11 Best Adult Party Card Games (Android/iOS) 2023

Card games are a great way to get together with friends and family for a fun night of entertainment. Now we have the technology to make card games even better – thanks to mobile apps on both Android and iOS.

In this article, we’ll look at 11 of the top adult party card game apps for smartphones in 2023.

From classic tricks-taking card games to unique options that you can’t find in stores, these picks guarantee hours of laughter and fun. So get ready to shuffle up some cards – it’s time to play!

Card Twister – Fun Party Game

Best Adult Party Card Games

Get ready to twist things up with Card Twister, the ultimate party game app that’s guaranteed to keep your guests entertained for hours! Whether you’re hosting a college party, a night out with friends, or just looking for some free fun games to play, Card Twister has got you covered. With over 50 different challenges, including twists on classic games like Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, and Would You Rather, Card Twister is the perfect ice-breaker for any social gathering. And with the added fun of drinking games, you know you’re in for a wild time! Card Twister is available for both android/iOS.Get ready to twist things up with Card Twister

install – Android / iphone

Game Night The Party Card Game

 Best Adult Party Card Games

Game Night is the perfect addition to any gathering of adults, whether you’re hosting a house party, bachelor / bachelorette party or birthday celebration, or simply pre-gaming for a night out – we’ve got you covered! Our packs come with unique rules and collections of mini games that are guaranteed to bring the fun and get everyone involved. It’s THE adult party game – no other card game measures up in comparison! 🍻🥂

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Would you Rather? Dirty Adult

 Best Adult Party Card Games

Dirty Adult Drinking Game: Would You Rather?

It’s a drinking game where you choose between two terrible options. It’s up to you which one you prefer.

We created Would You Rather for party animals, teens, college students, college dropouts, bachelorettes and all the other party people who want to have some fun at home.

Spend the night making tough decisions with your friends.

The game can be played offline without WIFI and consists of reading cards to your friends.

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Card Party! Uno Friends Family

 Best Adult Party Card Games

The CLASSIC party game just got bigger and better.

CARD PARTY is inspired by the classic card game you play with family and friends…but with new crazy cards!

Features of a Card Party

  • 😉 With players around the world, you can play for FREE
  • 😎 There are up to 10 special cards, such as WIZARD, ARROW, and MEGABLOCK
  • 😜 A new 6 player mode for frantic action!
  • 😱 You can play with Facebook friends or as a guest
  • 😍 Level up by earning coins!
  • 🤗 It’s fast-paced, competitive, and fun – and it’s FREE!
  • 😜 There are nine unique leagues to unlock with new ways to play
  • 😋 Every day, you’ll get FREE bonus coins!
  • 😄 Graphics and animations are excellent in this game

You probably already know how to win this classic game!

Play a card that matches the top card in the center of the table on your turn️.

In order to win, you must play all your cards before your opponents do.

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Do or Drink – Drinking Game

 Best Adult Party Card Games

Play this fun adult group drinking game – Do or Drink? – at your next party.

This drinking game is simple to play. You either do what the card says or take a drink to find out fun facts about your friends. You can play it with two or more people.

The game contains over 200 drinking cards, so it can keep you and your friends entertained for hours and hours.

It is a perfect drunk game for groups and couples since it can be played offline.

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Do or Drink – Drinking Game

 Best Adult Party Card Games

Whether you’re at a houseparty, at a bar, or pre-drinking, Do or Drink is the ultimate party game. Upgrade your Christmas party and make it truly jolly.

It is a card-based drinking game for two or more players. There is no limit to how many people can play, but we recommend no more than 2,328 players.

Make sure the cards you choose suit the setting and the people you are playing with.

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INCOHEARENT – Adult Party Game

 Best Adult Party Card Games

INCOHEARENT is the #1 best-selling party game around the world… now in an app with never-before-seen content!

As you try to figure out the hidden phrases before the timer expires, let the laughs begin!


  • You can play with friends or by yourself
  • You can choose from a variety of themed decks
  • Watch the hilarious video and share it on social media

Here’s what’s inside:

You can play any of our themed decks with a free teaser of our top 75 cards from the OG:

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5 Second Rule: Drinking Game

 Best Adult Party Card Games

The 5 Second Rule: An adult drinking game night for couples, families, and bachelorette parties

You can use the 5 Second Rule to start any house party off with a bang. It’s a perfect icebreaker. You can play it with your closest girlfriends, family, or complete strangers and you’re guaranteed to have fun.

What is the game’s rules?

The first player to collect 10 correct answers wins! Answer simple questions in 5 seconds.

install – Android / iphone

Drinking Games for 2

 Best Adult Party Card Games

If you’re looking for a fun drinking game to play with a partner or friend, this doubles 2 player party game is perfect for you.

This drinking party game can be played offline, making it the perfect adult game for couples or friends.

With 8 different categories, this two player adult game is packed with fun for couples or friends.

This couples doubles drinking game is intended for adults only and should not be played by anyone under the age of 18.

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Most Likely To: Drinking Game

 Best Adult Party Card Games

Turn your drinking nights into crazy parties with this drinking game.

In addition to getting you drinking, this app will spark hilarious conversations that will last for hours. This drinking game contains a bunch of topics that you and your friends will never think of. Because of this, Most Likely can help you start any party quickly, just turn it on and start pointing at people. Setup is very quick, it only takes 2 minutes to get started.

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Callbreak Master – Card Game

 Best Adult Party Card Games

Multiplayer Callbreak Master Online and Offline with Friends, Family and Strangers🏆🏆

This trick-taking card game is called Call Break Master.

South Asian countries like Nepal and India are quite fond of this tash wala game.


  • The callbreak background and cards have multiple themes.
  • The speed of the card game can be adjusted by players.
  • Callbreak Master allows players to leave their card game on autoplay.

install – Android / iphone

Never Have I Ever: Dirty

 Best Adult Party Card Games

The Never Have I Ever Dirty Drinking Game for Bachelorette House Parties

This is not your typical never have I ever game. This is the BEST never have I ever you should be playing in 2022.

With Never Have I Ever, you will be able to start any house party. We make partying games and Never Have I Ever will help you get the party started.

It consists of a bunch of cards you read to your friends, and it can be played offline, without WiFi.

install – Android / iphone