17 Best fake Instagram Dm Apps (Android/ios) 2023

Going on the app and hoping to get noticed by someone we’ve been following is one thing, but that extremely inappropriate pop-up message they send you when you don’t follow them back is just plain annoying.

However, the good thing about Instagram is that there are many ways to bypass this message by making a few changes in your settings and blocking DM’s from random beings.

What if you want to have some fun with your friends and play pranks on them by faking calls and messages on Instagram? For this, we have a few awesome apps that will help you achieve your goal.

So, without further delay, here are 17 Top-Notch Best fake Instagram Dm Apps Android /iOS 2023.

 Funston fake Android

fake instagram dm apps

If you want to go hardcore with your pranking business, then Funsta has got your back. With this app, you can send various fake calls and messages. You can customize the message and make it sound more real by adding typing sounds and emojis to the conversation.

And if that’s not enough, this app also allows you to send fake video calls on your own with automatic fake replies. What more can you ask for?.Best fake dm instagram App 2023.

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Insta fake Android

fake instagram dm apps

This app can create fake chats with anyone, even Trump & Obama. Insta fake can fake both sides of the conversation to make your partner jealous.

With this app, you can include emojis and color them to make them look real. It even edits sent, delivered, and read message statuses. Insta Fake also alters the conversation and the contact’s profile picture so that the fake conversations look more real.

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 InstaJoke Android

fake instagram dm apps 2023

With the help of this app, you can easily make your friends think that you are in a serious relationship by sending them a fake chat conversation. The best part about this app is that it will also help you send fake messages that look like recent ones.

You can manage the whole sending, receiving, and reading message status. In other words, you can act as a couple by yourself and make your friends jealous. InstaJoke lets you create a fake profile with all-new emoji support.

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 Fake All Iphone

fake instagram dm apps

Fake All helps you to create your fake conversation easily. You can even customize the message to make it look more real. And if that’s not enough, Fake All lets you send videos so your friends will get jealous and start asking about them.

With this app, you can also change the status bar for calling to make people think you are calling someone. In other words,

Fake All has everything you need to prank your friends and your family members with some amazing fake calls and messages on Instagram or Whatsapp. This iOS app has a fake screen 99.9% similar to your iPhone screen.

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Yazzy Android

This application lets you create a fake conversation for all the social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Hangout, Facebook Messenger, and the rest. Yazzy lets you create fake conversations for 12 different platforms with those mentioned above. You have to choose the one you want to create a fake narrative for.

All the fake conversations created by Yazzy are super clear, making the illusion even more real. You can also deactivate the watermark with this app.

fake instagram direct message

 Fake Messenger Chat prank Android

fake instagram direct message

It is an amazing tool for those who want to make their friends jealous with some funny and cool fake chats. You can choose different colors and themes to make the fake text nice. It is an AI power tool that is image, audio and video supportive.

You can even change the color of the text and background of the chat as you feel. In short words, it is a powerful tool to create the coolest fake conversations on Instagram and make your friends or ex jealous.


fake insta Android

fake instagram app ios

You can easily create a fake conversation for your friends on WhatsApp and Instagram with this app. Whats Mock lets you choose different colors and themes to make the fake text look like a real conversation.

You can even change the color of the text and background of the chat as you feel. Create a fake profile, add a fake status, full emoji support, etc. What’s more to this? Click the link below and know it yourself.

create fake instagram messages

prank post Android

fake instagram app

This app lets you unleash your creativity. You can create fake video calls on Instagram and Whatsapp. It gives you the unique opportunity to create a fake conversation in your style by choosing different colors, themes, and chat backgrounds.

It is a very easy-to-use app with amazing features. Texting Story lets you create your own chat story with add on emojis. You can switch the side of the conversation by simply clicking on the character’s name.

 Fake Chat Conversation Android

 Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages 2022

An app that lets you create jokes, memes, and stories. This app is the most fun to have installed to prank your friends or create funny memes. You can also share the stories on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram.

Fake Chat Conversation comes with endless features like Unlimited messages, stickers, Availability, easy to use, edit every detail, one-click chat screenshot, photos to make it a real thing, minimal storage usage, and up to date features and layouts, easy user interface.

fake instagram dm generator app android 2023

 Fake Chat Insta Android

Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages 2022

This fake messaging application for Instagram lets your friend believe that you are chatting and mislead the actual conversation. This app is fun when you want to make fun of your friends and then laugh it out later. it’s create fake instagram chat in seconds.

This fake application lets you make fake stories for your friends and sends you notifications as if you have received an actual text. Camera and gallery access are required to create photos and videos. You can also fake members of the group. 


 iFake Android

 Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages 2022

iFake lets you create a realistic-looking chat screen for iMessage, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Tinder, Whatsapp, and Twitter with iPhone style. This app supports iOS emojis.

You can group chat with unlimited users. It provides you with Instagram’s verified icon. You can easily modify a fake chat background when faking Telegram, Whatsapp and Instagram conversations.

You can create unlimited photos, videos and chat conversations. This application comes with a dark mode to have a stress free eye experience at night. 


 Faked Android

 Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages 2022

Faked is a unique app that can help you get the attention of your loved ones and make them believe that they’re receiving a direct message from someone they may have been following.

Apart from this, the app lets you post fake comments on your posts. You can easily create social media memes via this fun app created only for fun or to prank your knowns.

What’s even funnier is that the app shows these messages as if they’ve been sent from the person’s official Instagram account.

 Social Prank Android

Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages 2022

Social Prank is one of the most popular apps that you can use to fake messages on Instagram. With this app, you can easily send your friends a message asking them if they’re free right now.

The app also lets you send messages to individuals and not just handles. With this app, it’s easy to create hilarious memes while also messing with your friends’ heads by creating fake social media posts.

 Faker 2 Iphone

 Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages 2022

Designed for iOS and Android users, Faker 2 lets you post messages to your friends and family members on Instagram. What’s more, the app lets you post images on your own social media pages.

These images show people who have been following a particular profile interacting with your account, which leads to more people wanting to follow you.

You can create a dialogue and set the recipient’s name. Moreover, I can add various messages to make it look like a real conversation.

Buy some awesome additional themes to simulate your favorite messengers like Instagram, TikTok, Skype, Snapchat, Slack, Telegram, Likes, WeChat, Viber, Viber (old), and VK.best fake instagram dm app iphone 2023.

 Pranksta  Android

Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages

Pranksta is easily one of the best apps to fake Instagram conversations. This app allows you to create and send messages to people. It is an attractive app with a great interface, making it easier to use.

You need to enter the username of someone you want to prank and then send a message. The app displays the conversation in a real-time manner as if it was sent by that person’s account, making your fake messages more believable.

Moreover, there are many additional features. You can create your fake fan base as well.

 Prank Stories Android

Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages

It is quite a popular app to create funny chat stories. You can use it to fake messages on Instagram. It is easy to use, and it shows ‘real’ messages as if they were sent from an existing account.

You can also make fake Vine videos by adding stickers to the video, making them seem more realistic. Moreover, you can use the app to access many popular apps like Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, and much more.

LOL Stories gives you the access to show audio and video files in chat. With this feature, you can easily fool anybody for the conversation to be real. Download or check the link below to experience it all for yourself.

 Fake Insta Android

Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages

Using this app, you can create a fake post, a comment, fake likes, and even a fake follower. This app is great because you can use it to make fake posts, just like the real thing!

In addition, the app enables you to perform some other functions like managing both sides of the conversation according to you. In other words, you can use the app to make comments and like your own fake posts. There are many other functions which the app can experience.

 Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages 2022