Hey guys are you searching for best artificial intelligence software then you came at right place here i pick some awesome artificial intelligence software,apps for you, you can run these software on your windows PC and download these artificial intelligence apps on your android or iOS smartphone

So guys everyone knows most famous artificial intelligence software Jarvis !!!
We want a friend and assistance like Jarvis which can do anything which we say to him most intelligent assistance of iron man
We jealous from Robert Downey and it’s most heart attacking line
You can’t get a assistant like Jarvis but you easily do some normal tasks of PC and smartphones like reading message,notes making,setting alarm,searching,opening apps e.t.c
There is many artificial intelligence apps available on the market and you know Facebook c.e.o mark zuckerberg working on making his personal assistant like Jarvis he recently uploaded a video of Jarvis and it’s awesome
So guys let’s check out some awesome
best artificial intelligence apps/software for windows/mac 2020
    best artificial intelligence software


1. Braina

Braina is a artificial intelligence app for windows you can easily interect with your PC function through English language commands. You can use Normal English commands for accessing the windows functions you can also download braina android app for direct accessing your windows PC from your smartphone just send commands view your phone and it’s all set
One of the best artificial intelligence software available on the market for windows download now and enjoy

2.Links Mark II

This is another great artificial intelligence software for PC you can download it from it’s official website beta version 2 is available with more functionality and more easy to use commands this ai software also  support voice commands just say it and see that process on your screen directly one of the best artificial intelligence software for windows.

3. Ultra Hal Assistant

This is one of the best and unique artificial software you can choose characters,for speaking
There is different different types  of characters available in like frog,girl,boy e.t.c this software uses your sound card to receive and generate voice messages pretty amazing software you can talk with this ai software
If you are getting bored then this is your new best friend for chit-chat
You can run any program of your windows it’s sync your all the installed program and whenever you want to run it’s run for you
One of the best software available in the market download now and enjoy.

4.Jarvis Lite

Hey you!!love   Jarvis of iron man movie everything he do it for their owner one of the best artificial intelligence software in the world and people’s are dieing for this software what about if you get this software not like same as movie but you can do voice commands and manage your windows software with this ai software here is the Jarvis Lite it’s support voice commands,shell command,custom command,social,termination and much more one of the best artificial software for windows download now and use now.


Cortana one of latest and new artificial intelligence software from windows it’s Available on all the platform like android,windows,ios,xbox e.t.c
Just download it and use it it’s awesome  it’s launched with windows 10.

6.AIVC (Alice)

This is another great artificial intelligence app for your android smartphone it’s officially available on the Google play store you can download directly from here more then 5 millions downloads of this app on this market it’s provide you best functionality of controlling your mobile phone directly from your voice one of the best voice commands receiving and processing ai app in Google play store you can ask questions to aivc app and get answers from this app control your smartphone from your voice commands and much more download and enjoy.

7.amazon alexa

 best artificial inteligence app android/iphone 2018
This is another great artificial intelligence app for android you can download and control your smartphone from your voice just give a command and it’s process your command on the go this is one of the best conversational ai app which gives you complete facility of managing your apps and other stuff of your smartphone.


best artificial intelligence software windwows
Siri most famous and interesting artificial app for iPhone it’s awesome you can do anything with this app just command them mean just say siri to make a coffee !!! hehehe it’s not make coffee for you but it’s shows you how to make coffee you can call your friends and family members with this app and set alarm,reminder and anything with this app most functional and large number of features app for iPhone it’s Available directly on latest iPhones if not then you can download from iOS store

9.Google now

Google now is another great ai app for android smartphone users one of the best personal assistant app developed by Google,Google now launcher is also available on the Google play store you can download and use now simple ui and interesting features well managed menu get attention of yours you see Google bar on your home screen which you can use to command them or search anything in phone or outside the phone one of the best ai app for android.


This is another great smart assistant app for android it’s  manage your task,reminder,calender e.t.c directly from your voice command you can also share your tasks with your family and friends best way to manage and automatically generate tasks and done at time more then 100 thousands download on Google play store if you want to manage your tasks,reminders,calender e.t.c from ai app then this app for you download now and use it’s awesome.


Robin ai voice assistant it’s another great app available on the Google play store more than 1 million downloads of this app on market you can get location updates,nearby places and much more you can also send email,update your status on social media app, ask weather to this app everything is done by this app one of the best ai app for android just download it and use now.
 So guys these are the best artificial intelligence software windows/mac 2021 devices just download them on your machine and give them commands and manage your programs directly from your PC. All these software is very good in handling voice commands easily accept it and process the command instantly
You not get facility like iron man’s Jarvis do but you get your main daily life things done with these software so after setting up these software on your computer devices don’t forget to share these with your friends and family members so they also know about these awesome ai software 2021 and manage their tasks and programs from voice command directly.
Thank you