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Advancement in technology has taken place in such a way that we have reached from paper pencil to smartphones and stylus. Not only we have smart phones but we have the smartest screens as well which acts as a notebook or you can say a drawing book. Though nothing can replace the naturality of a paint brush on a canvas but we can not even forget that we are living in a digital world where digital art is worshipped.
Now a days digital art is not only in demand because of the visuals it provides but is also very usefull in acquiring information. Following are the top 10 best drawing apps for Android and IOS 2021 that will not only help you sketch your ideas on your phone’s screen but will also boost your creativity.

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top 10 best drawing apps android/iphone 2018


1.ArtFlow  android

best drawing apps android 2018

ArtFlow is the best drawing application available on the google playstore in 2021 as this drawing app is suitable for every age. The app comes with a bunch of features which includes colour adjustments, undo and redo buttons, andandroid drawing apps up to 16 layers with 11 different blending modes and an array of other tools that makes this application the best in the market.
While using the app you can take images through your phone’s camera or may even import any file from your phone’s gallery into the app and start editing it and can even export them back to yor phone after editing it. also check in-depth guide on pixpa blog about drawing apps

2.PaperDraw  android

best drawing apps android / iphone 2018

PaperDraw is one of the best drawing application available in the android market and is a tough contender to ArtFlow. This app focuses on providing real life drawing experiences to its users through different types of brushes and with some unique features.
With Paper Draw you can not only import a file from your phone to the application but can also make the file’s image transparent so that you can sketch it again and start painting over it with an array of availble tools in the app. Some other features in the app includes the ability to add text, custom cover, graphics tools, etc.

3.Procreate 4  iphone

best drawing apps iphone 2018

Created by Savage Interactive Procreate 4 is one of the best digital drawing application available for the ios devices and can be downloaded from app store very easily. Being awarded with the Apple Design Award the app is very popular and is even used by some very popular names like Sam Gilbey and Pete Fowler. Procreate 4 being the 4th version in procreate series lets artists paint, sketch and draw with over 130 brushes available within the app. The app also provides users the ability to create their own massive canvasses and work across multiple layers as it supports 64-bit colour and multi-touch gestures.

4.Autodesk Sketchbook  android  iphone

best drawing apps android/iphone 2018

The next best drawing application available on appstore/ios is Autodesk Sketchbook. The best thing about this app is that even it’s full version is completely free on appstore and is very easy to download. Autodesk Sketchbook includes features like ability to snap-and-scan paper drawings using your iPad’s or iphone’scamera and with over 190 customisable brushes for those who like to paint this app is the most versatile app in the market in terms of tools and features. The app not even disappoint those working in more geometric forms and needs tools like Ruler, Ellipse and the Radial Symmetry tools as well.

5.Ibis Paint X  android iphone

best drawing apps android/iphone 2018

Being among the best of the available drawing apps in the android market Ibis Paint comes with a lot of fun and unique features One of them is that it gives it’s users the ability to record their screen while drawing and users can even publish the drawing process. The app has more than 140 different kinds of brushes that includes dip pens, digital pens, airbrushes, etc. which makes this app one of the most versatile app in the market. The app is completely free to download from play store but the free version contains adds.

6.Affinity Photo iphone

best drawing apps iphone 2018

Affinity Photo for iPad is developed and published by Serif and is one of the best drawing app for ios operating system and is availbale on ios app store. This app is basically aphoto-editing app that includes a vasriety of digital painting tools including over 120 customisable brushes with control over pressure, angle, tilt and velocity. Because of its features and vast variety of tools the app was even awarded with Apple App of the Year 2017.

7.Sketch – Draw &Paint  android  iphone

best drawing apps android / iphone 2018

Sketch-Draw & Paint is one of the best drawing apps available on Android market and has crossed over 50 million downloads. It provides a unique drawing and photo editing experience to its users and with multiple no of brushes, pens, and pencils available the app is in big demand.

8.Sketch Master  android  

best sketch apps android 2018

Sketch Master is one of the best drawing apps available on play store. This app is a very lightweight and simple drawing app designed in such a way that it is suitabble for all ages. It has multiple types of brushes and drawing tools as well and has a very simple user interface. THe app comes with three different layers, and up to 3000% zoom and users can even import images from gallery and camera and save and share pictures on social networks as well.

9.Simple Draw

best drawing apps android

This app is one of the best free drawing android apps available on google play store. Though the app is not equipped with bundles of features but still it is the best to use app because of its very simple interface and easy to use features. It has a variety of colours but you cannot change the type of brush provided in the app. Free to download on play store the app does not have even a single add which keeps it simpler.

10.RoughAnimator  android  /  iphone

best drawing apps android / iphone 2018

RoughAnimator is one of the best and unique drawing app available in the market that not only let you draw images and pictures but also lets you create animations. Besides creating a image that you can export and share, RoughAnimator lets you create full on animations which makes this app unique and more popular from others.


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