Here’s the Android 12 Easter egg which is quite ‘timely’

Android 12 has finally made its way to our devices, and with it comes a fun little surprise – the Easter egg. This year’s Easter egg is not only timely but also interactive and entertaining. If you’re an avid Android user looking for something new to play with on your phone, then this article is just for you! In this post, we’ll show you how to find the Android 12 Easter egg and explore all its features. So, let’s get cracking!

Android 12 Easter egg

How to find the Android 12 Easter egg

The Android 12 Easter egg is not something you’ll come across by accident. It’s more like a hidden treasure that requires a bit of hunting to find. So, how can you unearth this elusive feature?

Firstly, navigate to your phone’s settings and select ‘About Phone’. Then, tap on the ‘Android Version’ several times until the Android 12 logo appears.

Next, long-press on the new Android S icon until it starts spinning. Keep holding down until a small tile appears at the bottom of your screen with an ellipsis on it.

Tap on this ellipsis three times in quick succession, and voila! The Easter egg will appear.

You can now enjoy playing around with this interactive animation whenever you feel like taking a break from your daily routine. You’ll also notice that every time you exit out of the Easter egg sequence, another surprise awaits!

So why wait? Go ahead and try finding the Android 12 Easter egg today!

Find the Android S Easter egg widget

One of the most exciting features of Android 12 is undoubtedly its Easter egg. Every year, Google hides a fun surprise for users to find and this year’s Easter egg has been revealed to be an interactive widget that changes colors based on the time of day.

To find the Android S Easter egg widget, you’ll need to first make sure your device is updated to Android 12. Once it’s updated, go to your device settings and scroll down until you see “About phone”. Tap on that option and then tap repeatedly on “Android version” until you see a giant letter “S” appear on screen.

Once you’ve found the “S”, long-press it until a splash of colors appears around it. This will trigger the new interactive widget which resembles a clock with colorful orbs inside. The color scheme changes throughout the day – from orange in daylight hours, pink during dusk and purple at night.

This new feature adds an extra touch of customization and excitement for Android users who are always looking for something fresh and unique. It also demonstrates Google’s attention-to-detail when designing new software updates.

Finding this hidden gem within Android 12 can add some extra joy into your daily routine as well as showcase just how much thought goes into creating these updates by tech giants like Google.