7 Best Instagram Backup (Tools/Softwares) 2023

Hey guys, how are you? Are you searching for how to backup Instagram account pics/videos 2023?
then you came to the right place to find all the best and simplest ways to do it. Just follow the steps, and you can easily backup your precious photos/videos and use them whenever you want it
It’s pretty simple, but Instagram made it more challenging because Instagram directly does not provide any facility to export or backup Instagram photos/videos.
So you need third-party apps or tricks to backup your Instagram account kinds of stuff. There are many websites and apps available which do this work quickly and backup your Instagram account photo’s/videos and Instagram comments/posts.
It’s your choice which things you want to backup. Let’s check out these awesome apps and websites to back up your Instagram account easily. Let’s go.


Best Instagram Backup account
It’s one of the most straightforward tools to download all your Instagram photos and posts with just one click. If you don’t want to zig-zig and manually download photos of Instagram, this tool is for you.
It’s an online web service that gives you the complete facility of storing all Instagram posts and photos on your media devices.
Just enter your Instagram account username, which you want to download all the photos and posts. Now hit the continue button
It takes little time and syncs all the photos and posts of an Instagram account you entered.
Now select which photos and posts you want to download in zip format, select all or select your favorite once
And hit the download button
Now it creates a .zip compression file for you all data in its download on your smartphone or PC
After downloading, extract it on your device and see all the photos and videos. This is one of the best tools for backing up Instagram photos and posts with just one click.
Go to the website and backup Instagram account photos and posts now.


Best Instagram Backup account

If you are using an android smartphone, then here is the best app for backing up Instagram photos and videos directly on your phone without any zig-zig

It’s easy to use and an excellent user interfaces app.

You need to download this app from the Google play store, open it, and hit on the button.

Now it’s ready to use !!!

Open your Instagram account choose your favorite images and videos which you want to download. Just click on the upper side right three dots button and hit on copy share url button. Now your photos and videos start downloading.

Save it on your media devices and use it whenever you want.


Best Instagram Backup account

This ia another tremendous online service that gives you great functionality of backing up your photos directly online
First of all, you need to sign up on this website, and then you can start backing up your Instagram stuff.
You can also download its ifttt app for better uses and easy to use experience.
Available on both platforms iOS/android
This is a little different than others. You need to create recipes for your Instagram account.
After this, all your Instagram stuff sync on it, and you can easily download all of your photos and videos directly from this website.
Or you can also receive this Instagram stuff in your google drive or Dropbox box.
One of the best way to backup your all Instagram stuff
Sign up now and start the backup.

Dsgn instagram importer

Best Instagram Backup account
If you are running a blog website which based on WordPress
Then this plugin is for you it’s provide you facility of backing up all the Instagram photos in your WordPress media gallery
You don’t need to manually upload one by one
It’s make process more simpler and easier
You are just one click away from your photos backup
Import all the Instagram photos on your WordPress blog just one click
Download this plugin and activate now
One of the best plugin for WordPress users who want to import export their Instagram  account with their blog
Start backing up your Instagram stuff with this plugin now.

Download gram

Best Instagram Backup account
This is another great tool for downloading videos and photos directly from Instagram it’s also a online website service which provides you facility of downloading Instagram stuff just by pasting url of Instagram post
Let’s check out how to use it
Open your Instagram account choose which pic or video you want to download on right upper side click on option here you see copy share url  now copy this url and go to download gram website
Now paste this url on it
Now hit the download button and you all set
Now your downloading url is ready
Hit the download button and save it on your device
One of the best tool for downloading Instagram stuff online.


Best Instagram Backup account
It’s a cloud-based Instagram backup service online website/app.
Simple and easy to use.
The fastest way to download and back up all Instagram stuff in seconds.
All the data of your Instagram is encrypted here, so don’t worry about it.
Just visit the website go to the Instagram backup tab click on it.
Now enter your Instagram credentials and connect directly.
Now choose what you want to save, or you can save and backup the whole Instagram account.
You can also backup multiple Instagram accounts directly.
Let’s go start backing up your Instagram stuff now.


Best Instagram Backup account
It’s a Instagram viewer/downloader.
Simple and easy to use software.
Available on all platforms windows/Linux/mac pc.
Download free on your machine and start backing up now.
Save all the Instagram data by just one click.
Lets go visit the website and start backing up your Instagram data now.
So, guys, this is the process of how to backup Instagram account photos/videos/posts/comments.
All the best and simplest ways to do this process.
I added in this post follow the steps and save and backup your Instagram account now and save it on your PC or mobile device and use these whenever or wherever you want it.
If you are planning to delete your Instagram account, then it is imperative to backup all your Instagram stuff because after deleting, you unable to retrieve it.
So it’s better to backup all the stuff from your Instagram account and then delete so guys after deleting your Instagram account and backing up your Instagram photos, don’t forget to share these tricks and apps with your friends and family members, so they also back up their Instagram account and then successfully delete it.
So, guys, this post is all about how to backup your Instagram account and save it on your media devices if you like this post and all the top 7 ways to do it.
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