Has your PC speed been decreasing a lot lately? This might be caused by an array of reasons ranging from unresponsive system processes to hard drive issues, fragmented files, incorrect settings, RAM problems, invalid registry entries and various other things. In such cases, users try out every possible Windows diagnostic tool. But they don’t lead to positive results and just end up confusing the users. This is the very reason why users do not rely much on third-party system optimization tools.

However, if you want to solve your problems in a hassle-free way, then BoostSpeed 11 by Auslogics can serve as your perfect choice. Today we are going to share with you an honest review of this software which has already been garnering a lot of interest around the globe.

Main Functions

BoostSpeed 11 can perform the following functions:

  • It can clean up the registry by removing invalid references to resources which no longer exist. It might thus remove links to certain programs, DLLs, fonts and even out of date system information.
  • It repairs the registry by automatically identifying invalid entries. All the scans are done with high speed and backups are taken for the changes which are made. This helps in restoring the registry back to the current status if problems arise in upcoming days.
  • Defrags disks to consolidate fragmented files present on the hard drive. Every time data is written to the disk, the files become fragmented, especially if adequate space is not present for holding the complete file. Data is broken apart through storage algorithms so that it fits into the provided space. Defragmentation collates different parts of the file together by moving data blocks present on the hard drive. This enhances the overall efficiency of data retrieval, as well as computer performance.
  • Cleans up hard disks to free up space on your computer which can be used for more important functions. BoostSpeed 11 initially checks and analyzes the hard drive in search of files which are not used anymore. The unnecessary files such as downloaded program files, temporary internet files, setup log files, temporary Windows files, offline web pages etc., are next removed.
  • Recovers deleted files to help you out, especially in the case of accidental deletions. It also proves to be helpful if you somehow end up losing your data due to OS crash or virus attack.
  • Enhances and optimizes performance by tweaking Windows settings, such as altering power options, disabling notifications, disabling location services, disabling mobile hotspot, disabling sync settings, changing privacy options, changing power settings etc.
  • Boosts Internet connectivity.
  • Keeps a tab on hard drive status.
  • Shreds confidential documents to keep you protected from unauthorized access.
  • Cleans up your browsers to speed up your PC.
  • Explores system information and disk drives.
  • Removes all junk files to free up disk space.
  • Improves boot time by disabling redundant processes.

User Experience

Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 stands out from its peers with an utterly simple interface which makes it ideal for being used by people of all skill levels. Be it the app design or the problem fixing interface, everything is laid out in an easy manner so that you can troubleshoot the issues without getting confused about them.

All the main tools are gathered together on the main screen, so that users can access them readily on opening the interface. Whether they wish to run scheduled maintenance, a system scan or any other performance tweaks, it can all be done easily. The download file is also pretty small in size, which helps in completing the installation without having to break any sweat.

Scanning Modes

The entire software has been designed keeping novice users in mind. You can thus proceed with a full system scan by simply launching the program and clicking on the ‘Scan All’ button. This will cause the program to identify the hard drive junk, broken paths and registry problems so that all system errors can be fixed with a single click. Alternatively, you can proceed with the ‘Customized Scan’ option wherein it becomes possible to choose all the tools and options for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Final Words

Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 is a holistic tool set which can improve the performance of your PC to a great extent. All you need to do is locate and disable all the redundant Explorer extensions and Windows startup programs using Startup manager, and use the one-click scan and repair options conveniently located on the main program screen. BoostSpeed 11 can also help out by highlighting the dangerous items which might be malware or spyware. The latest version even comes with a ‘Cat Mode’ which can help buffer your system from pet attacks. You can thus bank on it to enhance the overall security parameters as well as efficiency of your device.