11 Best Emoji Apps (Android/iphone) 2023

Hey, the guy’s you love chatting with online.
But simple text messaging ruins your chatting experience.
Here are the best emoji apps Android/iPhone 2023 that make your chatting more attractive and emotions active.
Interact with each other by showing your emotions by emojis.
All types of awesome emoji + animoji you will find it here.
Make your text messaging experience to the next level.
Use stickers, notes, emojis,animoji,custom emoji, and much more while chatting.
Make boring things interesting with it.
Here are the best emoji keyboard apps for Android/ios.
Let’s download and start using it now.

Facemoji emoji keyboard 

Number one top rared best free emoji app Android/ios available on Google play store with more than ten million downloads.
A number says everything how much people love this app.
More than 3500+ excellent all types of emojis which you can use on chatting.
Discover awesome themes.
Customize your emoji dashboard according to your needs.
Best emoji keyboard with excellent functionality.
The emoji collection also has awesome stickers and gifs which you can send while chatting and make your chatting experience better and more enjoyable.
Let’s download and send emoji now.
install – Android / iphone

Emoji maker 

Best Emoji App
Please create your customized emoji with it.
Emoji + animoji, yes, you heard right !!!
The latest animoji which available on the latest iPhone x you can use on your android smartphone.
Let’s convert your simple emoji into animoji and express more with it.
More engaging and more enjoyable.
Excellent app with 1 million downloads.
Let’s create awesome emojis in seconds.
It’s your personal customized emoji maker app.
Convert your imagination into emoji now.
Let’s set download.
install – Android / iphone
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Best Emoji App

Greetings from the app page of the Mirror AI – advanced 3D avatar maker! Create your own characters, cute pics, memes, memoji AR stickers, avatars, and big emoji stickers.

It’s time to add your own touch to the standard set of keyboard stickers! You can use smart emojis and share your stories on the most popular social networks, chats, and messengers. You can create customized avatars for your phone using Mirror: Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, HTC, Meizu, LG, Sony.

install – Android 

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Elite emoji

Best Emoji App

Another excellent app for emoji lovers.
Awesome sensational collection of every type of emojis.
Let’s discover every type of different different
Emojis according to your situations.
Extensive collection of awesome emojis for every type categories.
Let’s download this app and discover now.
You can also add a witty message with it.
Awesome message ideas are directly available with each emoji.
Let’s download and send your first awesome emoji with it.
install – Android / iphone
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Kika emoji keyboard

 Emoji Apps (Android/iphone)
Another great emoji keyboard android / iPhone for you.
Discover the extraordinary treasure of emojis.
Animated gifs and animated stickers make your chat more realistic.
Let’s increase your chat experience to another level.
Excellent app with 100 million satisfied users.
Try it now and experience an emoji keyboard that you never experience before.
Fast typing, rich themes, emoji treasure, and much more.
Let’s download and start sending emojis now.
Let’s set emoji.
install – Android 

Keyboard-emoji emojicons

Best Emoji App

Another blockbuster mind-blowing superb excellent app for emoji lovers.
I think I praised it too much, but it deserves it.
Connect with people on chat with emojis and emoticons.
Show your emotions in a chat with awesome emoticons.
You also find all the significant functionality with this keyboard auto-correcting, fast typing, one tap emoji gif emoticons sharing.
Let’s chat with your friends with this awesome emoji keyboard android.
Available on Google play store free with more than 10 million downloads.
Let’s get started, download, and start chatting.
install – Android 


Best Emoji App
Create your cartoon emoji and share it with your friends and family members while chatting.
Excellent interactive and unique types of emoji you will find it here.
Let’s discover its awesome emoji collection.
Send awesome emojis in chat.
Create your fantastic cartoon character with excellent customization options.
Lots of awesome interactive emojis collection.
Make your Snapchats more engaging with it.
Use everywhere whenever or whichever social platform you are using.
Download now from Google play store/ios store. It’s available free there with 100 million satisfied users.
install – Android / iphone
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Best Emoji App
Another great one emoji keyboard android app.
Every single emotion of emoji you will find it here.
Just swipe and see a vast collection of emojis.
Search live gifs while chatting and send directly.
Excellent user interfaces easy to use.
Different types of keyboard,auto-correction, night mode,100+ themes, and much more.
Everything you need in an emoji keyboard is here.
Let’s download and start using it now.
install – Android 

Emoji keyboard 

Best Emoji App
Another best emoji android app in this list.
It also contains an extensive collection of emojis, New stickers,100+ awesome customizable themes, and much more.
Easily send awesome stickers, gifs, and much more while chatting.
Let’s get started
Excellent interactive app for emoji lovers.
Easily customize your keyboard apply the theme with your photos.
Fancy fonts, emoticons, and much more.
Available on Google play store with more than 1 million downloads.
Let’s set start chatting with emojis.
install – Android 
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Go keyboard 

Best Emoji App
I think you already know about this because its go launcher and go themes are incredibly awesome.
So guy’s another best app from this company is go keyboard with awesome emoji and swipe to gif keyboard.
Excellent funky types of keyboard. You will find it here.
Let’s send awesome emojis, live gifs, stickers while chatting.
One of the best emoji keyboard app for Android.
Excellent looking keyboard. Let’s have a try.
More than 100 million downloads on the Google play store.
Let’s download.
install – Android 


 Emoji Apps (Android/iphone)
One of the best awesome sexy emoji keyboard android/iPhone on this list.
Excellent sexy-looking keyboard with sexy emoji collection.
Let’s download free from the Google play store.
It’s available free with ten million happy users.
Excellent functionality immense treasure of emoji.
Great themes, stickers, live gifs, and much more.
All the things which you need on a keyboard are here.
Completely satisfaction guaranteed app.
install – Android