15 Best Beer Apps (Android/iphone) 2022

Liquor industry sales have jumped drastically in the last few years. For Beer Lovers, each pint is a one of a kind encounter. We have filtered through a few (generally) free brew applications, which would assist you with furthering your beer experience, either through information or simply old fashioned socialization. 

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Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

A simple to-utilize application that gives refreshed tap records to watering gaps around the world. Include distilleries, bars, and brewpubs to your Tap Hunter feed; at that point, feast your eyes on the divine drinks that are presently accessible. Refreshed habitually. This application permits you to check-in, rate lagers, investigate well-known bars, thus considerably more. The more you drink, the more identification you can gain. Nearby bars update their brew menus and occasions on the application as well. This application is a beer consumer’s heaven.

Beer Citizen

Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

Beer Citizen is a generally excellent application for all the beer lovers out there. It is an incredible spot to peruse and share surveys about beer to find out about them. The application additionally incorporates insights into the historical backdrop of every beer. A person can check a beer by its appearance, fragrance, taste, and mouthfeel. Yet, inside every one of those classes, there are truly many extra fields you can survey. These incorporate overwhelming, foamy, slick, warming, acidic, bubbly, flower, citrus, pine, malts, dull, carbonation, head maintenance; the rundown continues endlessly.

BEX Cellar

Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

The BEX Cellar is a friendly application for TheBeerExchange.io. This first form lets you deal with your beer basement, For Trade list, In Search of List, also your profile. Ensuing adaptations will empower you to oversee existing exchanges, speak with different clients, propose new exchanges, and leave surveys. You can sign in with your current BEX account on the off chance that you have one, or you can make another record utilizing your email address or untapped account.


Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

An intriguing turn on the dependable “Beer of the month” club, Tavour has gotten rave surveys from specialty beer fans because of the uniqueness and scarcity of its choice. Not the first of it is sort but rather unquestionably the most custom-fitted to beer lovers, Tavour is a beer conveyance administration. It is like beer of-the-month clubs in that it is ordinary, on a to some degree month to month premise. It is likewise like other online stores where you purchase beer and have it dispatched to you in a standard web-based business setting. In any case, the similitudes end there. 

BJCP Styles

Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

The BJCP Styles application will give you a point by point summary of practically all styles of beers. Homebrewers, beer judges, and lovers, cheer! Readily available you have the “2015 Style Database” for the Beer Judge Certification Program. Peruse this a few times, perhaps two or three hundred, and you will be a beer expert in a matter of moments. If you are a beer lover then you must install this app.

Calculate Beer

Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

This is an excellent app for beer lovers. It helps you in the calculation of home brews. This amazing app allows you to calculate and store your recipes. It additionally has an easy user interface which makes it a popular choice to the beer lovers.Perfect and simple to utilize, it is a one of a kind application for city occupants who need to settle on wonderful recipes.

BeerSmith Mobile Homebrewing

Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

BeerSmith is an absolute necessity for the advanced homebrewer who quit utilizing pencil and paper the subsequent PCs tagged along. The application makes finding new plans to mix, and inevitably blending them, a snap. There are a lot of devices in application to make it simpler, similar to a clock, unit converters, and seven adding machines (“hydrometer change, imbuement, liquor/constriction, crush modifier, weight/volume, refract meter and carbonation”).This cool app can make you a pro in beer.



On the off chance that you have at any point needed more beer yet without the capacity to recover it, Drizly is for you. Drizly will associate you with a neighborhood accomplice store, which will take your request and convey it to your doorstep in an hour or less. Although the administration shows a lot of hard work, inclusion is as yet restricted to around 20 significant urban communities, in any case, so it merits checking their accessibility. This is a must app for you if you are a beer lover.



Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

It is the Best App for the Beer Hunters: With a living document of more than 4,000 bottling works all through the world, myBeerNation outflanks some other distillery chasing applications. Essentially type in a particular beer, city, or state and myBeerNation guides you with indispensable bottling works data (address, site, telephone number, visiting choices, regardless of whether it serves food and so forth.) and a background marked by which breweries you have just been to. So in case you are attempting to hit various breweries on an excursion, or essentially live in a bottling works rich city, this application merits the $5. You must install this app if you want a good knowledge of beer.


Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

Ever slobber over a beer and need to quickly attempt it. There is an application for that. BeerMenus highlights the tap list for your nearby bars and stock rundown for your neighborhood beer store. In any case, the application has somewhat more than just “menus.” You can make a rundown of beers you have attempted and follow singular beers, so when it hits the rack you can be there prepared to purchase. 


Best Beer Apps Android/iphone 2022

Beer lovers know and love RateBeer as the most top to bottom database for mixes. The application (and site) is perfect for geeking out over the complexities of a brew, and it additionally incorporates a definitive rating framework that incorporates a huge measure of various beers. You can install this app in your Android and iPhone and enjoy.

Brewery Passport- Craft Beer

Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

is your versatile beer attendant for finding neighborhood beers and distilleries — more than 8,000 over the U.S. and Canada. Stamp your identification at every area, at that point record tasting notes about your encounters. Indeed, even associate with loved ones to share those recollections. If you love chilled beer then this is the apt app for you.

Bottling works Passport likewise includes the capacity to store brews tasted in a customized beer diary and discover nearby brew occasions. Bottling works Passport is the beer business’ most downloaded portable application for distillery in the travel industry.

Beer Counter

Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

Beer counter is an application that can monitor your beer utilization. This application proves to be useful in areas where the bill is paid for toward the end and no individual following is accomplished for a gathering of individuals having a few beers together. 

It tallies what number of beers you have expended and can likewise reveal to you the amount you have spent. You can change the measure of dollars per lager and change the measure of cash. I think this could help attempt to separate a bill toward the night’s end, yet in case you are truly utilizing a counter to follow your beer utilization for the evening, you are treating it terribly. 


Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

Is it accurate to say that you are feeling the endless hunger for another can of beer? If your response is in affirmative then iBeer is the portal for you. This beer application is progressively similar to a reenactment and makes it seem as though the person is drinking the beer from the telephone. With an astounding 90 million downloads, iBeer offers you virtual beer drinking experience. 

The application offers the opportunity to associate with outsiders or companions to hoist your virtual beer drinking experience. Tilt to drink, shake for froth, and even empty iBeer into different iPhones. 



Beer Apps Android / iphone 2022

It is a beer application for the IOS stage. The application makes it simple for you to welcome your companions for two or three beers. This reviving uncluttered method of welcoming companions has as of late picked up prominence among the adolescent to get out companions for having a beer together.

With this fabulous iOS application for beer, people can make a gathering, swipe contacts option to see them, and twofold tap to send the area to the companions.



Ice cold beer is very refreshing. When the chilled beer is consumed a chemical reaction takes place in your mouth. This reaction converts the carbon dioxide bubbles to carbonic acid which will instantly refresh you. The below apps are great for beer lovers. Hence follow the installation link and use these apps and enjoy drinking.