15 Best Baby Photo Editor Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

Everything that comes with babies is exceptional. Be it their first words, the first step, first smile, first birthday; it is all exceptional, which stays in our mind for ages. It is not like when you have to go to the photographer in the olden days and take just limited photos. You can capture all moments of the baby, each expression, without a hassle. Now, most people even have a photo shoot. The beautiful part is you can edit photos and turn them into something magical and beautiful. Here are some apps that can be used to edit baby photo:

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best photo overlays apps android/iphone 2022


 Collage: Name, Card, Pics & Photo Frames

best photo overlays apps android/iphone 2022

This is the best app anyone can ever download on their devices. Baby collage not only allows you to create collages but also helps you in providing you with names according to the religion, frames for making the photo attractive. It even has invitation cards and a feature of making a snap-book. You will love this app as it includes all in one app. Easy to download and use. Best fits Android. one of the best baby photo editor app android/iPhone 2022

 Baby Photo Suit Photo Montage

Best Baby Photo Editor Apps2022

Make your baby wear costumes like a suit, a swag hoodie, or a cool tee shirt and jeans. You have to make your baby’s face match the perfect area of the face section. You can do it by either clicking a pic from the front or rear camera, or if you have a picture saved in your gallery, then upload it from there and match it. Share the montaged pictures on social media and receive compliments. It has clothes for both girls and boys. Android-friendly app.

 Baby Girl Suit Photo Editor

 Baby Photo Editor Apps (Android/Iphone)

The baby girl suit app is for all the cute girls out there. You can either click a live picture or upload from the gallery and then adjust it accordingly. This app has the latest and stylish dresses for your little girls. You can even erase the background of the picture and then edit it accordingly. It has an auto feature, too, which makes your picture look good, and then you can even share it with your friends and save it in the gallery. Android users download this app. one of the best baby photo editor app android 2022.

 Cute Baby Boy Photo Editor

best photo overlays apps android/iphone 2022

As the name suggests it is a cute baby editor app which makes your kids wear amazing and trendy clothes. The feature of erasing the background is a plus point. You can easily zoom the picture and can even crop them. This app is for baby boys. Really easy to use this app with simple steps to follow. Share the edited pictures among your friends. Android friendly.

 Baby Photo Montage

best photo overlays apps android/iphone 2022

Hat, hair, glasses, beard. Try any sticker on your baby and make them look adorable. This app is perfect and has the best options for you to explore. It is not only a montage but also a proper editor with settings like hue adjustments and sharpness. You can even add text to the picture and various other effects and frames. Please create a new picture of the old picture by making it a more attractive and memorable one. You will love this app once you download it. Compatible with Android devices.

 Baby Story Photo Editor

best photo overlays apps android/iphone 2022

There are 1000+ templates and stickers in this app for making a wonderfully cute and memorable video for your kid. You can click photos from the mobile gallery and then queue them up in the video. Baby story photo editor has the features of adding text and other effects to it. You do not need internet to use this app it can work offline. It can even filter your photos and enhance them. Android users download this amazing app now.

 cute baby editor

Best Baby Photo Editor Apps2022

Baby girl fashion suit has many suits for your baby girl. Just select or click a picture of your baby and make it fix in the suit. You can also share the photos you make through this app. Apart from this you can adjust the brightness option on this app and make beautiful girly photos from it. Best fits Android.

 Baby Photo Editor & Pregnancy

best photo overlays apps android/iphone 2022

Add captions and stickers on your baby’s photo. Make the most use of the delightful and charming filters. You can save the pictures and write in the scrapbook which this app provides to you about the times you want to remember and never forget. It best fits iOS users.

 baby pics

 best baby photo editor apps android/iphone 2022

Baby photo is the actual app for all the newly wedded who are expecting a baby. You can easily click pictures from this app and save it by adding text to it and creating a lovely memorable memory out of it. Apart from this it also has cute and adorable filters and frames to add to your picture. You can also add the first time your baby spoke or the first mess he/she made and the first day at school etc. Best fits iOS devices.

 Precious – Baby Photo Art

best photo overlays apps android/iphone 2022

This app has this amazing feature to detect your baby’s app and then sort them and arrange it monthly. It will make a story too with your baby’s photo and then play it. You do not have to worry at all about your baby’s photos as this app will arrange it perfectly. Precious has this automatic feature which on its own organizes and creates slideshows and collages. It is the perfect app for you to download for your kid’s childhood memories. iOS Friendly app.



Baby Photo Editor Apps Android / Iphone 2022

This is one of the best baby photo editor apps. It can be used in both android and iOS interfaces. It is a free app. The app uses a built-in timeline that is based on your baby’s birthday. With this, you can know how much your baby has grown. There is also an option to zoom in to any specific age in an instant. You can also compare the stages of a baby’s growth. Another feature of this app is that if you want to find any specific moments, it can be done quickly from any of your social networking sites accounts, wherever you store photos.

 Hell’o Baby:


Baby Photo Editor Apps Android / Iphone 2022

It is an indisputable fact that no one gets tired of seeing their babies’ picture anytime. Usually, we store the images in an album. But in today’s fast-moving world, it isn’t possible to carry records around. This app helps to save photos and videos in album format. You can also store crucial moments that you would never want to forget. The app also has an interactive feed of a child’s life. It can be stored as an album. You can share it with your family members. You can also save as to who you are to the baby.



Baby Photo Editor Apps Android / Iphone 2022

This app comes with inbuilt stickers and filters. The filters will help you to create photos in style. The stickers are made in pastel colours and also have a delicate design. The users also have the option to add text on photos in their preferred fonts. Totsie also allows users to share pictures on social networks and instant messengers. A wide variety of filters, fonts, and stickers are available from which users can select and give photo magic look.

  Baby Snaps Pics & Photo Editor


Baby Photo Editor Apps Android / Iphone 2022

This is one of the fantastic baby photo editor apps. You can even create a story from photos. It also has a sharing option. The app has more than 100 filters to edit photos. This app is for you if you wish to make all the memorable moments in a story format. You can also adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, hue, sharpen the photo. Baby snaps pics, and the photo editor app also allows to add a caption to the picture. You can also try on different types of doodles that are available in-app. There are more than 20 text styles that are available in the app.

   Baby Art

Baby Photo Editor Apps Android / Iphone 2022


This app enables you to edit photos with the artwork. You can decorate the baby’s picture with the artwork of your choice. It is incredibly user-friendly. You can either take pictures using a mobile camera or with an apps camera. There are four sections, which are artwork, filters, text, and overlay. You can save photos after editing. It can be instantly shared across social networks or via email. The app has more than 100 creative artworks under different categories. There are also more than 100 plus font styles and filters to make the photo outstanding.


These baby editor apps android/iPhone 2022 help you to make the pictures of your kids even more beautiful and pleasing. These apps are available for free. They help you decorate the pictures and present them to everyone in the best way anyone could ever do. Make each photo memorable. It is always good to do something creative, and for the people we love. Kids are unique to their parents, and everyone will love these baby photo editor apps. So if you found the information provided to you helpful and good, please share and comment. Thanks.

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