11 Best Ballistic Calculator Apps (Android/iOS) 2024

Whether you’re a hunter looking to hit a target at long range or a competition shooter striving for maximum accuracy, having the right ballistic calculator app is essential.

In this article, we’ll look at 11 of the best mobile apps that allow you to calculate your shot’s trajectory and provide valuable data on wind speed, temperature and other variables that can affect your shot.

Read on to find out which ballistic calculator apps are worth downloading in 2024!

Ballistics Calculator 2024

Best Ballistic Calculator App

With this long range ballistics calculator, you can calculate range, bullet flight time, velocity, line of sight drop, wind drift, and energy, and see the visualization of the calculation.

With the ballistic calculator, you can use different units of measurement, such as MOA or mil (MRAD), inches or centimeters, yards or meters.

Ballistics calculator app includes muzzle velocity, bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, and other data for more than 3000 cartridges.

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Strelok. Ballistic calculator

Best Ballistic Calculator App

A ballistic trajectory calculator is Strelok.

Since 2001, this device has been field-proven to be accurate, small, and handy.

It supports imperial (yards, feet, inches, etc.) and metric units.

The vertical and horizontal values for rifle scope correction will be displayed once you input all parameters and click the “Calculate!” button.

In addition, you can select a reticle from the list and see wind and distance corrections on the reticle without having to turn knobs. You can also e-mail the image of the reticle with holdovers and ballistic tables.

Strelok+ will have all new features and reticles when it is released. You can already use Strelok+ to scale the reticle based on your scope magnification (if the reticle is placed in the second focal plane). There are ten rifles in the paid version (each with 10 cartridges), as well as many new reticles.

There will be no more updates to this free version.

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Best Ballistic Calculator App

This software contains advanced 4DOF trajectory and ballistic calculations based on Doppler Radar measured bullet drag coefficient inputs. It also includes an ammo library and a BC based calculator.

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Lapua Ballistics

Best Ballistic Calculator App

Lapua Ballistics is the ultimate 6DOF ballistics tool for mobile devices. It is the first mobile ballistics app that uses the 6DOF calculation model. This allows Lapua Ballistics to be the most accurate ballistics app available today. Combined with your firearm and local weather information, Lapua Ballistics always provides the latest, Doppler-proven data of Lapua cartridges and bullets. Custom bullets can also be defined manually through the app.

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Winchester Ballistics App

Best Ballistic Calculator App

Using cutting-edge technology, Winchester’s award-winning Ballistics Calculator app offers detailed ballistics information for hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts.

You can use the Winchester Ballistics Calculator to compare up to four different Winchester Ammunition products with the help of easy-to-read, high-tech ballistic charts and graphs. Among the seven categories are centerfire handguns, centerfire rifles, handgun hunting, handgun target/defense, rimfire handguns, rimfire rifles, and shotgun slugs.

To replicate ballistics performance in your own shooting or hunting environment, customize the shooting conditions in the ballistics calculator. View the ballistics of your favorite load by entering specific conditions such as elevation, wind speed, and outside temperature, adjusting zero marks for sighting in, and then adding your favorite load.

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Sako Ballistics Calculator

Best Ballistic Calculator App

This version of Sako Ballistics Calculator is now available on Android. Sako has taken all of the features and functionality of its web version and designed a user-friendly interface for Android users. It is one of the most accurate ballistics calculators on the market.

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Best Ballistic Calculator App

Featuring a clean, intuitive and polished user interface, Shooter is one of the most accurate ballistics calculators on the market. The Shooter has been used by police snipers around the world to place shooters in top positions at shooting competitions.

Robert Brantley recently won the 2018 King of 2 Mile match using Shooter. Here is what Robert had to say about the app:

“I have been using Shooter for many years and it has always worked well. I not only use it to get solutions, but also to compare different load or component ideas. It’s a simple and accurate solver.” As an entry level LR shooter, I highly recommend this program as it teaches you what you need to know to achieve accurate solutions, but has advanced features too if you need them.

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Best Ballistic Calculator App

For use with Swarovski Optik Distance Reticles or the Ballistic Turret, this ballistic calculator is accurate and easy to use. We cover individual ballistic calculations for klick values for SWAROVSKI OPTIK ballistic turrets and aiming points for SWAROVSKI OPTIK distance reticles.

Calculate your individual klick-values (ballistic turret) or correction values (distance reticles) based on the following:

You riflescope (including your personal settings)

Choose from a database or enter ammunition manually

Conditions at the surface of the ocean and in the atmosphere

Factors specific to shots (zero range, angle of shot, type of target)

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Applied Ballistics

Best Ballistic Calculator App

Bryan Litz’s Applied Ballistics offers the latest ballistics solving capabilities. Not only does it calculate precision fire control solutions for distant rifle shots, but it also takes into account all of the key and minor trajectory factors. It even allows for personal drag curves tailored to specific bullets. Users can avail of a range of output formats, such as single shot ‘HUD’ view, table output, graph results and the intuitive reticle output option. This last one displays plots of individual shots or trajectories in correlation with a specified scope reticle, which is responsive to both magnification changes and manual elevation alterations.

Based on observed impacts at long range, the ballistic calibration feature allows users to ‘train’ the software.

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External ballistics calculator

Best Ballistic Calculator App

Ballistic calculator with fast data entry on one page and 5 configurable presets.

Calculates the fall and drift of a bullet’s wind and clicks at various angles.

Units can be used both in metric and imperial systems.

Compatible with G1 ballistic tables.

  • GPS-based altitude detection.
  • A configurable table displays the required data,
  • Also included are six columns with site angle clicks from 10° to 35°.
  • Kill-zone graph with the option of setting it.
  • Calculates a given space’s ballistic coefficient (G1) by entering its initial and final speeds.
  • An angle converter and a converter for metric and imperial units.
  • A click/MoA calibration calculator is also included.

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HitX Ballistic Calculator

Best Ballistic Calculator App

A professional ballistic calculator, HitX can be used to adjust windage and elevation by using an optical scope device to predict bullet trajectory. By just making a few adjustments, the shooter can save a lot of time and cartridges during long-range shooting.

We use algorithms and formulas that have been proven to work by real shooters. Our superb user interface has also been designed by shooters to make long-range shooting fast and easy. You are always ready to shoot accurately or to zero a rifle within seconds.

HitX ballistic calculator uses the capabilities of modern mobile technologies such as device barometer, camera, GPS navigation for data gathering automation. Predefined data from the optical scope device database and bullet database makes the life of the user easier and helps to avoid any data entry mistakes during shooting and/or rifle zeroing.

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