A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing xrdp on Ubuntu 18.04 for Enhanced Server Accessibility

In the realm of hosting on dedicated servers, there is a never-ending search for remote access that is completely frictionless. Utilizing the X Remote Desktop Protocol (xrdp) to build a connection to your server that is both safe and effective is one effective method. This protocol may be found here. In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps necessary to install xrdp on an Ubuntu 18.04 server, which will make it much simpler for you to gain access to your server.

Before we dive into the installation process, make sure you have:

  • An active USA dedicated server hosting.
  • A 10Gbps unmetered server for blazing-fast connectivity.
  • Familiarity with the server’s credentials and administrative access.
  • Ubuntu 18.04 installed on your server.

Step 1: Connect to Your Server

To begin, establish a secure connection to your server using SSH. Open your terminal and use the following command, replacing <server_ip> with your server’s IP address:

ssh username@<server_ip>

Enter your password when prompted to access your server.

Step 2: Update Your Server

Ensure your server is up to date by running these commands:

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

This will ensure that your server has the latest software packages.

Step 3: Install xrdp

Now, let’s install xrdp on your Ubuntu 18.04 server:

sudo apt install xrdp

Step 4: Configure Remote Desktop Services

To enable remote desktop services and allow access to your server, use the following command:

sudo systemctl enable xrdp

sudo systemctl start xrdp

Step 5: Configure Firewall Rules

Ensure that the firewall allows RDP traffic. Run the following command to open the necessary port (default is 3389):

sudo ufw allow 3389/tcp

Step 6: Create a New User

For enhanced security, create a new user with a strong password who will be able to access the server via remote desktop. Replace <new_username> with your desired username:

sudo adduser <new_username>

Set a strong password and follow the prompts to add user information.

Step 7: Grant User Permissions

To grant the new user permission to use remote desktop, add them to the ‘ssl-cert’ group:

sudo adduser <new_username> ssl-cert

Step 8: Restart xrdp Service

Restart the xrdp service to apply the changes:

sudo systemctl restart xrdp

Step 9: Establish a connection to your server using the Remote Desktop protocol.

You’re getting really close now! Connecting to your server can now be accomplished through the use of an RDP client, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop on Windows or Remmina on Linux. Enter the IP address of the server as well as the username that you created.

By completing these steps, you have successfully installed and configured xrdp on your Ubuntu 18.04 server. This powerful tool allows you to access your dedicated server hosting securely and efficiently. By the way, the steps described in this manual were performed by me on a 10Gbps unmetered server from the VSYS Host company. That’s all. I wish your xrdp to work smoothly on your Ubuntu 18.04 server.

Remember to keep your server updated and secure to ensure a seamless remote desktop experience. Happy server management!