20 Best Clone Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

Hey guys are you need an excellent clone apps Android/iPhone 2023?
Here I add awesome clone apps to create multiple accounts on iPhone/Android 2023 for you
it helps you clone or make multiple accounts of any app available on the Google play store/iOS store and your smartphone.
Now use your app double to separate your personal and business life in a more advanced way.
No more double login or sign out.
Just log in to both accounts at the same time and enjoy multitasking at an advanced level.
Best clone apps for android/ios 2023 are waiting for you.
You also get a privacy locker system in these apps, which helps you to protect your data from others.
Leave tension free life.
Such guys no more talking.
Here is the list.

Parallel space  Android / Iphone

 best Clone app android 2023
Need multiple tasking at the same time on your smartphone? This app helps you to create a clone of any app in seconds.
Just choose the app and hit on clone button. Your app is ready to use.
Best and superfast cloning app available on the Google play store/iOS store.
With more than 50 millions downloads hits.
Awesome different themes. You love it because millions of people loved it.
Best clone app for Android 2023.
Let’s have a try.
Let’s set clone now.
also check – app hider for android

 dual apps  Android / Iphone

 best Clone app android 2023
Another great clone app for Android/iPhone users.
This app also a good competitor on cloning apps on a smartphone.
Clone now and enjoy two same apps in a different environment at the same time.
Superfast cloning speed.
You can also upgrade your account to its premium version, where you get some advanced functionality of app cloning.
Lots of new features and much more.
But in starting no need for premium features. Just download it’s a free version and enjoy.
Let’s download and start cloning now.

 parallel U Android

 best Clone app android
 This app dedicated and developed for social media lovers.
Clone your whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more accounts in seconds.
Increase your productivity on social media.
Separate each account for work and personal use.
No mixture or no more boring sign-ups or log in.
Keep logged in on your clone account and use both versions at a time.
It’s time to separate all the things.
Let’s have a try go and download now.

Super clone  Android

best clone app android
Another Superfast cloning app with a simple and easy to use user interface.
All the essential features which you want in a cloning app is here.
You love this app.
Here you also see a private locker that helps you to protect your data of cloned apps.
Just lock them and leave your phone anywhere without any tension.
No buddy can Access your accounts without your permission.
Let’s download and create multiple accounts now.

Multiple accounts   Android

best clone app
Are you want to do double fun at a time.
Then This app for you to cross your fingers and see its features. It’s just incredible.
Privacy and security for your data.
Leave your phone anywhere without any stress.
No more hang excellent optimized UI interface easy to use and fastest cloning service with it.
Excellent multiple accounts experience.
No compromises on productivity.
Let’s start doubling.

Clone it  Android

best clone app android
This is a different type of cloning app for your smartphone.
If you are going to buy a new smartphone or transfer all data from one smartphone to another without any headache, this one is for you.
Just download the app from the Google play store and connect your mobile with it.
Know transfer your all data with it.
It clones your all data into a new phone.
Best online data cloning app for Android.
Let’s download and start cloning your smartphone now. let’s run dual apps.

2accounts  Android

 best Clone app android 2023
Another great clone app androids 2023.
Best secure and fastest app available on the google play store
Clone it and start using two various accounts at the same time
Set a password and secure all the cloned data from your smartphone.
No more mixups on public or private data
Use it separate it.
Let’s start run multiple apps on single android device.

Cloneapp messenger  Android

best clone app
As the name suggests, it’s clone all WhatsApp and messenger accounts in seconds.
Use two messengers and whatsapp on your smartphone without any headache.
Simple and easy to use.
Manage your work and personal life with it.
Moat simplified social apps cloner app available on the Google play store.
Just choose the app and hit on clone button, and you all set.
Let’s try and clone it. one of the best and good cloning app android.

Do multiple Android

best clone app android
Another blockbuster cloning app Android all the features which I mention on the above app it contains totally.
Let’s download it and start using cloning apps.
Play clash of clan, royal rumble at the same time with dual entertainment.
Excellent app cloning system.
Fast cloning and safe privacy.
Let’s download and enjoy more than two accounts.

Copy my data Android

best clone app android
Are you planning to buy a new smartphone but afraid of losing data? Don’t worry; you can not lose anything.
Trust me
This app helps you transfer and clone all your data, music, video, images, and contacts everything to your new device.
Just connect each other and hit on clone button.
Your data from old device to new moved successfully
Don’t forget to give me a party with a new smartphone. let’s download and run multiple apps on your android device.

Multi Parallel Android

 best Clone app android 2023

Using this device, you can develop multiple profiles on Facebook, whatsapp, messenger and run that application on one device. Even you can also operate all those accounts simultaneously. You can create various social media accounts and use them with a fast switching mode between them.

If you want to play multiple games at one time and don’t want to miss your friend’s messages, this application will help you maintain games and messaging both at the same time with the help of creating multiple clone applications.best multi parallel app android/ios 2023.

Clone app Android

 best Clone app android 2023

This application can give a facility to create and run two duplicate apps and run them flexibly without any trouble. It helps you to operate multiple cloning applications for WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger effectively.

This super clone is 100% flexible to run all applications simultaneously. It is free to manage more than two gaming application and social media platforms easily.

This excellent clone is empowered by Polestar Application which helps you to download multiple accounts.

 Multi-Multiple accounts Android

 best Clone app android 2023

This application allows you to clone and run multiple social media application on one device. Multi accounts application helps you to get into social networking platform simultaneously without getting into trouble.

You don’t have to log in again and again; you can log in to both applications simultaneously and enjoy multitasking work effectively. This application also gives a privacy lock system to protect your log in details and private messages perfectly.best app for multiple social media accounts.

Dr Clone Android

 best Clone app android 2023

Through this application, you can sign in to multiple accounts of one application and simultaneously, you can create your private system.

Here, you can hide all your designed apps with a lock and password so that no one can access your details without your concern.

It is an interlinked version of Parallel social accounts, double accounts and protects your privacy with a practical and robust locking mode.

Parallel Accounts Android

 best Clone app android 2023

Parallel accounts is an application that is operated as a virtual OS in your phone once you download it.

It allows you to run diverse and different kinds of accounts of similar application on one single phone. With just one click, you can switch easily from one app to another and also it has features that allow you to hide your details and messages for better and effective privacy.

 Clone App Android

 best Clone app android 2023

Clone App is one of the best mobile applications for smartphones that you can use to create a copy of apps on your smartphone and access two accounts of an app on the same android device while one is private and another one is private for the public.
This app comes with various options to lock apps, photos, videos, and others to secure them and provides secure storage of data and apps so that no one other can get access to your apps and data directly.

The app is available in two languages English and Hindi, which makes sure that Indian users can also use this app easily.

 Matey  Android

 best Clone app android 2023
The matey app is one of the best apps for smartphones in 2023, which allows you to clone the app and run them into parallel on your android device while cloned apps work independently from their original apps.

All data will also be stored separately.
This app allows you to change the clone app name and icon from original and also lets you change the storage option from internal to external SD card.

The matey app comes with various features, including incognito mode, to add password protection, hiding the Android ID or spoofing locations, and others.

For Parallel 

 best Clone app android 2023

It is among the most popular cloning apps for android users, which allows running multiple accounts of the same app on the same device. The app gives access to multi login for the same android app on the same machine for free, and it is easy to use.

And the multi-login does not disturb the similar app and run efficiently.
You can also use unique themes for your cloned apps, while you can easily clone games, social networking, and other apps to use multiple times on your smartphone.

This cloned app allows various apps to run separately without crashing.

Dual Space  Android

 best Clone app android 2023

The app comes with many features that allow you to use multiple accounts of an app after clone apps. You can get more than one account of an app on your smartphone quickly.

Dual space is a helpful app for those who have double social accounts for work and personal.
The app contains the feature to use the dual smartphone to use more than one social account to chat with strangers. You can easily use both in the same period on the same smartphone.

The app provides a high-security option so that all of your data will be safe and secure.

Clone Camera Android

 best Clone app android 2023

It is a mobile application that allows you to manage multiple cameras on your smartphone.

The app consists of a fantastic feature to clone camera apps so that you can easily click the best 3D photos.
This app is an excellent and unique feature that allows you to directly upload and share photos with your friends using social media apps.

The app gives access to no interference between accounts so that you will be able to get notifications separately.