10 Best Augmented Reality Apps (Android/iPhone) 2023

Augmented reality is a technology that has the potential to surprise anybody. They integrate digital visual contents into the user’s real-world environment. Here we bring you the best-augmented reality apps, Android/ iPhone 2023, which allow you to transform any digital content into a 3D object.

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Best augmented reality apps Android/ iPhone 2022


 Imerference – 3D Augmented reality chat app

 Best augmented reality apps Android/ iPhone 2022

This app is the best Augmented reality app Android/ iPhone 2023, and this app will provide you with the experience of 3d augmented drawing with friends. This app is advanced technology features that allow you to make immersive conference and voice calls with a twist of the virtual world. Along with your connection on interference, you also have the option to combine your con calls with augmented reality 3D application, virtual objects, sailable stickers and drawings and also it is going to add a hologram feature. This app will combine the real-life conference experience with an app-based AR experience to create a virtual platform in which a maximum of 32 members from the distinct location can come on the same page. This app allows you to generate a virtual meeting room or the classroom or, say, just another virtual reunion of friends that allows you to train, educate and communicate with the new existing employees or students or a bunch of friends worldwide. In other words, you can create a virtual environment that will enable people to tour building remotely. Download this app now and get the experience of the new age AR conferencing with interference and communicate in a new way!

 Augment – 3D Augmented Reality

 Best augmented reality apps Android/ iPhone 2022

Augment presents you best augmented reality app, Android/ iPhone 2023, with which you can visualize 3D models in augmented reality. This app allows you and your customers to visualize your 3D models in augmented reality, integrated in real-time in their actual size and environment. This app is the perfect augmented reality app to boost your sales and bring your print to your life.

Leo Augmented Reality Camera

 Best augmented reality apps iPhone 2022

This is one of the best-augmented reality app, iPhone 2023 and allows you to choose from hundreds of objects to create an augmented reality video. You have the option to record and share the mixed reality world publically or with friends.

 Playground AR: Physics Sandbox

Best augmented reality apps iPhone 2022

This app is next step in physics sandbox, comes with tons of blocks, toys and much more to create and destroy with no limits. With this app, placing and moving toys is easy and intuitive, you have option to pick them up and throw them, freeze them in place and can joint to connect various game blocks.

Blippar – The augmented reality browser

 Best augmented reality apps Android/ iPhone 2022

This app is world’s leading augmented reality and image recognition app. With the help of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, this app will help you to see, experience and learn more from the worlds. Download this app now and unlock the augmented reality experience from all and everyday objects and places. Scan everything and look what you can discover. All you need is to download this app, and tap and hold to scan almost everything and see what you discover. You can try this for any famous face, dog, cars, landmarks, flowers, or everyday objects even a banana.

 Holo – Holograms for video in augmented reality by 8i LTD

 Best augmented reality apps Android/ iPhone 2022

This is another great app which mix the feature of hologram into photos and videos in augmented reality. This application, allows you to add hologram of real people and animals into your world and also allows you to take pictures and videos in order to share with friends. With this app, you can create funny and unique content by adding a holo character into your camera and shaping them into a photo or video. You can save and share your holo video and photos with friends on social and messaging apps which include instagram, snapchat, facebook, twitter and many more.

Safari Central: Wildlife AR

 Best augmented reality apps Android/iPhone 2022

Internet of Elephants brings you another great augmented reality app that will show you augmented reality animals and photography tools for ferociously photogenic fun. This app brings you wild animal into your world via the magic of augmented reality. This app is going to your go-to app with its incredibly animated animals to meet and stunning photography tools for capturing them for ferociously photogenic fun.

 HBR Augmented Reality by PTC Inc

 Best augmented reality apps Android 2022

PTC Inc launches an interactive experience from the page of Harvard Business Review. With this app, you can experience the augmented reality as you explore the Nov – Dec 2017 HBR article on augmenting reality strategy. With this app, you can watch an animated X-Ray view of a hydraulic power unit and control a robot arm with your touch screen.

 RC Helicopter AR by Playrock Studios

 Best augmented reality apps Android 2022

Download this app now and play with RC Helicopter in your home with the help of augmented reality. This app has about 20 unique helicopters and one quadcopter to play. This app features augmented reality with markerless tracking and has realistic animation. This app has easy and intuitive controls.

 Landscape AR Augmented reality

Best augmented reality apps Android 2022

This is an app by Weekend Labs UG, and it is a new form of augmented reality app which can transform sketches into 3D Landscapes. This app lets users create intriguing island and terrains and transform them into 3D landscapes. Have this app now!


So these are the Best augmented reality apps Android/ iPhone 2023, which allow you to transform any digital content into a 3D object. I hope you find this article interesting. Please like, share and also comment on your experience with the above-listed apps.
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