15 Best Airplane Mode Apps (Android/ iPhone) 2023

You’re on a long flight, and your phone and gadgets are on airplane mode, and what if you are cut off from the internet? Terrifying, right? A few decades ago, that wouldn’t have been a problem at all. But now that our lives are intertwined with the internet world, it seems dreadful to sit in one place with no access to the online world. Most of our files and entertainment sources are on the world wide web. Being cut off from such sources is torture for many. How long can one browse through already downloaded videos/ other files? And what if you are in a reading slump or just not in the mood to read a book?
To save you from this dreadful experience, we bring to you the 15 best mobile applications that work on your phone just fine during airplane mode and are bound to keep you entertained.

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Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Explore your creativity during long flights with Minecraft Pocket Edition. This version of Minecraft is available on your mobile phone. You can create a world of your own, and the limit is your imagination. You can connect with your friends, but that requires an internet connection. However, even without the internet, Minecraft can keep you busy for hours at a stretch.


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Read magazines lined up entirely to fit your taste. Pocket is an application that allows you to curate blog posts, articles, videos, etc. to watch later. You can save everything that you missed during office hours or school schedules and catch up on your favorites during your long flight. The app works entirely without depending on the internet. You are set!


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

You’re flying thousands of feet off the ground. Do you wonder where EXACTLY you are? Well, Inflighto is an application that shows you your exact location and everything that is below you. You turn off your GPS and learn a bit about the geography of the land below you. It even gave you the weather forecast and indicated your estimated time of arrival. Since it requires the use of GPS, the internet is a must for this app. It’s pretty entertaining.



Book lovers out there, you must be familiar with AUDIBLE. As mentioned before, if you are in a reading slump or not in the mood to read a book (which could be a rare occasion), you just need to pick a book from the shelves, plug in your earphones and listen to someone else read it for you. This app is best when you fly through the night and don’t disturb your neighbor by switching on the light to read a book. You can get lost in another world and ignore the cramped up seat that you’re in. AUDIBLE does not require an internet connection. 


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

If you’re traveling abroad, you should know that not everybody can speak English. Isn’t it best to learn a few common phrases of the native language of that place? It’ll be beneficial for you, and if you’re someone who likes to pick up new things, it’ll be entertaining. Travel Phrasebook helps you pick up common phrases in the language you wish to learn. It has an audio recording and playback that will help you pick up phrases at your own pace. A native speaker does the pronunciation, and the best part: it does not require an internet connection at all. You’ll be doing something productive during your flight!



Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

DROP7 is a brain-stimulating game. Since you are stuck in a long, boring flight, you might try to solve grids. You are required to drop numbers into a 7×7 grid and match them up. It’s like BINGO, except it’s more of a single-player game and crazy addictive. Drop7 is independent of the internet and will keep you engaged. Go on, mix it up!


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

NETFLIX. That’s it. Instead of looking through disastrous movies on your flight, you can download this application and pick our favorite movies/shows to binge-watch. Of course, you’ll have to download them beforehand if you don’t have an internet connection. Just go through the content that is marked as downloadable and look for the download symbol. If you do have an internet connection, you’re set! 



Airplane Mode Apps (Android/ iPhone)

Been so busy that you didn’t have time to personalize your trip? Triposo offers you the opportunity to explore your destination’s hotels, resorts, attractions, food, and everything that you need to personalize your trip. It provides all the data that you need without internet access. It provides offline maps; offline city walks in over 50,00 destinations worldwide. And if you’re all set and only looking to pass the time, you can plan your next trip!


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This app is the most useful thing you could have on your phone when you’re traveling. It helps you manage all of your travel information without requiring an internet connection. All requirements regarding your flight, your hotel bookings, luggage claim, and other data are all stored and arranged in one place, making it efficient to use and access. This app even manages your flight refunds, provides you terminal maps and check-in reminders. It’s amazing!


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This application is best for times when your airplane gives you weird vibes. Maybe it’s the passengers that disturb your peace, or you’re just feeling out of it. White noise lite comes to your aid during such times. It provides you with white noise that will help you soothe your nerves and keep you calm. This app is suitable even for fussy babies and soothing headaches. It doesn’t require internet access. 


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Music is always welcome in our lives. Plug your earphones in and jam to your kinda music during your boring flights. Maybe try to pen a poem or two while listening to music. If you have a Spotify Premium Membership, you can listen to your favorite playlists offline and not care about anything else. However, you will need the internet if you don’t have a premium membership. 


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Get inspired to do something productive. Watch TED Talks offline during your long flight. TED allows you to save talks and watch them later. This is one way of being informed of all the things that people out there are doing and getting recognized for. You might end up finding what you’re good at, get inspired, and start working on that inspiration


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Download your favorite shows and movies on Disney+ and binge-watch them during your flight. Disney+ only requires you to be connected to the internet every 30 days. This shouldn’t be a problem at all. In fact, it is much like YouTube. You download the videos beforehand and watch them offline. You connect to the internet once in a while and keep those offline videos to yourself. So, go and catch up on your favorite shows and movies. This application is suitable for both adults and kids. 


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

YouTube premium lets you watch YouTube videos offline without ads. What is more entertaining than having cat videos, dog videos, and all sorts of videos at your fingertips without depending on a stable internet connection? The app gives you access to all YouTube videos, YouTube Originals, and YouTube Music Premium. It even comes with a one-month free trial. You can check it out for free during your next flight.


Airplane Mode Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Get yourself the Kindle app, if you find carrying physical copies of books a bother or just can’t reach into your bag to pull it out during the night. Kindle offers you a wide range of books that you can download right before your flight. Read those books that have been stacked too long on your shelf and get it over with. Cry over fictional characters in the dead of night. Get yourself the Kindle app.


Long flights can test one’s patience and peace of mind. But keeping your cool during such times is a must. Because nobody wants to travel with a sarcastic, rude, or annoying passenger, you won’t like it yourself. The list above includes both offline and online applications. These applications will have you occupied during your flight and keep you steer from losing your mind. You might not even notice the uncomfortable seats. Get ready for your long boring trips. Make them enjoyable, productive, or at least bearable by picking applications that will keep you entertained.