9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2024

Welcome to the age of digital communication, where our inboxes are overflowing with countless emails from work, friends, family and even spam. Managing an email inbox can be a herculean task at times, especially when we have limited time and attention span. But don’t worry- there’s always a solution! In this blog post, we’ve compiled 9 apps that will help you clean up your email inbox regardless of whether you use Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo mail. With these apps in tow, you’ll be able to streamline your inbox efficiently and spend more time on what truly matters. So let’s get started!


9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2023

SaneBox is an app that helps you clean up your inbox by sorting your email and displaying it in a more organized way. It offers different filters to help you find and deal with specific types of emails, such as promotional or junk mail. You can also set reminders so that you’ll be reminded when an email falls into a certain category. Overall, SaneBox is a helpful app if you want to clean up your inbox and have less clutter to deal with.

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Clean Email

9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2023

There are a few different apps that can help you clean up your email inbox. Gmail has a built-in cleaner, but Outlook and Yahoo also have their own cleaners.

Outlook’s Cleanup feature helps you delete old messages, snooze emails, and organize your email into folders. You can also choose to have Outlook clean up older messages every day or weekly.

Yahoo’s Mail Cleanup feature helps you archive old messages, filter messages by sender and subject, delete duplicates, and flag spam.

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Unroll Me

9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2023

If you’re like most people, your inbox is cluttered with spam, marketing emails, and other junk. You might even have trouble finding the email you’re looking for. But there’s an app for that! Unroll.Me helps you declutter your email by sorting it into bundles based on the type of message it is. It also has a “snooze” function so you can forget about an unimportant email for a few minutes without having to delete it. Unroll.Me is free to use, and it works with Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo accounts.

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Mailstrom is a Gmail add-on that helps you clean up your email inbox by sorting and archiving your messages. It also lets you delete messages from your inbox entirely. Mailstrom can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Once installed, Mailstrom will appear in the main Gmail menu bar as a blue “triangle with an arrow pointing down.” The icon looks like a stack of mailboxes with a label “Archives” on the top one. To start using Mailstrom, click on the Archives icon to open the Mailstrom window.

To use Mailstrom, first select the messages you want to archive. You can do this by dragging and dropping them into the Archives box or by selecting them using the mouse cursor. Once you’ve selected the messages, Mailstrom will start analyzing them and will suggest which ones should be moved to another folder or deleted altogether.

If you decide to keep any of the messages, they will be Archived but not Deleted from your Inbox. You can always Delete them if you want. If you want to stop using Mailstrom at any time, just close the window without archiving or deleting any of your messages.

Mailstrom is perfect for anyone who wants to clean up their email inbox and get organized quicker. It’s easy to use and it’s fast too—so it won’t take long before your inbox is cleaner than ever before!

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9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2023

The inbox is one of the most important parts of your email management system, and can quickly become cluttered if left unchecked. There are a variety of apps available to help clean up your inbox, and which one is best for you depends on your email habits.

Gmail users can try out the Clean Up Your Inbox extension, which helps to automatically consolidate your messages into specific folders based on subject matter. Outlook users can use the MailTips add-on to categorize emails by topic, or the Microsoft Outlook Clean Up tool to erase old messages and make room for new ones. Yahoo users can try out Yahoo’s Smart Hub, which filters messages based on topics and senders.

whichever app you choose, make sure to regularly check it for new messages so that your inbox is manageable and stress-free.

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9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2023

Looking to clean up your email inbox? There are a number of apps available to help manage your inbox and achieve tidy organization. Cleanfox is a popular app for Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo users, and it’s free to download and use.

Once you have downloaded the app, open it and click on the “Inbox” tab. The app will display all of your emails in chronological order. To view a particular email, simply click on it.

To delete an email, simply select it and hit the delete button located at the top-right corner of the app. Keep in mind that you can only delete emails from your inbox; you can’t delete emails from your sent folder or folders that have been archived.

If you want to keep a backup of your emails, you can do so by clicking on the “Backup” button. This will create a zip file containing all of your current emails as well as any future email that’s added to your account. You can then save this zip file anywhere you want.

Overall, Cleanfox is a useful app for managing your email inbox efficiently. It’s free to download and use, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!

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9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2023

SubscriptionZero is a great way to quickly clean up your email inbox. It’s free, and it works with Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo!

1. Add SubscriptionZero to your Gmail account.
2. In your inbox, click the “Create” button in the top right corner of the screen.
3. In the new window that opens, type “subscriptions” into the search bar at the top of the page. Click on the subscription that you want to add to your list (Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo!).
4. Click on the blue “Subscribe” button next to that subscription.
5. You’ll now be taken to a new window where you can start cleaning up your inbox!
6. To unsubscribe from a subscription, just click on the red “Unsubscribe” button next to it!

Leave Me Alone

9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2023

If your inbox is cluttered and you can’t seem to get it under control, there are some great apps out there that can help. Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo all have their own app stores, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Gmail’s App Store has a variety of apps to help declutter your inbox, from sorting tools to auto-responders. Outlook also has its own app store with a selection of similar apps. Yahoo’s app store is smaller but offers more options overall.

Each app has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the right one for you. If you’re only looking to reduce the number of emails in your inbox, any of these three apps will work well. If you want to learn more about how these apps work and what they can do for you, read on!

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9 Apps to Clean Up Your Email Inbox [Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo] 2023

To clean up your email inbox, you can use a variety of apps. Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo all have app stores with a variety of tools to help manage your email.

Gmail has an app store with tools to filter your mail, archive messages, and create labels. Outlook also has an app store with tools to manage your calendar, To-Do list, and contacts. Yahoo’s app store has a variety of tools to manage your email and web search.

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