Hey guy’s need best compass apps android/iphone 2021 ?
Everyone wants to do some kind of adventure in their life and for that they make plans for adventure trips. People who loves hiking, trekking instead of going shopping malls usually want to go a nature’s trek with their family and friends outside the city limits. A compass is one of the best thing that person carry with them. If you want to have adventures trip without a compass, It does not feel like a adventure trip as you planned for it. For all that one does not need a compass in the modern world technology because it is available on smart phone Android and IOS as well. A compass is the handiest tool and used for direction and navigation but in the modern world of technology compass have become more and more outdated as the smart phone and GPS devices has taken place in the market and most of the people like to carry smart handy device like smart phone instead of carrying this handy tool compass . There are number of applications that one can download to his/her smart phone device and it is very easy to access your destination.

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top 10 best compass apps android/iphone 2018


1.COMPASS PRO  android   /  iphone

best compass app android 2018
This is one of the best compass app Android/ iphone 2021 and absolutely this is totally free to download. It is very useful when you are outside in the city and want to get directions of your destination. Compass Pro is very fast with beautiful display that supports high definition display. This application is widely used by professionals and apprentice as well. This application helps users to show many useful information like latitude, longitude, altitude, acceleration, location etc.

2.GYRO compass     (IOS)

best compass apps iphone 2018

Gyro Compass is another one of the best compass app iohone 2021 which is popular amongst millions of users. This amazing application is available on Apple App Store and is basically developed for IOS devices such as iPhones and iPads . Gyro Compass is widely used application that features GPS and online map that supports modern compass mode. Through this amazing application one can easily search and find a GPS pinpoint. This app offers different compass style with app purchases, if you like smooth designs , you can unlock different styles through app purchasing and one can also approach to the best location via iCloud and can calculate range on a map according to his/his current GPS location.

3.COMPASS 360 PRO  android

best compass app android 2018

It is most popular application among the users. This application is famous for its best performance because Compass 360 Pro’s performances depend on user’s device and this amazing application works properly in all the areas. In that case if it is not working properly then there will be some problem with the device. This is completely free application that features simple compass with several personalize designs and gives GPS, city and weather information about your location as well. Compass Pro is available on both Android and IOS.


best 3d compass app android 2018

3D Compass is the best application among millions of the users . As the name of this application suggests it is 3 dimensional or a 3D compass. It is available on your Android device and this is developed with a reality view. It makes a compass wonderful and authentic and this real time compass can rotate automatically and can provide useful information too. 3D Compass Pro includes some ultimate features like degrees count, heading , front facing camera etc.

5.COMPASS 54 LITE    iphone

best compass app iphone 2018

This is amazing application which helps users finding the accurate location at real times. It is most famous application that has many amazing features that includes real time latitude, altitude, weather information and many more useful information it provides.

6.MARINE COMPASS   andorid

best compass app android 2018

This application is vey helpful when you are travelling in a boat or a ship because it provides useful information to its users as this amazing application features 3-D dimensional black compass with a big text classify all the headings. With the help of this application one can set a display location with GPS .


best compass app iphone 2018

This is specially developed for iPhones and iPads with ultimate features that users really love to download this application. This application works well like any other compass application. Compass features a very simple screen, provide altitude, GPS coordinates, weather facts and give information about 360 degree position as well.

8- commander compass android  /  iphone

best commander compass app android/iphone 2018

This is also most popular application amongst iphone/android users which is deisgned like commanders compass militery style. comander compass helps to pairs compass with users phone’s camera and taking their compass indicating into a real life setting and with the help of this application one can choose snaps through a built library and also look his/her photo within the application in terms of its directional position.

9- ACCURATE COMPASS  android  /  iphone

best compass apps android/iphone 2018

It is also one of the best compass application that provides a realistic 3-Ddimensional look like the traditional physical compass. With the help of this application one can easily find location through navigation. The best thing about this amazing application is that users need not to be forced holding their smart phone devices parallel to the ground. This app also can not be affected by any other magnetic field just because Accurate Compass uses magnetometer for efficiency.

10- Altimiter GPS PRO  iphone

best compass app iphone

This is latest compass application which is created by Andrea Pilani and this application have lots of amazing features and useful information and this is the application which is very controllable for those who aren’t tech-savvy. With the help of this application users can also save their starting position and calculate the shortest way to return and the best thing about this application is that it does not require any internet connection so that users can use it in the back country or on any adventures.


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