If you are a basketball freak and have a number of basketball or you are a basketball coach, then it is quite necessary for you to take care of your basketballs and keep them away from pointed objects and gravels. Therefore, you should keep a basketball rack for your basketballs to keep them safe and you will be able to use them for a long time. Given below is a list of top 15 basketball racks.

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1. neatfreak Garage / Sport 3 Tier Stackable  

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This basketball rack is made up of 100% Polyester. It includes 3 easy care fabric bins that can be wiped clean. It has 3 tier classification and can hold almost 9 basketballs of size 7. It is easy to assemble and is quite durable. It does not require much space to settle in. This convenient shelving system is a great way to keep your basketballs organised.

  • Product dimensions: 32.63” x 35.11” x 13.07”.
  • Product weight: 7.27 pounds.

2.neatfreak Garage / Sport 2 Tier Storage  

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This 2 tier basketball rack is made up of 100% polyester. It is a multi-purpose rack that can be used for garage, basement, mudroom, entryway to fulfil your organising requirements. It includes 2 easy care extra-large bins that can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. This rack can hold up to 4 basketballs of size 7. It has powder coated metal frame unlike other racks. It is very easy to assemble.

  • Product dimensions: 31.49” x 35.23” x 15.35”.
  • Product weight: 6.34 pounds.

3.Blue Collar Industries Basketball Butler  

Best Basketball Rack 2021

This unique patent-pending steel hex-shaped metal rack can hold up to 4 basketballs. It has a diameter of 5/16”. The package includes instruction, clamps and mounting screws. The basketball can be easily removed from the top or the bottom of the rack. Rack mounts to any pole 3” to 4.5” diameter with included clamps or to any 1.5” wide wood stud with included screws. All of its steel construction is powder coated and is made in USA. It has lifetime warranty.

  • Product dimensions: 36” x 13” x 11”.
  • Product weight: 9 pounds.

4.Crown Sporting Goods 4 Tier Basketball 

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This basketball rack is made up of strong steel frame and is sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of indoor as well as outdoor sports practices. It has 4 tier design. Each of its 4 wide shelves fits approximately 4 basketballs, making it easy for multiple players to grab a ball simultaneously. This rack has a rotating wheel base. Its white swivel caster wheels allow you to move the rack all around your place without leaving any scratch marks on the floor.

  • Product dimensions: 40”L x 55”H.
  • Product weight: 24 pounds.

5.Monster Ball Cart

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This basketball can hold up to 15 official size basketballs i.e. of size 7. It is fabricated from 1” square steel with black powder coated finish and non-marring casters. It has wheels, so you don’t have to put much effort to move the rack to your convenient place. This rack is very useful in a place where multiple players practice their drills at the same time.

  • Product dimensions: 50” x 31” x 3”.
  • Product weight: 28.8 pounds.

6.Spalding Replica Pro Basketball Rack

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This basketball rack comes from the company which supplies basketball for the official NBA matches. This rack is made up of durable chrome steel tubing. It has swivel casters through which you can move the rack wherever you like to. It has non-topple base, so there is no risk of the to trip while moving it. It also has angled rails for easy ball removal.

  • Product dimensions: 51” x 31” x 6”.
  • Product weight: 54 pounds.

7.Champion Sports Wall Storage Ball Rack

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

Made up of 7/8 inches diameter heavy duty steel tubing, this basketball rack can hold up to 12 basketballs of official size at a time. This rack features 3 rows of ball storage space in which the balls can be easily kept and removed whenever required. This rack can be mounted on any wall. The wall storage ball rack is a sensible solution for storing balls as it does not consume floor space.

  • Product dimensions: 47” x 12” x 3”.
  • Product weight: 10 pounds.

8.Champion Sports Ball Storage Cart

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This space saving basketball rack is made up of schedule 90 plastic pipe. It can hold up to 6 official size basketball. It comes with four heavy duty swivel casters for its easy movement. Assembly is required. This handy rack is great for storing your basketballs and also it doesn’t require much of your floor space. Therefore don’t allow your ball to occupy tons of space and get a clean, organised and compact storage system with this rack.

  • Product dimensions: 62:L x 18.5”W x 67”H.
  • Product weight: (not known).

9.Double Wide Steel Ball Cart

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

The double wide design of this ball rack makes it easy to take or return balls from either side of the cart. Its heavy duty swivelled rubber casters allow quick movement across the basketball court. It can hold up to 30 full-size basketballs. It has 1 inch chrome steel construction which provides strong support. It is light in weight, allowing easy pushing by the coaches or players. This rack is very useful at places where a huge number of players are practicing drills simultaneously.

  • Product dimensions: 45”L x 24”W x 22”H.
  • Product weight: 35 pounds.

10.Ball Cart 15 by BSN Sports

Best Basketball Rack 2021

This unique basketball rack is made up of heavy duty chrome steel rods. It has solid triangular frames for strength and stability. It has non-marring casters. The wide base design of this rack prevents it from tripping. It can carry 15 official size basketball. It is quite light in weight and is very compact and therefore, it will nor consume much of the space. The balls can be easily kept or removed from either side of the rack.

  • Product dimensions: 51”L x 19”W x 38”H.
  • Product weight: 10 pounds.

11.Pro Down Wall Mounted Helmet / Ball Rack

Best Basketball Rack 2021

This ball rack has 3 shelves and it can hold up to 18 official size basketballs. It is made up of chrome plated 1 inch steel tubing and is corrosion resistant. No assembly required. It is easy to install on any wall with help of 4 screws. Note that the screws are not included in the package. It is quite durable and light in weight.

  • Product dimensions: 60”L x 40”H x 15”D.
  • Product weight: 18 pounds.

12.Gared 16 Basketball Rack

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This basketball rack can hold 16 official size basketballs. It consists of 4 shelves made up from heavy gauge chrome plated steel. It has 4 non-marring casters which allow the rack to move easily across the court. It is light in weight and can be moved easily. It is highly durable. It is great way of maintaining your basketballs as this rack prevents the balls from wandering here and there, occupying a lot of space and also keeps your ball safe from pointed objects and small pebbles.

  • Product dimensions: 51.75”H x 41”W x 14”D.
  • Product weight: 17.8 pounds

13.FORZA Portable Sports Ball Trolle

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This easy versatile ball rack ensure that you can hold a large volume of sports ball in one position, preventing any potential losses. The durable of this rack make moving and transporting the 4 tier ball storage incredibly simple as well as preventing any potential scratches on the court. It also has the swivel breaking system allows you to move your balls to any place in the knowledge that the steel ball rack will not roll away. This rack is quite sturdy and rigid, made from durable galvanised steel and is corrosion resistant. This rack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor places as it has excellent weatherproof properties. This rack can hold 20 basketball of official size in its four racks.

  • Product dimensions: (not known)
  • Product weight: 42 pounds

14.Champion Sports Pro Ball Storage Cart

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This basketball rack can hold up to 35 inflated official sized basketball. It has heavy duty steel frame which is quite durable. The 1 inch diameter powder coated steel frame features 4 non-marking 4 inch diameter wheels at the bottom and locking heavy duty casters. Its three bottom racks can hold 10 balls each and the top rack can hold 5 balls.

  • Product dimensions: 51”L x 18.5”W x 54”H.
  • Product weight: 25 pounds.

15.Ball Rack 4-Layer Basketball Storage  

 Best Basketball Rack 2021

This rack is made up of metal and is quite strong and durable. It has 4 shelves and can hold 35 basketballs of official size. It is black in colour. It is easy to install and / mounted on any wall. It is a perfect space solution as it doesn’t require much space if kept on floor.

  • Product dimensions: 139 x 38 x 108 cm.
  • Product weight: 110.2 pounds.