Hey guy’s are you searching for best  Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2021
If you are getting really bored and having a dull life then this app is made only for you. Fart applications are made for you to laugh your hearts out. These apps will make you laugh so hard that you just won’t be able to control it. Have fun with your friends by downloading them and then laughing at the types of sound you hear.
Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018


1.)prankart  android iphone

best fart pranking apps
The best applications for drawing of friends and colleagues. The functionality turns on the timer and various sounds by repeated pressing.
There will be new characters and sounds soon.
Download and take pleasure from reaction of surrounding people.
Download the application and tell friends!

2.) Fart Sounds :   iphone android 

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
Fart sound is the best app you can ever find to make yourself and friends around you laugh. This app provides you with the best sound of farts. Release some fake gas with no smell from your mobile phones. This app has easy to use manual for you. Apart from this you even have timer setting in it and 50 types of fart sound too and a whoopee cushion. Android users go ahead and download it now.

3.) 50 fart sounds  android

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
As the name suggests there is 50 fart sounds available to you in it. This app is made for you to download it and have a great laughter session with your friends. There are different types of funny fart sounds available for you in it on which will cry your hearts out by laughing. You can save it as your ringtone or message alert tone too. Download this app and enjoy. Android friendly.

4.) Fart Sound Board: Funny Fart Sounds & Boo Buttons iphoneandroid

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
There is about 20 fart sounds waiting for you to get explored in this app. Apart from the fart sounds it also has funny games with fart sound effects. This app is made for entertainment purpose and is good for all ages. This app has the detector, music, noises, bomb prank etc, and has various amazing feature for you to have fun with your friends from this app. It fits the best to Android users.

5.) Fart Collection Free iphone /  android

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
The moment you download this app and start to use it you just won’t be able to control your laughter. It is a very simple app with extremely funny fart sounds. The fart collection is an app made free and requires less space on your device. It has burp and fart ringtones. It also has really funny fart songs. This amazing fart app also includes a timer system and an interesting feature which you will get to know when you download it. Android friendly.

6.) Fart Sounds iphoneandroid

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
Control the volume of the farts from your device and make it a fart machine. This app allows a person to enjoy and keep laughing at the fart sounds produced from the app. Some really funny sounds are there in this app for you on which you can laugh with your friends and fool the people around you by making them realise that it is actually you who farted. Android users download this app now on your devices and have great fun by laughing with it.

7.) Fart Machine  iphoneandroid

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
Just set the infinity loop and keep playing the farts one after the other and make everyone laugh. This entertaining app is so hilarious that you just can’t resist yourself from downloading it. You can even set ringtones from this. It is a public prank. Everyone laughs with you and at you. It suits the best to Android devices.

8.) Best Fart Sounds android

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
If you find the elevator full and want to empty it then this is the perfect app for you to make it happen. This app has many fart sounds stored in it. You can download this app anytime and anywhere, it won’t even acquire much space in your devices. With the help of this app, you can do so just by playing various farts from it. Android users download this Fart sound app for free now.

9.) Fart world  android / iphone

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
Be the solo entertainer and irritator as well to the people around you especially for elder or younger sisters as they give a matchless response to such disgusting stuff. These apps are made for you to enjoy and laugh hard with your friends. The Fart world is a good disgusting and a funny app which makes everyone laughs and gets them in tears. It has a smooth functioning and easy design which makes it easy for the users to understand and use the app. iOS users go ahead and download this app for free now.

10.) iFart – the original fart sounds app  android / iphone

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
Enjoy the sounds of the farts available for you on this iFart app. It has the best farts recorded for you. You can never find such good quality of farts for yourself on any other app but this. This app allows you to record your own fart and make it public to your friends and family. This app is highly addictive and hilarious as well as disgusting. iPhone users have the privilege to download this app on their respective devices for free form the app store and enjoy all the fun after that. It is iOS friendly.

11.) Bacon farts app- best farts sounds iphone

Fart prank apps  Android / iphone 2018
This is the best app you can download on your devices. It includes all the fun and laughs you need when bored or depressed. You can create your own type of music from these fart sounds given to you. Bacons fart app is really interesting and entertaining. Apart from all this, it has even funny names to the types of farts available for you. You will love this app once you download it. Highly recommended for iPhone users. iOS-friendly.
These fart apps 2021 mentioned are made for entertainment purpose. You can enjoy it with your friends. A person just can’t resist themselves from laughing at the sounds produced. These fart apps android/iphone 2021 are really hilarious and disgusting too. You can download these apps for free and they even require much space in your devices. If you found the information good enough for you then do share and comment.