This world is photo obsessed and we all love clicking pictures with our friends and family every now and then. Sometimes our mobile camera is not that good or does not have much filters or effects from which we can click the good picture. So here are some best camera apps Android/iOS 2021. Have a look at them and enjoy the output from it.

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Best camera app


1.HD Camera – Best Cam with filters & panorama android

Best camera app

Best camera app Android 2021. HD camera app has the features like snap moment, professional filters, effects, etc. You can even shoot a video with the help of this app. As the title suggests it even has panorama mode where you can click photos and enjoy the feature. Apart from this, you can also be an expert in it the more you use it. This app allows you to have the best pictures clicked. Compatibility with Android is seen with this app.

2.Retrica android / iphone

Best camera app

This app has millions of download. It is the best camera app Android 2021. Retrica has come out with the best filters and effects for you which make your photographs look amazing. You can also click selfies from this app. It will help you to enhance your photos. You can also be a part of many communities and learn new skills from other users. Make collage and videos too with this app. Android users can download this wonderful app for free.

3.A Better Camera android

Best camera app

A better camera is actually a better camera for clicking photos. It is the best camera app Android 2021. Anyone who downloads this app for clicking photos will never regret using it. This app has the features like the night mode, best shot, single shot, good exposure and contrast, super mode, object removal, etc. the more you use this app the more you will enjoy it. explore this app and the various other features too. Android users download this app now.

4.Open Camera android / iphone

Best camera app

This camera is far much better than your mobile camera. Best camera app android 2021. This app has good features and very fine picture quality. The mobile camera might not give you such a good result in photos. The open camera app has good functions which are easy to understand. This app is not complicated and even has a click sound which you take a snap. Android users download this app now and enjoy.

5.DSLR Camera Blur Background, Bokeh Effects Photo android

Best camera app
Best camera app Android 2021. From this app, you can easily edit the background of any picture that you click. We all like the feature of blurring the background of our pictures to remove any unwanted item or person. The highlighted picture of ours will come more in view if we blur the background of our picture. There are many hits of download on this app. you will love this app once you download it on your android devices.

6.B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera android / iphone

Best camera app

There are millions of download on this app as this app is the best Camera app Android 2021. B612 is trending so much among the people. People just love this camera app as it has the best filters and stickers and face editors which will make your pictures very attractive. You can download it for free and enjoy the smooth working of this app. Everyone will fall in love with this app the moment you start using it. Android users are lucky to have this app on their play store.

7.Camera MX – Free Photo & Video Camera android / iphone

Best camera app

Millions of download are there on this app. It is the best camera app Android 2021. This camera app gives the best capturing of images. The app camera MX has the fantastic quality of video recording and snap. It supports both the rear and front camera, has filters and effects, adjustable brightness and contrast setting and other basic needs like cropping etc. It even has a slow-motion feature in it. The android compatible app which is easy to use and understand. Download it now.

8.Photofy Content Creation android / iphone

Best camera app

50000+ overlays for you to apply on your photo. It is the best camera app for iOS 2021. This camera app allows you to click photos and then edit them. It the world’s easiest app available for iOS. You can add text, artwork, create a logo, apply filters etc., from this app. Photofy is compatible with iOS devices.

9.MOLDIV- Photo Editor, Collage android / iphone

Best camera app

Best camera app iOS 2021. You will fall in love with this app. it has the option of adding your favourite music in the snaps while making a video. It also allows you to edit your picture. It has live 200+ live filters for you. Zoom, flash, self-timer etc., are there for you to use to create a memorable video or capture a good picture. This app provides you with the option of adding text and animation on the masterpiece you created. iOS users can download this app for free. Enjoy

10.YouCam Perfect- Photo Editor android / iphone

Best camera app

With the help of this amazing app, you can click lovely pictures and upload them to social networking sites. Youcam is a very good app for all the iOS users out there. This app not only clicks photo but also has an editor with which you can edit your photos and create a wonderful and beautiful image. It also has beautifying effects to make you look better than the original you by hiding your impurities. It also has a face and body editing with collage, frames and grid making.
Best camera app iOS 2021. Best fits iOS users, so what are you waiting for, download it now.


By using these apps you can have the best camera picture output.

these are the best camera apps Android/iOS 2021. They are easy to use and less complicated. Have the best fun from these amazing camera apps. They do not even acquire much space on your mobiles. If you found the information useful and good then do not forget to comment and share.