By the end of 2019, over 2.1 million apps were available on Android. However, even with such an astonishing amount of options available, you only use the same 10 or so apps. Of course, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps are the essentials. But if you are looking for something more exciting and unique then check out one of these incredible options.

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Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android/ iPhone



 Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

By now, most people are aware that you can hack flight prices. There is a phenomenon travel bloggers have been writing about for years called “hidden city” flights. It’s complicated, but it can be cheaper booking flights to other destinations that have a stopover where you want to go than just booking a direct ticket there. Piecing together the right combination, however, can make your head spin. Skiplagged sorts through all the possibilities and finds the cheapest option available.


Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of iPhone

Rando harnesses the connective power of the internet. The app is simple. You choose a photo, GIF, or quote and send it to a random person who could be anywhere on earth. After a few minutes, you’ll get back a random image or GIF from somebody else. If you are looking for a fun way to burn a few minutes, Rando is the perfect choice for you.

3.Wolfram Alpha

Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

Let’s face it; our built-in smartphone assistants aren’t exactly smart. You might ask a simple question like “what’s the population of China” and only get bounced to a list of Google search results. Wolfram Alpha is like if Siri went to grad school. The app scans through thousands of domains in mere seconds by using powerful algorithms to answer questions, analyze data, and even create reports.

4.Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

Stellarium’s tagline is “Explore the Night Sky.” The app will make an astronomy enthusiast out of anyone. All you do is point your phone at the sky, and you’ll be able to see everything from stars and constellations to planets and more. You can learn history, distances, track the moon, and get a full understanding of the skies above.

5.Qello Concert App

Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

Everybody loves going to concerts, but it can be challenging to find the time and money to attend one. With Qello, you can stream live shows across all genres direct to your phone. You can even create your own custom playlists based on your preferences from 1980s rock to jazz and classical. What really makes Qello stand out are the visuals. You can watch the musicians right on stage with an even better view than if you were in the audience.


Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

Sometimes you just need to talk things out. Wysa is a well designed cute penguin chatbot that offers self-help tips, mental health advice, and even exercises to relieve anxiety or stress. It also has meditation, yoga, and better sleep tips. The goal of Wysa is to talk you through your problems by helping you analyze and organize your emotions.


Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

Wakie is equal parts strange and interesting. The app is a wake-up call service. Before bed, you set what time you want to receive a call. At “wakeup time” a random person will call you and talk until you are ready to start the day. It might be a Latvian student practicing English or maybe a Chicago firefighter. Each time is different. You just have to wait and see.


Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

Tunity is one of those apps that make you realize we are truly living in the future. You can use your phone to act as a TV tuner for any TV. It’s great for when you’re watching a game at the bar and want to hear the commentary. All you do is open the app, point it at the TV, and it will then locate the program and directly stream the audio to your phone.


Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

Robinhood is changing the way people access the stock market. With this app, users can invest in publicly traded companies and funds without trade fees. The app features an attractive, easy to use interface and is completely free. You can create your own custom portfolio and enable push notifications to track performance. There are no account minimums or fees, which means you can trade with the best of them.


Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Android

If you ever wonder why you are feeling so tired then check out Sleepbot. Most people simply aren’t getting enough quality sleep that they need. It features a range of tools including sleep cycle tracker, motion, and sound tracking to analyze your sleep patterns. It then creates detailed reports to help you see trends, sleep debt, and more.


These apps include everything – making money, getting a better night’s sleep, and having a little fun. However, some of them are region locked to certain countries around the world. ,