coffee cup website and you all set
Beat features and functionality
Let set transfer.

7.Smart ftp

It’s another great advanced level transmission from server client for windows .
It’s available free on it’s official website
Just use and transfer your data now
It’s provide you best simplicity experience of transmission
You also get free text editor,one drive back up and much more features
So guy’s let set transfer.

8.Flash fxp

Another great FTP/sftp client for windows user’s.windows user’s have too much benefits because most of software’s directly made for windows but Mac also have a good collection
So guy’s it’s also a good ftp client all the features which you get on above clients also in it
so no confusion  anymore
You can enjoy this software free for 30 days trial
After it you can buy it for 29.99 $$
Which is worth buying .


So Mac user’s this one for you
One of the best free sftp server client so Mac brothers just go and download it free from it’s official website no trials
It’s totally free for you
You get advanced speed and fast transmission data with encryption
Download latest version and see it’s awesome user interface specially made for Mac user’s
So guy’s this is complete package for your sftp/FTP data transfer need’s.


It’s another great free secure FTP client for all the platforms like windows,Linux,mac e.t.c
It’s available free on it’s official website
It’s an open source software
Written on phython
Fast and efficient data transmission
Let’s set transfer.

11.Classic ftp

It’s another great best free sftp/FTP client for mac/windows
Simple and easy to use user interface
Fast data transmission and instent connectivity
Download it from it’s official website
Every features and functionality you need for your FTP/sftp client it’s fulfill completely.
so guy’s these are the top 11 best free ftp server and free sftp server software 2020 windows/mac users.
So guy’s now let’s start sharing your data now
Just fill the credentials and you all set
Just download the software and start transferring data now
Ftp and sftp both protocol is used hugely on transferring data from pc to server
So guy’s please share your favroite ftp/sftp software below the comments .
Thank you