25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Ahoy, One Piece fans! In the vast world of this beloved anime series, there are countless characters to love and admire. From pirates to marines, allies to enemies, each character brings their unique flair and contribution to the epic story. However, it’s time to give a special spotlight to some of the most badass and iconic female characters in One Piece. These women have proven themselves through their strength, intelligence, compassion, and overall awesomeness. So grab your favorite drink and get ready for an exciting journey as we rank the 25 best female characters in One Piece!

Top Female Characters in One Piece (2023)

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

One Piece has introduced us to some of the most remarkable female characters in anime history, and 2023 is no exception. These women are fierce, intelligent, and often break traditional gender roles while also conveying important messages about strength and perseverance.

Leading our list is none other than Nami, the Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates known for her sharp mind and mastery of weather-controlling technology. Nico Robin follows closely behind with her impressive knowledge on ancient languages that allows her to uncover hidden secrets throughout their journey.

Boa Hancock’s devil fruit powers coupled with her beauty make her one of the most formidable foes in One Piece. While Big Mom may be an antagonist who causes fear among many characters, she is undoubtedly one of the strongest and toughest ladies out there.

Nefertari Vivi showcases a sense of leadership as a princess willing to fight for what’s right even if it means going against tradition. Shirahoshi not only possesses an immense power but also embodies kindness towards all living creatures.

Otohime preaches peace through diplomacy despite being targeted by extremist groups opposing this idea. Carrot proves that appearances can indeed be deceiving as she wields electrical powers from eating Devil Fruit despite having a cute bunny-like appearance.

Rebecca shows resilience even after experiencing significant loss at such a young age while Tashigi demonstrates excellent swordsmanship skills despite facing discrimination due to being mistaken for someone else repeatedly.

Charlotte Pudding’s sweet demeanor hides cunning schemes making you question whether she’s friend or foe while Vinsmoke Reiju displays incredible healing abilities alongside fighting skills thanks to scientific enhancements made by their family.

Perona might appear frail but don’t let that fool you; she packs quite a punch with ghostly powers capable enough to terrify opponents easily. Jewelry Bonney stands out by manipulating time through her devil fruit ability making it impossible not to mention on this list!

Koala may have had traumatic experiences in her past but uses that to fuel her determination to fight against injustices


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Nami is one of the most iconic female characters in One Piece, and for good reason. She’s smart, resourceful, and not afraid to use her feminine wiles if it means getting what she wants. But there’s more to Nami than just her looks and cunning.

First of all, Nami is a skilled navigator who knows how to read maps and charts with incredible accuracy. Without her on board the Straw Hat crew’s ship, they would undoubtedly be lost at sea. Furthermore, she has a deep understanding of weather patterns which allows them to navigate through dangerous storms.

But Nami is not just a sailor; she’s also an expert thief who can pick locks and crack safes with ease. Her ability to obtain money from unsuspecting targets has saved the crew countless times when they were low on funds (which is often).

Despite her tough exterior, Nami has a kind heart that sometimes gets overlooked amidst her shrewdness. She cares deeply about her friends and will stop at nothing to protect them from harm.

Nami is much more than just eye candy or comic relief; she plays an essential role in the success of the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures.

Nico Robin

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Nico Robin, also known as the “Devil Child,” is one of the most intriguing characters in One Piece. Initially introduced as an antagonist, she eventually joined Luffy and his crew as their archaeologist.

Robin’s past is shrouded in mystery and tragedy. She was ostracized by society and hunted down for her ability to read ancient texts called Poneglyphs. This led her to develop a cold and distant personality that often hides her true emotions.

Despite this, Robin has shown immense loyalty to her friends and crewmates. She is intelligent, resourceful, and possesses powerful abilities that allow her to create clones of herself or sprout body parts from any surface.

Robin’s character development throughout the series has been remarkable, with moments that showcase both her strength and vulnerability. Her dynamic with the Straw Hat crew adds depth to the story while providing viewers with a glimpse into what it means to be part of a family.

Nico Robin stands out not only as one of the strongest female characters in One Piece but also as one of its most complex ones.

Boa Hancock

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Boa Hancock is one of the most popular female characters in One Piece and for good reason. She’s a beautiful woman with an incredible power that allows her to turn people into stone just by looking at them! But there’s more to her than just her ability.

One thing that makes Boa Hancock so interesting is her backstory. As a young girl, she was a slave and suffered terrible abuse before being rescued by Fisher Tiger, the leader of the Sun Pirates. This experience had a huge impact on her life and turned her into the strong, independent woman we see today.

Another aspect of Boa Hancock’s character that fans love is her confidence. She knows she’s beautiful and powerful, but she doesn’t let it go to her head. Instead, she uses these qualities to help those around her and protect those she cares about.

But perhaps what makes Boa Hancock truly unique is how much she loves Luffy, despite their vastly different backgrounds and lifestyles. Her devotion to him is unwavering and has led to some of the most heartwarming moments in One Piece.

Boa Hancock may be known for being stunningly beautiful and having an intimidating power, but it’s really her complex personality that sets her apart as one of the best female characters in One Piece.

Big Mom

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Big Mom, also known as Charlotte Linlin, is one of the most powerful female characters in One Piece. Her immense strength and intimidating presence have made her a formidable opponent for Luffy and his crew.

As a member of the Four Emperors, Big Mom commands an army of powerful fighters known as the Big Mom Pirates. She possesses incredible physical strength and durability that allow her to withstand even the strongest attacks from her opponents.

What sets Big Mom apart from other villains is her unique devil fruit ability—the Soul-Soul Fruit. With this power, she can manipulate souls by taking them out of living beings or transferring them into inanimate objects like homies.

Despite being a ruthless pirate captain who demands absolute obedience from her subordinates, there are moments where we see glimpses of compassion and empathy within Big Mom’s character. Her love for sweets serves as a reminder that beneath all that terror lies a human side to her personality.

Big Mom is undoubtedly one of Oda’s greatest creations—a complex character with layers upon layers waiting to be explored.

Nefertari Vivi

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Nefertari Vivi is one of the most important female characters in One Piece. She was introduced early on in the story as a princess from Alabasta, and her character has grown and developed over time.

Vivi’s journey with the Straw Hat Pirates began when she sought their help to save her kingdom from an impending civil war. Despite being royalty, she proved herself to be brave, resourceful, and selfless throughout that entire arc.

What makes Vivi stand out among other One Piece characters is her strong sense of responsibility towards her people. Even after leaving the Straw Hats at the end of that arc, she continued to work hard for Alabasta’s sake.

In addition to her political savvy and leadership skills, Vivi also possesses a kind heart and empathetic nature. Her caring personality allows her to connect with others on a deep level – both friends and foes alike.

Nefertari Vivi is a well-rounded character who embodies many admirable qualities such as bravery, kindness, and loyalty. She remains beloved by fans even years after first appearing in the series.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Shirahoshi, also known as the Mermaid Princess, is one of the most unique and captivating characters in One Piece. As a mermaid, Shirahoshi possesses immense strength and power that can control sea creatures with her voice.

Despite her undeniable prowess, Shirahoshi is often portrayed as timid and shy due to her sheltered upbringing. She spent most of her life inside the Ryugu Palace until she met Luffy and his crew who showed her a new world outside of her comfort zone.

As their friendship grew stronger, Shirahoshi started to show more confidence in herself and became determined to protect those she loves. Her unwavering loyalty towards Luffy’s crew proves that she’s not just a damsel in distress but an ally worth having by your side.

Aside from being a strong character on her own, Shirahoshi also has an interesting backstory that adds depth to her personality. Being the only surviving member of Poseidon’s lineage makes her both important and vulnerable at the same time.

Shirahoshi is definitely one of the best female characters in One Piece for various reasons – from possessing unique abilities to having an intriguing backstory that leaves fans wanting more.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Otohime is one of the most influential characters in One Piece. She was a queen and leader of the Fishman Island, known for her kind-heartedness and undying love for all living beings. Her ultimate goal was to create peace between humans and fishmen, which she believed could be achieved through mutual understanding and respect.

Despite facing opposition from both sides, Otohime never gave up on her mission. She founded an organization called “The Sun Pirates” which aimed to bridge the gap between humans and fishmen by promoting coexistence.

One of Otohime’s most memorable moments in One Piece was when she used her own life as leverage to convince a human king to sign a treaty with the Fishman Island. Her sacrifice showed that true leaders are willing to put their lives on the line for their people.

Otohime left behind a legacy of hope and inspired others like Monkey D. Luffy to continue fighting for what they believe in no matter how difficult it may seem.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Carrot is a member of the Mink Tribe and a prominent character in One Piece. Her full name is Carrot Sulong, and she possesses the unique ability to transform into a giant rabbit with electric powers when exposed to moonlight.

As one of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates’ alliance, Carrot is fiercely loyal and always eager to lend her strength to their cause. Despite being quite young, she has already proven herself as an adept fighter who can hold her own against formidable opponents.

Aside from her combat skills, Carrot’s adorable appearance and playful personality have endeared her to fans all over the world. She often provides comedic relief during tense moments in the series and forms close bonds with other characters due to her cheerful disposition.

Despite not being one of the main protagonists or antagonists in One Piece, Carrot has managed to capture audiences’ hearts through her unique abilities and endearing personality. It will be exciting for fans worldwide if she continues on this path throughout future story arcs!


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Rebecca is a gladiator from the colosseum of Dressrosa and the daughter of Kyros, one of the legendary heroes. She initially appears as a weak and timid character who lacks confidence in her fighting abilities.

Despite this, Rebecca proves herself to be an incredibly powerful fighter with immense speed, agility, and swordsmanship skills. Her determination to protect those she cares about also makes her stand out among other female characters in One Piece.

Rebecca’s backstory is tragic, having lost both her mother and grandfather due to Doflamingo’s actions. Despite all this trauma, she still manages to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Throughout the Dressrosa arc, Rebecca shows that she is more than just a gladiator or victim; she is a strong-willed individual who refuses to back down from any challenge. Her relationship with Kyros also adds depth to her character development as we witness their bond grow stronger over time.

Rebecca may have started off as an underdog but ended up becoming one of the most dynamic female characters in One Piece thanks to her strength and resilience.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Tashigi is a character introduced in the One Piece series as a member of the Marine organization. She serves as one of the main characters and allies to Smoker, her superior officer.

Initially portrayed as a foil to Zoro due to their striking resemblance, Tashigi has proven herself to be an accomplished swordsman with excellent combat skills. Although she lacks experience compared to other top-tier fighters in the series, Tashigi’s determination and resolve enable her to keep up with some of the strongest opponents.

Despite being a marine, Tashigi does not blindly follow orders and has shown moments of compassion towards pirates who struggle against systemic oppression by World Government officials or other corrupt marines.

One notable example was during her fight against Monet on Punk Hazard when Tashigi spared Monet’s life despite having every reason not to do so. This act demonstrated that she values justice over blind obedience and understands that there are times when mercy should prevail over brutality.

Tashigi remains an interesting character due to her unique personality traits and growth throughout the series. Fans look forward to seeing how she will continue developing both personally and professionally within the One Piece universe.

Charlotte Pudding

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Charlotte Pudding is one of the most intriguing female characters in One Piece. Initially introduced as a sweet and innocent character, her true nature was eventually revealed to be much darker than expected.

Pudding’s ability to manipulate memories makes her a formidable opponent for anyone who crosses her path. She uses this power both for personal gain and to protect herself from potential threats.

Despite her deceiving nature, Pudding is also shown to have moments of vulnerability and genuine emotion. Her love for Sanji adds an extra layer of complexity to her character and creates a unique dynamic between them.

One can’t help but wonder what direction Oda will take with Charlotte Pudding’s character in future arcs. Will she continue down the path of manipulation and deceit or will she redeem herself in some way?

Regardless of what happens, there’s no denying that Charlotte Pudding has left a lasting impression on fans of One Piece.

Vinsmoke Reiju

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Vinsmoke Reiju is the eldest daughter of the Vinsmoke family and one of the most interesting female characters in One Piece. Despite being born into a ruthless and cruel family, Reiju possesses a compassionate heart that sets her apart from her siblings.

Reiju’s devil fruit ability allows her to secrete deadly toxins from any part of her body, making her a formidable fighter. However, she only uses it for defensive purposes or when necessary to protect those in need.

One notable trait about Reiju is how she defies gender norms within her family. She wears more feminine clothing and jewelry compared to her brothers who opt for more masculine outfits. Additionally, she doesn’t possess the same cold-hearted demeanor as them.

Reiju’s relationship with Sanji is also worth noting. Even though their upbringing was vastly different, they share a mutual respect for each other that transcends their familial ties.

Vinsmoke Reiju may not be as prominent as some other female characters in One Piece, but she definitely stands out for breaking stereotypes and possessing unique qualities that make fans love her even more.

Peron25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)


One of the most intriguing female characters in One Piece is Perona, a former member of the Thriller Bark Pirates and a user of the Horo Horo no Mi Devil Fruit. Although she has a cute and bubbly appearance, her abilities are far from harmless.

Perona’s devil fruit gives her the power to create ghosts that can control people’s emotions and even make them feel depressed. She also has impressive combat skills, using her Ghost Princess form to float around while attacking with negative hollows or wielding an umbrella as a weapon.

Despite being portrayed as selfish and manipulative at times, Perona shows moments of vulnerability throughout the series. Her backstory reveals that she was once alone and afraid before meeting Gecko Moria, who took her under his wing.

Perona’s unique personality traits make for an interesting addition to One Piece’s cast of strong female characters.

Jewelry Bonney

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Jewelry Bonney is a character in “One Piece” who has the ability to manipulate age. She is part of the Worst Generation and captain of her own crew, although little is known about her past or motivations.

Bonney first appears at an auction where she attempts to steal a Celestial Dragon’s slave, showing her compassion towards those oppressed by the World Government. Later on, she is seen allied with Blackbeard during the Marineford War.

Her powers allow for interesting plot points such as disguising herself as a child or making someone younger/older to suit her needs. However, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding Bonney and her true intentions.

Despite being a relatively minor character thus far in the series, Jewelry Bonney’s unique abilities and mysterious nature make her an intriguing addition to the world of “One Piece”.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Koala is an interesting character in One Piece as she has a unique background story. She was once a slave of the Celestial Dragons but eventually escaped with the help of Fisher Tiger and his crew. This traumatic experience led her to become part of the Revolutionary Army, where she works alongside Sabo.

Koala’s role in the story mainly revolves around her work with the Revolutionary Army. She is smart and resourceful, often handling important tasks for their cause. Her skills in espionage are particularly notable, as seen when she disguised herself as a maid during Dressrosa’s arc.

Despite her tough exterior, Koala has a kind heart and cares deeply for those close to her. We see this through her interactions with Sabo, whom she considers family. Additionally, we learn that Koala enjoys reading books about history and politics which shows that she values knowledge and understanding.

One thing that makes Koala stand out among other female characters in One Piece is her physical abilities. As shown during Fishman Island’s arc, she possesses impressive strength and combat skills which make her formidable even against powerful enemies.

Koala’s backstory coupled with her intelligence, loyalty to the Revolutionaries’ cause and impressive physical prowess make for an intriguing character worth following throughout One Piece series.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Ulti, also known as “Ultraviolet,” is one of the newest female characters in One Piece. She is a member of the Tobi Roppo and a skilled fighter who possesses incredible strength and endurance.

One of Ulti’s most notable abilities is her Devil Fruit power – she has consumed the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model Pachycephalosaurus. This allows her to transform parts of her body into a dinosaur-like form, specifically that of a thick-skulled Pachycephalosaurus. With this transformation, she can charge at enemies with immense force and headbutt them with incredible velocity.

Aside from being physically powerful, Ulti also displays intelligence and cunningness during battles. She was able to quickly deduce Luffy’s true identity when he infiltrated Onigashima disguised as one of Kaido’s men by noticing his distinctive scar on his chest.

Ulti adds an exciting new element to the roster of female characters in One Piece with her unique powerset and dynamic personality. It will be interesting to see how her story develops throughout future arcs.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Kalifa is a former agent of CP9 and one of the main antagonists during the Enies Lobby arc. She possesses the power of the Awa Awa no Mi, which allows her to turn into soap and create bubbles that can be used for various purposes.

Despite being a villain, Kalifa’s character has some redeeming qualities that make her stand out from other female characters in One Piece. For instance, she exudes a calm and composed demeanor even when faced with adversaries like Nami or Sanji.

Moreover, Kalifa displays great loyalty towards her colleagues in CP9, especially towards Rob Lucci whom she sees as an older brother figure. Her unwavering devotion to their shared goals showcases her dedication and commitment to whatever cause she believes in.

However, what sets Kalifa apart from other characters is her unique fighting style where she employs seductive moves that leave opponents off guard. These tactics may seem unorthodox for a fighter but are highly effective nonetheless.

Kalifa may not be everyone’s favorite character due to her villainous nature but there is no denying that she brings something different to the table compared with other female characters in One Piece.

Kozuki Hiyori

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Kozuki Hiyori, also known as Komurasaki, is a character introduced in the Wano Country arc of One Piece. She is the daughter of Kozuki Oden and Kozuki Toki and was thought to have died alongside her parents when their castle was burned down 20 years ago.

However, it is later revealed that Hiyori survived and went into hiding under the guise of Komurasaki, a high-ranking courtesan in the capital city. Despite her seemingly frivolous lifestyle, Hiyori has shown herself to be cunning and resourceful.

She possesses knowledge about important events in Wano’s history that could help Luffy and his allies defeat Kaido and Orochi. Furthermore, she wields a powerful sword named Enma which has been described as one of two legendary swords capable of cutting through anything.

While her true identity remains hidden from most characters in the series, it is clear that Hiyori will play an important role in the ongoing conflict in Wano Country.

Kurozumi Tama

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Kurozumi Tama is a young girl hailing from the Wano Country in One Piece. She has long, curly hair and wears traditional Japanese clothing.

One of the unique abilities that Kurozumi Tama possesses is her control over “kibi dango,” a type of dumpling that can make anyone who eats them become her ally. This power was demonstrated when she used it to turn Speed, one of the Beast Pirates’ members, into an ally.

Despite being just a child, Kurozumi Tama has shown remarkable bravery and resourcefulness. She was able to save herself and her friend Komachiyo from danger by using her kibi dango to summon several wild baboons to attack their enemies.

As a member of the Kozuki family, Kurozumi Tama plays an important role in the ongoing conflict in Wano Country between the rebels led by Kin’emon and his allies against Orochi’s forces. It remains to be seen how much more she will contribute as the story progresses.

Kurozumi Tama may not have had as much screen time or development compared to other female characters on this list but there’s no denying that she holds great potential for future plot developments with her intriguing powers and background story.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Viola is a recurring character in One Piece, making her first appearance during the Dressrosa Arc. She is a former member of the Donquixote Pirates and the eldest daughter of King Riku’s army commander, Kyros.

At first glance, Viola appears to be just another beautiful woman with long purple hair and an elegant dress. However, she possesses unique abilities as a user of the Giro Giro no Mi or Glare-Glare Fruit that allow her to see through anything within her field of vision.

Despite being part of the enemy crew at first, Viola eventually defects from the Donquixote Pirates after discovering their true nature. She joins forces with Luffy and his allies to overthrow Doflamingo and save Dressrosa from his tyranny.

Throughout her story arc, Viola proves herself to be brave, intelligent and resourceful. She plays a crucial role in helping Luffy navigate through Dressrosa’s treacherous underground network while dealing with numerous obstacles along the way.

In addition to her combat skills and devil fruit powers, Viola also has emotional depth as a character. Her relationship with Kyros is particularly touching as it reveals layers of tragedy behind both their pasts.

Viola may not have been around for long but she made quite an impact on fans who appreciate strong female characters in anime/manga series like One Piece.

Baby 5

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Baby 5 is a former member of the Donquixote Pirates and now serves as an officer in the Happo Navy. She has a unique ability to transform any part of her body into any type of weapon, making her a formidable opponent.

Despite being raised by the Donquixote family and joining their crew, Baby 5 seems to have little loyalty towards them. She even attempted to betray them multiple times when they were on Dressrosa.

However, it was revealed that she had a tragic past where she was constantly used and discarded by men for their own gain. This led her to develop a desire for acceptance and willingness to do anything for those who showed her kindness.

Throughout the series, we see Baby 5 slowly realize that true happiness comes from within herself rather than seeking validation from others. It’s heartwarming to see her grow as a character and find purpose in serving under Sai in the Happo Navy.

Baby 5 may have started off as just another villainous character, but her development throughout One Piece makes her one of the most interesting female characters in the series.

Vinsmoke Sora

25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Vinsmoke Sora is the mother of Sanji and his siblings, as well as the wife of Vinsmoke Judge. Despite being a minor character in One Piece, her story has left a lasting impact on fans.

Sora was originally from the Germa Kingdom and married into the Vinsmoke family to become Judge’s wife. However, she soon realized that her husband’s obsession with creating genetically enhanced soldiers had taken over their entire lives and he cared more about his experiments than his own family.

Despite this, Sora still loved her children deeply and tried to protect them from their father’s cruel methods. She eventually paid the ultimate price for defying Judge when he ordered her execution.

Sora’s tragic story highlights the dark side of scientific advancement and how it can lead to disregard for human life. Her sacrifice also shows just how much love she had for her children and serves as an inspiration for parents everywhere who would do anything to protect their offspring.

While Sora may not have been a major player in One Piece, her brief appearance left a meaningful impact on fans that will never be forgotten.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Bell-mère is a character that doesn’t get enough attention in One Piece. She’s the adoptive mother of Nami and plays an important role in her backstory.

We first meet Bell-mère when she saves Nami from being sold into slavery by Arlong, the Fishman pirate. Despite knowing the consequences of going against Arlong, Bell-mère chooses to sacrifice herself for Nami’s freedom.

In this heartbreaking moment, we see how much Bell-mère loves and cares for Nami. It’s also a testament to her bravery as she stands up against Arlong despite being outmatched and outnumbered.

It’s easy to overlook Bell-mère since she only appears in flashbacks. However, her impact on Nami’s life cannot be ignored. Without her guidance and love, it’s likely that Nami wouldn’t have become the strong-willed navigator that we know today.

While Bell-mère may not have had much screen time in One Piece, her influence on the story through her relationship with Nami is undeniable.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

One of the most unique and memorable female characters in One Piece is Dadan. She may not have had much screen time, but her impact on Luffy’s life was significant.

Dadan was a tough and gruff mountain bandit who took care of Luffy after he washed up on their shore. At first, she didn’t want anything to do with him, but over time she grew to love him like a son.

Despite her rough exterior, Dadan showed a softer side when it came to Luffy. She even put herself in danger to protect him during the Battle of Marineford.

Dadan’s character arc highlights the importance of found family and how people can grow and change through relationships with others. Her loyalty and love for Luffy were unwavering, making her one of the most endearing characters in One Piece.

While Dadan may not be as powerful or well-known as some other female characters in One Piece, her impact on the story cannot be underestimated.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Tsuru is one of the top female characters in One Piece, and for good reason. She’s a retired Admiral of the Navy who was known for her strict adherence to justice and her ability to keep even the most unruly pirates in line.

One notable trait about Tsuru is that she has an incredibly unique Devil Fruit power – the Woshu Woshu no Mi. With this ability, she can clean any object or person instantly by using her laundry basket as a conduit. This allows her to not only maintain cleanliness wherever she goes but also use it strategically during battles.

Despite being retired from active duty, Tsuru still commands respect among both fellow Marines and pirates alike. Her unwavering commitment to justice continues even after leaving the Navy behind, as seen when she confronts former Navy admiral Fujitora over his decision to ally himself with Luffy and Law during Dressrosa.

Tsuru may not be a major player in terms of combat abilities or screen time compared to other top female characters in One Piece, but her impact on the story cannot be overlooked.

Bonus Female Characters


Aside from the top 25 female characters in One Piece, there are some bonus female characters that also deserve recognition. These women may not have as much screen time or importance to the plot, but they still bring something special to the series.

One of these bonus characters is Uta, a member of the Foxy Pirates. She has a unique design and her ability to change her appearance makes her an interesting addition to any scene she’s in.

Another bonus character is Kaya, a wealthy girl from Syrup Village who becomes friends with Usopp early on in the series. Despite being sheltered and naive at first, she grows into a brave young woman who stands up for what she believes in.

Makino is another memorable side character who runs a bar in Luffy’s hometown of Fushia Village. She has a kind heart and serves as a maternal figure to many of the younger characters in the series.

While these bonus female characters may not be as significant as some of their counterparts, they still add depth and charm to One Piece’s world-building.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Uta is a minor character in One Piece, but she’s still worth mentioning. She first appears as part of the Foxy Pirates during the Davy Back Fight arc on Long Ring Long Land. Uta has short black hair and wears a pink outfit with heart decorations.

Despite her small role, Uta shows herself to be quite talented. She’s skilled at dancing and can even juggle knives while doing so! She also has good reflexes, dodging one of Chopper’s attacks during the game “Donut Race.”

While Uta may not have much screen time, her performance during the Davy Back Fight arc was memorable enough to earn her a spot on this list of top female characters in One Piece.

It would be interesting to see more of Uta in future arcs or perhaps even see her join up with another crew for some new adventures.


25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

Kaya is a kind-hearted and gentle girl who initially appeared as Usopp’s friend from his hometown. She was portrayed to be an ill child, which prompted Usopp to lie about being a pirate so he could gather money for her treatment.

Despite her fragile health, Kaya has always been determined and optimistic. She remained hopeful even when she was bedridden and confined in her mansion. Her positivity is infectious that it managed to inspire the people around her.

Aside from being sweet-natured, Kaya also showed intelligence beyond her age. As revealed later on in the story, she played a crucial role in overthrowing the corrupt officials of Syrup Village by secretly gathering evidence against them.

Kaya may not have been an active fighter or adventurer like most female characters in One Piece, but her qualities make up for it. She represents resilience, kindness, and intelligence – traits that are just as important as physical strength when facing challenges in life.

Makin25 Best Female Characters in One Piece (Ranked)


Makino is one of the most loved One Piece female characters even though she doesn’t have a prominent role in the series. She’s an old friend of Monkey D. Luffy and often seen interacting with him during his childhood days.

Her gentle nature and caring personality make her stand out among other characters in the show. Makino runs a bar where Luffy and his crew often visit to rest and relax, showcasing her warm hospitality towards them.

Despite being just a supporting character, Makino has played an important role in shaping Luffy’s character as she always believed in him when others didn’t. She encouraged him to follow his dreams no matter what anyone says, which later became one of Luffy’s defining characteristics.

Makino may not be among the powerful fighters or main characters in One Piece but her presence holds significant value for both the storyline and fans alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the strongest female character in One Piece?

The strongest female character in One Piece is arguably Big Mom, also known as Charlotte Linlin. As one of the Four Emperors and a powerful pirate with immense strength, she has proven time and again that she can hold her own against some of the toughest opponents.

2. Why aren’t all female characters ranked on this list?

While there are many strong and interesting female characters in One Piece, we had to narrow down our list to only 25 to keep it manageable. These rankings are based on personal opinions and may vary depending on individual preferences.

3. Are there any upcoming female characters we should look out for?

As One Piece continues to introduce new characters, we can expect more exciting women to join the ranks. Keep an eye out for Yamato, a highly anticipated new addition who made her debut in Chapter 984.

One Piece boasts a diverse cast of strong and dynamic female characters who have played integral roles throughout the series’ long run. Whether they’re pirates or princesses, fighters or thinkers, each woman brings something unique to the table. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the top 25 best female characters in One Piece!