8 Best Contact Data Providers in the USA (2023)

As many of you know, businesses today need contact data providers because of the advent of the Internet.  Businesses can make wise decisions and ensure that they are successful with the proper data at their disposal.

If you are looking to find the best contact data, then you have come to the right place, as we will talk about the top 8 US contact data suppliers for 2023 today. To assist you in selecting the one that best meets your needs, we will examine their characteristics and services. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Coming to the first type of contact data provider, we have Zoominfo. No matter where the customer is, ZoomInfo offers high-quality B2B data with a global data analysis platform to help with a go-to-market approach for all users. This includes direct-dial phone numbers, confirmed electronic mail addresses, information about the job’s responsibilities, and internet mentions.

The extensive database provided by ZoomInfo could help businesses increase their productivity rate and shorten their sales cycles. What is more, B2B corporate analytics, including org diagrams, employee and revenue development rates, and other data, can be quite useful, both in the short and long term.

Although the company has not mentioned the exact prices on its page, it is important to keep in mind that there are three different plans which are as follows: professional/advanced/elite. It is up to you to decide which of the three you want to opt for.


The next contact data provider that we are going to talk about is Uplead. The main goal and purpose of Uplead is to provide consumers with the utmost transparency. It is worth noting that the platform provides up to 95% of accurate rates. If you are someone who is unsure which contact data to rely on, Uplead is the one to choose.

The great thing about Uplead is that they offer real-time data verification and are extremely efficient to use. Its database covers more than 14 million global companies as well as 91 million contacts.

As for the pricing plans, Uplead charges $74 a month, in which you are able to get 2,040 credits. This package is called the essential one, but there are two more options: plus & professional. In Plus, you get 4,800 credits for $149 a month, whereas in Professional, you get a total of 12,000 credits for a price range of $299 a month.


This contact data platform is one of the most famous ones in the United States, mainly because of the useful features it offers to its clients. Datanyze is a contact data provider which offers more than 120 million contacts, including but not limited to 84 million email addresses as well as 48 million contact details.

The huge amount of contacts is the reason why many people all around the world, especially in the USA, use this platform. There are countless reasons why Datanyze is the best; one of them is that it offers both free and premiums features for individuals to use. If there is any inaccurate data, Datanyze will return any fund that is invested.


LeadIQ is characterized by its efficiency and ease of use. The LeadIQ database is built up of open data, which is typically present on business and social network websites, the collective knowledge of users who have linked their email addresses to the platform, and partnerships with over a dozen data vendors around the globe to help individuals in any way possible.

However, the benefits do not end there: LeadIQ has an easy record updating policy, which means that you would not have to do any work or pay any subscription to have the latest information. Additionally, it contains a feature that not many contact data providers out there possess. What could it be? Well, it allows for the immediate entry of possibilities into the CRM to contrast with the standards of the current data.

Thomson Data

We have come to the fifth-best contact data provider, but that does not mean that it is not the best. Thomson Data provides users with an extensive database that can help them in any way possible. The great thing about Thomson Data is that they have a team consisting of more than 100 data scientists who manage more than 60 million contacts on a daily basis.

Their main feature is that they offer proper customer support as well as provide a verification system to all new and existing clients to ensure that their data is safe and personal.


If you are relatively new to the whole world of finding contact data providers, you could start your journey with Leadar, which offers countless benefits in terms of finding contacts, their information, and much more.

This contact data provider offers a free service, focusing specifically on the United States. It enables you to find the information you need among 25 million contact numbers, 62 million verified email addresses, and over 193 million organizations. Multiple search options are available on the website, such as the search by name, location, education and job title, social media, etc.


The second last contact data provider is called Owler. The intriguing fact about Owler is that it has over 3.5 million business owners currently using it. These business owners interact with one another on a monthly basis and give proper insights into their plans, projects, and much more. There are a total of 15 million company profiles at Owler, and they provide over 500,000 monthly contributions, which is quite fascinating.


Coming to the last one is Adapt. Adapt offers more than 100 million contacts which are spread out in various software programs, telecommunications, logistics, and much more. This is to ensure that the data is spread out evenly and their 300,000 users can use it effectively. Perhaps one of the great things about Adapt is that they offer 99% data accuracy and have AI powered data solutions.