10 Best Baby Sleep Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

Hey guy’s need best baby sleep apps for android/ios 2022

To make your child fall asleep at night and make them stay asleep is not a baby’s task. This activity requires not only a lot of patience, but there will be a lot of trials with repetitions as well, and who knows, you may even have to do a little praying to make your baby sleep easily without any irritation. But nowadays, with so many baby sleep applications available on the Android and iOS market, the need for patients with a lot of trials, repetitions, and prayers has come to an end. Testing out some of these baby sleep apps to make your baby sleep easily at bedtime is an easy place to start with, and for this reason, we have come up with the ten best baby sleep apps android/ios that will help you through the most difficult process of sleeping with the newborns.
top 10 best baby sleep apps android/iphone 2022


Sleep Hero

best baby sleep app iphone 2022

Sleep Hero is the best baby sleep application for ios and is available on the app store. The app is unique and fast in terms of features and has an array of pre-recorded sounds, songs, and nursery rhymes, and you can even upload your baby’s favorite nursery rhymes, songs, and stories. One of the unique features of this app is that when your baby starts crying, the sleep app quickly starts playing your baby’s favorite selections of nursery rhymes, songs, and stories. The app has only one downside: if the baby starts getting bored listening to the same tracks repeatedly, you have to record a follow-up album that is not as good as the original ones.


Baby Shusher

best baby sleep apps android/iphone 2022

Baby Shusher is the second-best application in the list of top 10 baby sleeping apps in 2022. It is available on google app store/ios as we all know that babies give a good response when they are being silenced by their parents, so why not try babies to be silenced through one of the best available apps on ios. In the first place, the Baby Shusher app on the app store doesn’t aggressively do the white noise thing that we do and is quite soothing for the babies to help them sleep. The app even comes with one of the unique features in which parents can also record their own shushes.

Sleepy Sounds

best baby sleep apps android/iphone 2022

Sleepy sounds are among the best baby sleep app available on the android market, Google play store. The sleepy sounds app not only helps your baby to fall asleep by playing lullabies and soothing natural sounds on a loop, but the app also displays an animated mobile that lights up the kid’s room. This feature of this app is a unique feature amongst its contenders. The app can be downloaded completely free from the play store.

Nighty Night

best baby sleep apps android/iphone 2022

Nighty Night is a unique baby sleep app available on Android and is created by Oscar-nominated animator and illustrator Heidi Wittlinger. Rather than playing soothing melodies and nursery rhymes, this app is all about storytelling. Nighty Night is a narrated story app about what barnyard animals do when the lights go out. The app is designed by Heidi Wittlinger to think that when the kids watch the animals fall asleep in their shelters, they will also follow the same.

Novel Effect

best baby sleep app iphone 2022
Novel Effect is amongst the best in this list and is giving a very tough competition to its rivals as it has millions of downloads already. This app being unique amongst all plays music behind the narration of stories as we see in movies. Novel Effect app plays original music and sound effects that go along with selected children’s books. In this app, users can Just choose a book in the app and can start reading the book while the voice recognition software of the app will sense your position in the story and play music accordingly to give the best music effects. There are even some books that come with the app, Where the Wild Things Are, Cat in the Hat, and Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day are some of the books to be named.

Lullaby for Babies

best baby sleep app android / iphone 2022

As we all know that every baby has its different needs to fall asleep, Some baby likes little music to have a good sleep while other likes story narration. This app has prerecorded lullabies which include simple melodies and lullaby classics that will help your child to have the perfect night sleep. The app is completely free on google store and is easy to download as well.

Lightning Bug

best baby sleep app android 2022

Next in the list is another amazing baby sleep app which is available for free on google play store. This app has more than 200 sound loops, from rainstorms and waves to electronic instruments.  Lightning Bug is basically a simple app which will play such interesting and soothing sounds that there is no chance of your baby not falling asleep.

AmbiScience Sleep Aid for Children

best baby sleep app iphone 2022

This app is the most unique app available in the app store and the reason behind this is the scientific concept on which the app is based. This app works by mixing two tones that are sent to each ear simultaneously and the mix of these tones creates a pulsating effect and a frequency that will signal brainwaves to slow down and relax.

baby sleep

baby sleep apps 2022

The app created by PBS Kids helps your kid to follow a daily routine by developing the habit of sleeping early in your child and go to school in the morning. The app has various songs and games that will help your kid falling asleep at bedtime.  Daniel Tiger’s Night and Day also comes with a story narration features and there are an array of stories in the app to be narrated.

Headspace For Kids

best baby sleep apps android/iphone 2022

This app is created by Headspace and has now come up with its popular breathing and visualization exercises which are customized especially for kids under 5, between 6-8 and nine-to-12 as well. The app can be downloaded from play store for free.

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