25 Best Apple watch faces you should Try in 2022

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What do we know about the word written above?

When we were children, We knew it as a fruit. But now, after we have grown up, We know it as a brand of trust, a safe and sound brand of gadgets and a way of showing us we’re rich in front of our friends.

And so, We prefer buying Apple phones, MacBooks, and Apple watches.

But what we face difficulty after buying these gadgets… Is that Apple doesn’t allow third parties cookies for safety purposes. And so, we can not download and use different wallpapers, ringtones, etc.

In Addition, if we have an Apple watch, We find it hard to change the apple watch face and use something that looks good on our watch. Because the customization and personalization of our apple watch face have the utmost importance to show our watch is different and Unique from all friends’ watches. Also, the beginning of our apple watch is essential because we need a change after seeing only one watch face for a long time.

If You also want to change new and unique Apple watch faces and face difficulties setting it, You would be happy to know that Apple provides a vast library of Apple watch faces.

Let’s take a glance at What the Apple Watch Face is.

Best Apple watch faces

Apple Watch Face- Apple watch face is a kind of wallpaper of the Apple Watch. It is the home screen of your apple watch. Different Watch faces show additional information you require, like steps, heart rate, calories burned, and other information. Some notable watch faces are available in certain countries and on some models. In order to access the most updated watch faces, you need to verify that your apple watch face software is up to date.

This article will check out the 25 best Apple Watch Faces.

Let’s Start…


Best Apple watch faces

If you want to enjoy a mechanical isometric view, The Astronomy watch face is released by Apple. This watch face is among the most remarkable features of the apple watch faces. Here you will get the “Moon View”, “Earth View”, and “solar system view”. You may choose whatever makes your watch beautiful. The best thing is that it automatically refreshes throughout the day. The face can also show you the light and shadow ratio on the earth’s surface will change over the next few hours.

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MetroPolitan (Watch OS 9)

 Apple watch faces

If you have watched OS 9, this face is for you. It is among the cleanest and most user-friendly faces. It looks minimal, even with support for four complications around the corners. Even if the settings are casual or semi-formal, the watch face seems perfect for every setting. Also, you do not need to change your watch face every time you go to a formal meeting.

If you want to customize it, The metropolitan watch face offers you four different kinds of watch styles, with five dial options and some different colour choices to pick from. In short, you can use this watch face in any situation and outfit.

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California apple Watch face

 Best Apple watch faces

If you want a watch face, simple and sober, this one is absolutely for you. The watch face is so simple and elegant that you can use it in your office, at a formal meeting, and in any outfit that shows you are more thoughtful, professional and genuine. The Watch face offers four options on four corners of the screen to give different information. You can simply add the feature you want by going to the corner of the watch screen.

The dial has many font options, including the Devanagari script(if you want to see it in Hindi). Here you will get two chances to go full screen or not. The full-screen face is more classy than the other.

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Numerals Duo

Best Apple watch faces

If you are someone who always loves to watch time in digits and prefer knowing the time in exact minutes and seconds, The Numerals Duo is really for you. Not only such people, But those who want to look cool among their friends or those in their colleges or schools; This watch face will make them Cool among others. As the name suggests, This watch face shows time in two colours only with a dark/light background that depends upon your wish. You will get a palette of colours to choose from so that you can create a good combination for yourself. There are also some options here to choose different styles of numerals.

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NASA apple watch face

 Apple watch faces

Are you an Astronomy lover? Do you like to be with celestial objects, or do you want to show your interest in the solar system?

If your answer is yes, The watch face is your destination, As this watch face will be a lens for you that will make you look into our solar system. You can add it directly from the fiver app. This watch face has four different displays, including “Planet Earth”, “The Sun”, “the Moon”, and “our solar system”. These extra screens are enough to offer you daily enjoyment.

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Infographics Apple Watch Face

Best Apple watch faces

As the name says, Infographic is a watch face full of a massive amount of information in it. Now, If you imagine a watch face very messy and full of information…You are wrong! As the watch face is fantastic while looking at it. A total of 8 different complications are arranged so soundly that no one can say it is messy or ununderstandable. Every inch of space is managed perfectly.

This watch face provides a bulk of information, including gym-friendly information like water logging apps, heart rate tracking, stopwatch, timer and many more.

If any information displayed on the screen is not helpful, you can turn off that feature by going into the settings.

Conclusively, we can say that this feature is suitable for people who want to know a lot of information.

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Activity Digital 

 Apple watch faces

For people who are targeting something for their health or the people who want to monitor their health, This watch face is for them. The watch face is designed to track your activity all the time. Your workout would become easier with the help of this watch face. With this watch face, you can use some apps like timer, alarm, workout and heart rate monitor. You are also free to select your speed and adventure with this face. This watch face keeps an eye on all your activities, whether going for a long run, sweating in the gym, walking, running, cycling or climbing stairs. There are some subdials useful for target-oriented people. The watch face can be a partner in your better lifestyle.

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Liquid Metal/Fire/Water Watch Face

Best Apple watch faces

These watch faces are different, logically. But the faces have the standard features except for what element is there. When you tap on the screen of your watch, you get to watch some beautiful animations that blow your mind, and you are free to choose the elements of the motions. These elements are fire, water and Liquid metal. Sometimes, you will find these animations enthralling to watch it. These animations are accurate and are recorded by Apple itself. If you want to enjoy realistic animation, I suggest you set the dial on full screen.

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Best Apple watch faces

Typograph is another fancy watch face mostly popular with casual-loving people. However, anyone avoiding their age can set it and be casual and stylish parallelly. Typograph watch face took the centre space to catch attention. Here also, you can select any custom style like classy, Modern and rounded. And it helps you to be prepared for any situation, even if you are going to a class, or for a meeting, or you are going to enjoy yourself with your friends; The watch face is one step solution for your Apple Watch.

Here you can choose the dial of all 12 numbers or a dial of only four numbers(12, 3, 6, 9). Not only can you choose the dial, but you can also select the script in which you want to see your dial, including Romans, Devanagari, Arabic etc.

Toy Story Watch Face

Best Apple watch faces

There is hardly anyone, Who does not know about Toy stories. It is the thing inseparable from our memory. If you are also a die-hard fan of Toy Story, You will definitely, enjoy having this watch face. The watch face will take you in the imagination of the Toy Story world with all the toy story characters on your wrist. And you will feel suitable for some time at least. The additional information will be displayed in a unique way after tapping on every different character. The watch face not only will take your imagination to another world, but it will play an excellent way in making your kid play around you. Also, this watch face is suitable for those students studying in early schools.

GMT watch face

Best Apple watch faces

The GMT watch Face is included with watchOS7. The watch face was released with Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple watch SE. This watch face reminds us of the vintage era. And hence, It is loved by people in their 60’s. But it does not imply that this watch face is old looking. Instead, it is an excellent combination of classic and modern watches.

In this Watch Face, You will see a dial inside, marked with 12 points and shows us the local time Zone. Outside this dial, you will see a more oversized dial marked with 24 points, showing you different time zones. By rotating the digital crown, you will see all the available time zones. Because of this feature, It is named the GMT watch face.

Artist Watch Face

Best Apple watch faces

Although The watch face is not very good at customization or providing information, You can try it if you get bored after using almost all kinds of watch faces. This watch face will show you an artist’s face on the dial. The watch face was developed by the artist Geoff McFetridge. When you set this watch face and raise your wrist, the portrait on the dial changes every time. You are also free to change the portrait by tapping on the dial.

The dial looks neat, clean and unmessy with a bulk of information. And the portrait looks excellent and sober.

Photos Watch face

Best Apple watch faces

If you love your mobile phone or desktop screen because you can freely set any wallpaper, then we have this watch face for you. Here you will see your Apple watch face similar to your phone’s or desktop screen. You can choose a photo of your loved ones or any place’s picture from the library and then set it as the watch face.

The best thing is that you can select up to 24 different pictures from the library for your watch’s screen. The apple watch will then randomly shuffle all these pictures so that you always see a new picture without getting bored with only one particular photo.

Another thing that makes this watch helpful is that the screen is very user-friendly regarding watch time and date.

Siri Watch Face

Best Apple watch faces

Do you love the brand Apple?

I believe your answer is yes. And that’s why you bought an Apple watch.

Do you love Siri?

I do not know your exact answer. But if your answer is “yes”, You will love what I will tell you in the following few lines.

The Siri Watch face is good for watching times in a neat and clean way. In Addition, You will get access to Siri cards that will tell you different information about different events such as the temperature, weather forecast, sunrise and sunset timing etc. You will be happy to have a full-time assistant on your wrist.

Portrait Watch Face 

Best Apple watch faces

If you have watched OS 8, you only have a few options to set watch face. Till now, the Portrait watch face is the only watch if you have watch os8. But you do not need to shorten your heart as the watch’s face is very calm and has many features that will make it suitable for having fun. The watch face has the quality of Photos watch face that allows you to set any portrait mode photo on your watch face background. The watch face has another quality of your smartphone: two sets with two different complications that you can set, one in the middle and one on the bottom.

But these features are not the reason to make it among the most extraordinary watch faces. The reason is that It can show your photo in a different and fancier way, like it can show your set portrait photo with 3D effects and perspective motions. Not only can you see your photo with a 3D effect, But you can also bring forward your photo by rotating the digital crown. It will eventually show you the photo’s central part more forward than the time and date information partially hidden behind the remaining part of your photo.


Best Apple watch faces

If you have read about our number 3 watch face, “California”,; You will find that Meridian is nothing new but an extended and more casual version of It. The watch face is designed something like that on the one side, It shows a casual display, and On the other side, It displays fun and coolness in it.

Meridian comes with a single option of a full-screen look, but It has four different complications in the middle of the screen. And you are free to customize these complications.

The watch face will be liked by those searching for a more decent and sober watch face. The elegant background colours make your watch more appealing and give you a hint of maturity and professionalism.

With all of its qualities, You can count it among the best AOD watch faces for the Apple watch.

Step Dog Apple Watch Face

Best Apple watch faces

Are you a Dog Lover?

Do you wear your Apple watch while taking your dog for a walk?

If you said “Yes”. You can consider this watch face to show your love for cute puppies and loyal dogs. Not only for dogs, But the third-party apps also provide you watch faces for a cat version.

Let’s talk about the features of this simple and cute watch face. You can use some features with the basic version, like monitoring a variety of general data that includes activities, step goal achievement and temperature.

Every time you set a goal and achieve the target, The virtual puppy tied to your wrist will take a nap as a reward. And It will motivate you to set another goal and then achieve it.

Memoji Watch face

Best Apple watch faces

The Memoji watch face is another watch face among the creative watch faces. Here you can show your emoji creation to your friends and have a fun time with your friends while watching extraordinary animations of your emoji.

You do not always need to create your emoji; Instead, the watch face has a good collection of all the standard emojis and the emojis created by you. You can also set an emoji for any of your friends. You can also create a different emoji every time.

The watch face allows you to customize your emoji, and it expands the watch face a little more, and this quality makes it great.

If you own a Watch OS7, You can also share your memoji creation with your friends


Best Apple watch faces

If you love watch faces, which are more interactive and more stylish, You should try this watch face. The watch face has the ability to track the movement of the sun around your location, and It has a solar clock that runs opposite to display the time. You can move ahead in time If you rotate the digital crown. You can always see the position of the sun throughout the day. This face will mark the every time changing day like twilight, Sunset, sunrise and other times on your wrist. In short, this is for you if you have tried all astronomical watch faces and want to try another exciting watch face.


Best Apple watch faces

This watch face is another version of the Watch face told above. The middle part of the dial in this watch looks like a Hollywood picture. If you have tried the Solar watch face told above, this is the time to try it. The watch face is available for Watch OS9. It aesthetically displays a lot of data and manages space.

The watch face will help those people who want to track the lunar calendar or believe in the Gregorian calendar. Not only does it have a Gregorian calendar, but it has a Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic Lunar Calendar.

The display with white, black and greyish colours and shadows with Moon in the middle makes the watch face More good to look at.

Simple Watch Faces

Best Apple watch faces Best Apple watch faces

If you ask me to choose only one watch face among the all on the list, I will definitely select the “Simple Watch Face” Instead of getting confused with the features and looks of all watch faces.

The name of this watch face tells us everything about itself. If it is simple, It is sober, It is decent, and so it is the Ideal one.

The colour combination and the dial design of this watch face attract me more and more as I see it, More I feel it is stylish. If you don’t believe me, Try Yourself. The watch face has something that mesmerizes everyone. And hardly anybody is there who does not want to try it at least once in their life.

The watch face lets you choose the dial design. All the dial design options you will get are simple but attractive. You are free to add clock hands or remove the hour markers.

To make this watch face complete, the Creators provided some complications. You can turn them on or off according to your wish. But if you turn them on, The real essence of this watch face will be lost. I would like to try it in its simplest and original form. In other words, The simplest and cleanest, the best!


Best Apple watch faces

We have talked a lot about the watch faces with clock hands dial, But what if someone likes watching time in digital form? Then they have options of watch faces like Modular and Numerals duo.

The Modular watch face is a digital dial on your wrist. It has tons of information you wish to know, which is why it is ideal for those who want to know different information throughout the day. With the help of many complications, you can track the time and weather and create your to-do- list. You can set timers and alarms also. This watch face has a manageable space to fit all the information.

You can customize the watch face with a palette full of colours. You can enable and disable colours as well. There are a total of 6 different complications here, which is a pretty sufficient number of complications to try.

Playtime watch face

Best Apple watch faces

Although the watch face seems designed for children, It is designed for having fun without considering the age of its users. It will be a good choice for your children. If you have kids around you, you can also grab their attention by applying this watch face on your wrist. The watch face is more secure as it came from Apple’s collaboration with Joi Fulton. The watch face is good for having fun with children. You can change the background every time you rotate the digital crown. Also, when you tap on any of the characters on the dial, It reacts to you. And that is enough for making a crying baby laugh.

Breath Watch Face

Best Apple watch faces

This watch face is accessible to all models of Apple watch. The watch face is for you if you want to grow focus and become relaxed. Those practicing meditation should try the watch face as It helps you develop new habits. You can try it after spending a stressful time of your day and feel yourself more present at the moment.


Best Apple watch faces

Contour is a beautiful and elegant series of apple watch faces. If you love trying casual watch faces more than any stylish one. You should try Contour and simple watch faces. The dial display has all 12-hour markers, starting from thin to thick and from short to tall numbers in size. This discrepancy makes it simple and cool at the same time.

This watch face also lets you customize the dial in two ways. The one is regular, and the other is rounded. The background colour and the colours of the hour markers are also customizable. But I would prefer a Black background with white markers.

Hence, friends, we have discussed the best 25 watch faces till now. Let’s shorten all the things told above and look at the gist of what face will suit what kind of people.

The most suitable watch faces according to personality or profession

  • Best watch faces for children- Playtime watch face, Memoji watch face, toy story watch face
  • For Gym lovers and fitness enthusiasts- Breath watch face, Step Dog watch face, Activity Digital watch face.
  • For science/Astronomy lovers- Astronomy, solar, Lunar, GMT watch face, Liquid metal/Fire/water, NASA apple watch face.
  • For officials employees- Simple, Siri, Meridian, GMT, California, Metropolitan, Contour
  • For teenagers- Typograph, Modular, Infograph, Photos, Portraits, Liquid Metal/ Water/Fire, Numerals Duo
  • For fun and relaxed time- Breath Watch face, simple, Artist, Photos, portraits, Memoji.
  • For getting information- Inforgraph
  • For senior citizens- Simple, Siri, Modular, Metropolitan, California, Breath Watch face.
  • For Animal lovers- Step Dog watch face
  • Looking for more professionals- Simple, Metropolitan, California.

The above information will help you to choose the best one for you.

According to me, I have provided enough information about the different and awesome watch faces for now. You can try them one by one, Or you can try them according to your requirements and personality. I have told you my favourite among all. If you still do not know, Read all points again.

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